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Winter 2011

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W 04 karine’s style
elcome to BODIE and FOU.
If you haven’t shopped with us before, File/ london
BODIE and FOU is a chic, inspiring
online concept store for design lovers in search of 06 elodie’s style
cool, modern styling for their homes and unique File/ Paris
gifts for the whole family.
08 GiFts For her
Launched in 2005, it remains a haven of inspiration
and creativity, with a beautiful selection of 12 GiFts For him
home accessories, lighting and furniture.
I hope you’ll love our new collection and our catalogue Elodie (BODIE) and 16 GiFts For kids
Karine (FOU)
as much as we do. To make your shopping experience 20 art around
with us easier, we’ve included gift sections for family and the house
friends as well as series of light weight gifts that are inexpensive
to send abroad (p.24) very useful if, like us, you have family overseas. 22 worksPaCe
As a fan of mood-boards, the workspace section (p.22) is a favourite of mine to inspire
24 GiFts to
a nice, creative space at home. Another favourite page is the art prints section (p.20)
send abroad
which is perfect for finding gifts all year round to suit anybody.
Please visit us online as we have new designs arriving each week. I would also 25 GiFts For Foodies
recommend you to sign up to Style Hunter, our monthly E-newsletter, to get
10% OFF your order each month*. We know you have the choice to shop anywhere, 26 Creative GiFts
so this is our way of saying ‘Merci’ for being part of our adventure. Enjoy! 28 Furniture
Warm regards, 30 le bloG
Karine Candice & returns...
all you need to 31 delivery &
Founder and Creative Director of BODIE and FOU know on P.31 returns

free delivery on orders over £80

32 shoP savvy

ici et la...
find more inspiration daily at become our fan on Facebook follow us on Twitter
http://bodieandfou.blogspot.com facebook.com/bodieandfou twitter.com/@bodieandfou
on the Cover CloCkwise: Le cHAt prINt £42 (p.21), tHe oLD oAK's LAst DreAM (p.20) AND tHe NuMsKuLL JAcK prINt £154 eAcH, LIFe Is rubbIsH WItHout
you prINt £40 (p.21), WHIte bALL cHAIr £144 (p.29), rAbbIt LAMp £49 (p.16), oWL VAse £24 (p.23), XVIII ceNtury stoup £42, He LoVes Me prINt £32

*VIP code is not available in December **Cannot be used for orders of blinds, rugs, small & large furniture (see terms and conditions on p.31)
“It’s the bag I’ve
A Must Have been waiting to
find forever!”
la troPÉZienne leather
tote baG by Clare vivier Elaine Prendeville,
While many designers embellish and over-decorate Editor, Irish Tatler
their handbags, clare Vivier keeps her designs magazine
clean-lined and warmly minimalist. simple works.
chic, modern, understated; La Tropézienne
tote bag embodies authenticity and luxury. It is not
about branding, bling-bling or wealth, it’s about
as Featured in real
genuine style, simple, beautiful leather and being
sIMPle, lOs ANGeles
ones self. Made from beautiful eco-tanned Italian
leather, the La Tropézienne tote bag was an instant
hit and now graces the arm of our favourite French
HIstYleY.COM, Ft's HOW
style icon charlotte Gainsbourg.
Material: eco-tanned Italian leather and elle
unlined. Does not stain but dye marks
may be visible, although they’ll fade
Available with either a 15 cm arm strap drop
(5") or 20 cm strap drop (8")
Dimensions: approx. W30 x L43 cm
(12" x 17")
Made in usA
Available in black or tan
a real investment piece at £229.99

black tan

96% of our customers rate our

service as excellent and here is why:
We live and breathe BODIE and FOU. It’s our name
and our reputation on the line and we genuinely care NeW shanna murray stiCkers see pAGe 27
For More INForMAtIoN from £23.50
about you and your shopping experience.
We are passionate about design and bring you
unusual, stylish and beautiful gifts and things for
the home that you will not find on the high-street.
We offer FREE UK standard delivery on orders over
£80** and several other delivery options from next day
to Saturday to make your life a little bit easier (see p.31).
We make your online shopping stress-free.
Simply order from the comfort of your home
and we will deliver to your home or work address
whatever is most convenient for you.
We can also wrap your gifts beautifully, and send
them directly to the recipient on your behalf.
(See p.31 for more info).

inspired? – order online today at www.bodieandfou.com 3


style File/
london bulb liGht £95 the old oak's last dream Print £154

“We’re huge fans of the product range from BODIE and FOU” Living Etc


boDIe AND Fou tWo WeeKs beFore
the mini saC My favourite
(P.10) £120
GIVING bIrtH to Her DAuGHter BODIE and FOU
MILA sIeNNA (6 yrs). sHe LIVes IN products this Winter
LoNDoN WItH Her HusbAND steVe,
★ The Mini Sac (which I own) – a
must-have for busy mums, fashionitas
AustrALIAN sHepHerD, LucAs. and business travellers. It’s the perfect
size to carry your essentials.
who is the bodie and Fou woman?
Photo© Jeana Sohn

★ Le Chat Print – one of our new

A creAtIVe, FuN WoMAN WHo WANts Her B/W prints exclusively available from
HoMe to LooK styLIsH AND MoDerN yet BODIE and FOU.
persoNAL. soMeoNe WHo HAs A GreAt ★ Rabbit Lamp – A versatile, fun light
AppetIte For LIFe AND LAuGHter AND (featured right in our lounge) which
WHo eNJoys DoING creAtIVe tHINGs. looks great in any kids bedroom.
where do you take Friends ★ Japanese Masking Tapes (p.26):
CominG to visit you in london? perfect to create inexpensive and
My FAVourIte spot Is petersHAM your GiFt suGGestion For gorgeous mood-boards.
NurserIes IN rIcHMoND. It's A uNIQue the kids’ teaCher? ★ Urbanears Headphones – (p.14):
pLAce borN out oF pAssIoN rAtHer tHe LoNDoN MAp prINt IN turQuoIse They’ve changed my morning runs
tHAN A MArKetING coNcept. Is ALWAys A HIt. for the best but the sound and design
are also top-notch.
a stylish GiFt idea For mums? any Christmas shoPPinG tiPs?
tHe oLD oAK's LAst DreAM prINt Is pLAN AHeAD to MAKe your cHrIstMAs eXClUsIVe tO BODIe AND FOU
A beAutIFuL, styLIsH GIFt AND MuMs sHoppING FuN AND LIGHt-HeArteD. IF you whisky Glasses £35.50 set of two
DeserVe tHe best. HAVe FrIeNDs AND reLAtIVes oVerseAs, Go
somethinG For dads other For LIGHtWeIGHt, FLAt-pAcKeD GIFts LIKe
than handkerChieFs? A prINt (p.20) or tHe stAr t-sHIrt (p.24).
DeFINIteLy A set or tWo oF our NeW where will you sPend Christmas?
WHIsKy GLAsses! especIALLy IF you cAN
ADD A NIce bottLe oF brANDy WItH tHeM.
what GiFt would you love to
reCeive this Christmas?
tHe soFIe reFer buLb LIGHt WItH tHe
reD corD... sIMpLe but Very styLIsH.

Cotton star
Print t-shirt urbanears
£19.50 headPhones,
coLours £50

london maP Print,

turQuoIse £45

4 stress free and open 24/7 – www.bodieandfou.com

IN our LouNGe: le Chat Print,
eXClUsIVe tO BODIe AND FOU (p.21),
the rabbit lamP (p.17) AND the
Paulistano Chair desiGned by
pAuLo MeNDes DA rocHA IN 1957, WHo
WoN tHe 2006 prItZKer ArcHItecture
prIZe (It’s A bIt LIKe tHe NobeL prIZe
oF ArcHItecture)

© Stylist: Karine Köng, Photo: François Köng

Favourite places:
★ Borough market (SE1)
★ Columbia road’s Flower Market
followed by a brunch at Story
Deli in Bricklane (E2)
★ and Spitafields Market where
Steve and I lived opposite before
starting a family (E1)

Favourite interior blogs:

★ Decor8
★ PoppyTalk
★ Style File
http://www.style.com/stylefi le
★ Vosges Paris

inspired? – order online today at www.bodieandfou.com 5


NeW leather
shoPPinG baG

style File/
“BODIE and FOU... une sélection toujours très
juste qui mixe contemporain, rétro, design et
grain de folie pour se créer un intérieur unique.”
Marie-Claire Maison
eLoDIe co-FouNDeD boDIe AND Fou Favourite last-minute GiFts:
soMe sceNteD cANDLes by cÔtÉ bAstIDe, industrial CliP
WItH Her sIster KArINe WHILst
tHey ALL sMeLL WoNDerFuL. on liGht by House
LIVING IN LoNDoN. AFter A brIeF Doctor DK £85
cHANGe oF sceNe IN bArceLoNA any tiPs on suCCessFul
For A FeW yeArs, sHe NoW LIVes GiFt-wraPPinG?
I use stIcKy tApes (beLoW), JApANese
IN Le VILLAGe Des bAtIGNoLLes IN MAsKING tApes (p.26) or coLourFuL yArNs
pArIs WItH Her DesIGNer HusbAND to Dress up pLAIN WrAppING pAper, AND
IF your cHILDreN No LoNGer beLIeVe IN NeW mt
cHrIstopHe, AND tHeIr 7 yeAr oLD maskinG taPe
FAtHer cHrIstMAs, tHey cAN JoIN IN tHe
DAuGHter LILy. FuN too! More coLours
a niCe PlaCe to hanG out in Paris? what would you love to reCeive? oN p.26
tHere Are so MANy but I LoVe GrAZIe, tHe NeW LeAtHer sHopper bAG (AboVe) from £3
91 bLVD beAuMArcHAIs, pArIs 3e (beLoW). by A FANtAstIc youNG DesIGNer We per roll
sourceD IN pArIs. It's botH GorGeous
what musiC are you listeninG to? AND prActIcAL.
VANessA pArADIs, cHArLotte GAINsbourG.
how do you PrePare My favourite
what will you Get For your For Christmas?
husband this Christmas? I LoVe DIspLAyING LIttLe toys AND BODIE and FOU
cHrIstopHe WorKs FroM HoMe so tHe cLIp sWeets IN our ADVeNt cALeNDAr (beLoW).
products this Winter
Photo© Marjon Hoogervorst, François Köng, Vosges Paris.
oN LIGHt WouLD be perFect For HIs DesK.
where will you sPend it?
It's our FIrst yeAr IN FrANce AFter ★ The STAR T-Shirt (featured right)
7 yeArs AWAy so We QuIte ★ La Tropezienne Tote Bag in black
FANcy A pArIsIAN cHrIstMAs... (sported by Marion on the right)
50 metres yarn ★ The Angel Babygros (p.17): a gift
£14.99 per spool from Karine when Lily was born.
Gorgeous photos guaranteed!
★ Pigeon Light, available
in four colours £67
stiCky taPe
£10 per roll
advent Calendar £35.50

6 stress free and open 24/7 – www.bodieandfou.com

Favourite Paris
fashion spots:
★ Zadig & Voltaire outlet shop:
22 Rue du Bourg Tibourg,
Paris IIe
★ French Trotters: 30 Rue
de Charonne Paris XIe
★ Maje, 10 Places des Victiores,
Paris IIe
★ Monoprix near my home
★ Bonton (for kids). 5 boulevard
des Filles du Calvaire, Paris IIe

inspired? – order online today at www.bodieandfou.com 7


French style
“I love BODIE and FOU. There are only
beautiful and desirable things on every single
page, whether you’re looking for a present for
a friend or for an item you’re going to keep
forever. Brilliant customer service, too.”
India Knight, Sunday Times columnist & author

1 linen aPron
by CÔtÉ bastide

2 JaCQueline morabito
CeramiC hearts (set oF 3) £80

8 stress free and open 24/7 – www.bodieandfou.com

GiFts For her
97% of our customers love their Rob Ryan plates:
3 Best seller
“Absolutely beautiful – every home should have these rob ryan
Plates only
hanging on the wall”

“I had seen the pictures, but holding them was just so much more delightful”




1 linen aPron by CÔtÉ bastide £48 6 CÔtÉ bastide body Care

2 lIMIteD eDItION JaCQueline morabito From £13.99
CeramiC hearts (set oF 3) £80 7 CeramiC deCoration (tHe HeArt
3 Best seller set oF 4 beautiFul AND tHe cross AVAILAbLe) £20 each
Four seasons Plates by rob ryan, 8 NeW winter leaF Print 30 X 40 cM
DIsHWAsHer & MIcroWAVe sAFe, (prINts sHoWN Are Not to scALe) £35
DIA. 23 cM ApproX. £28 9 NeW love letters Print 30 X 40 cM
2 sets oF 4 £51 Save £5 (prINts sHoWN Are Not to scALe) £35
3 sets oF 4 £74 Save £10
10 CeramiC bottle Cooler £36
4 sets oF 4 £97 Save £15
11 CeramiC Grass vase AVAILAbLe IN
4 silver Plated beaker £30.50
sMALL, MeDIuM, LArGe from £30
5 CeramiC soaP dish £24

inspired? – order online today at www.bodieandfou.com 9


2 Clare vivier leather

mini-saC £120

3 Clare vivier Fold over

ClutCh baG £115

4 Clare vivier oversiZed

ClutCh baG £135

Fashion 6 7

and Accessories
1 lIMIteD eDItION FabriC 6 star tuniC/dress
neCklaCe by IMKe KLee £34.99 50% VIscose/50% cottoN
2 Clare vivier leather mini-saC, £49.99
AVAILAbLe IN 5 coLours £120 7 Grey tuniC/dress
3 Clare vivier Fold over 100% cottoN £45.50
ClutCh baG £115 8 Clare vivier Flat tote baG
4 Clare vivier oversiZed ClutCh For your laPtoP AVAILAbLe
baG £135 IN GoLD AND sILVer £130

5 silver leather wrist wraP £45 9 new urbanears headPhones

Must HAVe proDuct AVAILAbLe
IN 6 coLours £50

Pa r is n yC lo n d o n

City Canvas shoPPer

IN pArIs, Nyc AND
LoNDoN £19

10 stress free and open 24/7 – www.bodieandfou.com

GiFts For her

Carry your
laPtoP around
in style

9 urbanears headPhones

8 Clare vivier
Flat tote baG

This seasons must have!

Clare vivier
leather messenGer baG
We have been raving about the as Featured in real
sublime la tropézienne tote bag simPle, los anGeles
(p.3) by clare Vivier for months times, daily Candy,
and we could not resist adding luCky, style.Com
this gorgeous Messenger bag and histyley.Com
to our collection!
Made from beautiful nubuck leather,
it is the perfect size for everyday use
and with its 2 strap sizes, you can wear
it on your arm or over your shoulder!
details to love:
It comes with a detachable, leashed clutch
(6" x 7") so you can transfer your small
handbag essentials (rail card, lipstick and
keys) from one handbag to another!
Material: Nubuck leather
unlined. Does not stain
Approx. 13 cm arm strap drop (5"),
55 cm body strap (20")
Dimensions: approx.
W30 x L45 cm (12" x 18")
Made in usA
A style piece to
cherish at £250

black grey navy

inspired? – order online today at www.bodieandfou.com 11


bodie and Fou men 1 london weekend destinations Print ApproX

42 X 59.4 cM (A2 ForMAt), soLD uNFrAMeD £45
2 For FooDIes, red Pesto Jar or tApeNADe
JAr WItH suNDrIeD toMAtoes, 200G £8 each
3 robot tin toy ColleCtable (Not A toy), repLIcA
oF tHe WorLD's FIrst toy robot orIGINALLy
MANuFActureD by K.t JApAN IN tHe 1940's £20
4 First aid loCker IN reD or WHIte,
W42 X H42 X D12 cM £85
5 Cork wine stoPPers set oF 3 £18 per set
6 rubber washinG uP bowl
(AVAILAbLe IN 6 coLours) £54
7 Cork wine Pourer £18
8 diGital wine
AttAcH to bottLe
to reAD tHe
teMperAture £22.50

robot tin toy


red purple diGital wine

blue pink £22.50

black green

12 stress free and open 24/7 – www.bodieandfou.com

GiFts For him
9 NeW urbanears headPhones 9
(AVAILAbLe IN 6 coLours) £50
10 NeW & eXClUsIVe tO BODIe
AND FOU bat Print 40 X 50 cM
(reDuceD For pHotosHoot),
soLD uNFrAMeD £42
11 NeW trim Phone A 1970's
cLAssIc (VArIous coLours
AVAILAbLe) £36


navy blue
an absolute
must have white
For the style
savvy musiC mocha
dark grey

“A celebration of skills
and craftsmanship, each
bag is a work of art...” a sharP
NeW blaCk leather For men
Jules Plumber baG
bat Print Designed for urban life, the Jules leather bag by bleu de Chauffe is
£42 inspired by the classic plumber bag and is roomy enough to fi t your laptop
and ipad. It has all of the key features of the original French plumber bag:
overlapping stitching, removable handles, a leather shoulder strap with
belt finish, brass buckles and felt shoulder pad lining.
It is a celebration of skills and craftsmanship. each bag is a work of art,
signed and dated by the Artisan who sewed it. With its masculine design
and high-quality organic leather, this is a bag that you will get for its
practicality and will love for its high quality details.
details to loVe
Inside pockets are made of blue cotton fabric like the original work
wear called bleu de chauffe in France, hence the brand name...
the felt from the shoulder pad is made of natural wool and altered
in a factory in France that has specialized in felt for pianos since 1923.
buckles, rings & other metallic pieces are made of brass and
manufactured by craftsmen in a parisian workshop founded in
1830 near le canal st Martin (cool area to hang out if you're in paris).
the organic leather is from the Limousin (sW France) and
naturally dyed with mimosa, chestnut and acacia.
11 cutting, fabrication & stitching
are handmade by qualifi ed
craftsmen known for their skills,
experience and expertise.
the Jules plumber Leather bag is
available in black and maccassar.
Dimensions: 42 x 29 x 9 cm.
100% handmade in France.
trim Phone
£36 A great investment that
gets better with age for £310

mocha black

inspired? – order online today at www.bodieandfou.com 13


Artist's sketch

hanG lamP
IN bLAcK or WHIte

soFt, warm
lambs wool soCks,
£19 per pair

desiGn and 4

livinG For men

stylish, slick and contemporary. boDIe and Fou
brings you a great selection of gifts for all the sexy,
handsome, clever and funny men in your lives.


blaCk ball
tribeCa lamP
modern Chair £144
Fan £79

14 stress free and open 24/7 – www.bodieandfou.com

GiFts For him
1 one must dash Print 30 X 40 cM: £35

À votre santÉ
2 hanG lamP IN bLAcK or WHIte £145
3 iCelandiC natural stone hooks
set oF 2 £28 voted best GiFt
ideas For him by
4 NeW soFt, warm lambs wool soCks, Best seller CoGnaC Glasses the indePendent
AVAILAbLe IN Grey, MusHrooM AND cocoA SET oF 2 £35.50 newsPaPer
£19 per pair
2 sets oF 2 £65 Save £6
5 ColleCtable tin toy Car £20.50 4 sets oF 2 £130 Save £12
6 modern desktoP Fan £79
Buying tip: larger than an average glass which
7 tribeCa lamP IN bLAcK £139.99 these cognac glasses have been our means that they sit very well in a man's
8 blaCk ball Chair £144 best-sellers for the past five years so hand but if you're buying for a woman,
we've learnt a thing or two which we then we recommend the normann
9 stePPtwo ashtray DesIGNeD to IsoLAte
can hopefully pass on to you. the cognac copenhagen liqueur glasses – they are
sMoKe AND MINIMIse oDour £45.95
glasses by normann copenhagen are the same shape but slightly smaller.
10 liQueur Glasses set oF 2 £33.50
11 Best seller roCkinG Glasses
set oF 4 £19.50

“Perfect gifts found for several of my

male friends who turned 40 this year –
always tricky to find good gifts for but
have mentally book marked one or two
other items – including something for
my husband who is IMPOSSIBLE Best
to buy for.” seller
buy more
save more



work style, For the busy man

13 14
Clare vivier leather
iPad Case £75

12 brown leather iPad Case by

cLAre VIVIer £75
13 CyCloC biCyCle wall storaGe, world maP wall.
AVAILAbLe IN GreeN oNLy £61 stiCker £79.
14 world maP wall stiCker £79

inspired? – order online today at www.bodieandfou.com 15


wonderful nu

2 4

PenGuin wallPaPer AVAILAbLe IN 6 Best seller Family tree Poster 11 Best seller
pLuM, turQuoIse AND GreeN WItH WINDoWs For your oWN soFt Cotton babyGro
£38.50 per roll pHotos IN bLue AND pINK £45 WItH “I’M A bAby ANGeL”
2 Pale blue mushroom lamP £40 7 doudou Plush toys AVAILAbLe IN eMbroIDereD oN tHe
VArIous coLours AND pAtterNs FroNt AND cute WINGs
3 animal heiGht Chart wall oN tHe bAcK. AVAILAbLe
stiCker AVAILAbLe IN bLue, £19.99
reD AND GreeN £59.95 8 doudou abC Poster £24 (FreNcH VersIoN AVAILAbLe
4 Pirum Parum Poster £24 9 white rabbit Children’s lamP £49 oNLy IN soFt pINK) £20.50
5 birds on a wire blind AVAILAbLe 10 aPPle PaPPle Poster £24
IN bLue AND pINK £64.99

16 stress free and open 24/7 – www.bodieandfou.com

GiFts For kids

rsery gifts

11 Best seller

soFt Cotton


you Can send

this and other GiFts
like this abroad

From only £8.50
see PaGe 24

inspired? – order online today at www.bodieandfou.com 17


“hot buy!” 3
our desiGner roller
blinds have been
Featured in elle
deCoration, livinG etC,
Grand desiGns,
ideal home, the
times maGaZine 1 birds on a wire roller blind
Designed to work in a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom
or in the kid’s room, our designer roller blinds
add instant style to your home and ensure that
the outside of your house looks as amazing as
the inside! Available in pink and blue £64.99
2 toadstool money boX £14
1 birds on a wire
roller blind 3 larGe red toadstool lamP £70
£64.99 4 royal blue alPhabot Print £43
5 abC Poster byGraZiela £22.50
6 metal GruFFalo lunChboX £11.75,
16 GruFFalo Plasters in a tin £4.25,
and GruFFalo muG £6
7 seleCtion oF rosie Flo’s and Johnny Joe’s
ColourinG books and Posters from £2.99

from toddlers
4 5
to teens
8 bat Girl Print 46 X 61 cM £42
9 nyC maP Print in blue £45
10 FusChia Pink ball Chair £144
11 Best seller CliP-on liGht
by house doCtor dk £85
12 NeW Coat hook
wall stiCker

7 seleCtion oF rosie Flo’s and

6 Johnny Joe’s ColourinG books
and Posters from £2.99

18 stress free and open 24/7 – www.bodieandfou.com

GiFts For kids
8 bat Girl Print £42 9 nyC Print £45

10 ball Chair

12 NeW Coat hook

wall stiCker

GiFts For when they start university

a b

a brown & Cream ‘bottle’

roller blind £38.99 d e
b Calendar wall stiCker £67.99
C NeW bird leaves
wall stiCker £39
d retro trim Phone
AVAILAbLe IN 3 coLours
e multiColoured watCh
me CloCk £34.99

inspired? – order online today at www.bodieandfou.com 19


1 Best seller 2 UK MADe

3 HANDMADe 4 Best seller 5 Best seller

6 7 8 9

1 the old oak's last dream Print 7 doudou abC Poster 50 X 70 cM £24 14 haPPy doG Print 42 X 59.2 cM
30 X 50 cM £154 8 birds a to Z Print IN AZure bLue (ForMAt A2) £42
2 Quintessentially Print, 50 X 70 cM ALso AVAILAbLe 15 liFe is rubbish without you Print
42 X 59.4 cM (ForMAt A2) £45 IN Hot pINK £43 40 X 50 cM, AVAILAbLe IN Grey AND
3 the deer Print 30 X 50 cM £154 9 Friends oF violet Poster pINK oN WHIte £40

4 london maP Print 50 X 70 cM £45 50 X 70 cM £24 16 mima le Chat Print

10 london weekend destinations Print 46 X 61 cM (us ForMAt) £42
5 london tyPe maP Print 70 X 50 cM,
AVAILAbLe For uK, LoNDoN, IreLAND, 42 X 59.2 cM (ForMAt A2) £45 17 Feathers Print 46 X 61 cM
AustrALIA, NeW ZeALAND, FrANce & usA 11 the bat 40 X 50 cM £42 (us ForMAt) £42
IN sHeer sLAte & DucK eGG bLue £43 12 le Chat Print 40 X 50 cM £42 18 ooPs-a-daisy Print 30 X 40 cM £32
6 Pirum Parum Poster 50 X 70 cM £24 13 Corals Print 30 X 40 cM £35

* Prints shown are not to scale and are sold unframed, packaged in a tube. Framing tip: our prints and posters are standard sizes and fit off-the-shelf picture frames, including ikeas

20 stress free and open 24/7 – www.bodieandfou.com

art around the house

10 Best seller 11 NeW 12 Best seller

13 NeW 14 UK MADe 15 FOr Her

16 e XClUsIVe 17 eXClUsIVe 18 NeW

inspired? – order online today at www.bodieandfou.com 21

1 2





1. Best seller Paris maP Print 7. tyPewriter & biCyCle vases A GorGeous
(FeAtureD IN sKy bLue), 50 X 70 cM coLLectIoN oF cerAMIc VAses to JAZZ up

ALso AVAILAbLe For LoNDoN, Nyc, A sHeLF or A DesK At HoMe £24 each
sAN FrANcIsco IN VArIous coLours £45 8. wire letter tray & storaGe tray

to live by 2. NeW urbanears headPhones

prActIcAL AND beAutIFuL.
prIce Is For oNe £15 & £20
6 coLours £50 9. aluminium wall storaGe prActIcAL
“Be regular and orderly
3. NeW set oF 4 deCorative hearts £15 storAGe uNIt to FIt IN tHe KItcHeN, HoMe
in your life, so that you 4. to do wall stiCker 40 X 50 cM, oFFIce, HALLWAy or KIDs rooM, ALuMINIuM,
H70 X W50 X D8 cM £169.99
may be violent and ADJustAbLe. INcLuDes cHALK
& post-It Notes £55 10. Best seller sCraPwood wallPaPer
original in your work” DesIGN: pIet HeIN eeK. perFect to creAte
5. london ateliers/ateliers de Paris
Gustave Flaubert by edition Paumes A5 sIZe, WrItteN
£199 per roll
IN JApANese (see tHe WHoLe
coLLectIoN p.26) £20.50 each 11. industrial table lamP GorGeous
6. wooden desk VArNIsHeD soLID WooD, ANGLepoIse VINtAGe styLe DesK LAMp
L150 X W65 X H76 cM £850 by House Doctor DK, brusHeD ALuMINIuM
& oILeD WooD £184.99

22 stress free and open 24/7 – www.bodieandfou.com

Best Seller
Clip-on light
by House Doctor DK

Cute owl vase

Gorgeous Paris map print
(see p.20) £45

© Stylist: Karine Köng, Photo: François Köng


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MIMA LE CHAT PRINT £42, p.20 *Stool Available in white, red & black

inspired? – order online today at www.bodieandfou.com 23


1 2

to send
Beautiful, lightweight gifts
3 4 5
to send to friends and
family overseas.
Christmas shopping tips:
Plan ahead: International Xmas
deliveries by royal Mail can only be
guaranteed if parcels are dispatched
by the beginning of December.
think Flat & liGht: to keep
international shipping costs low,
favour light pieces of clothing,
bags, small books, art prints
and posters. 1 usa tyPe maP Print 70 X 50 cM 4 new Zealand tyPe maP Print
AVAILAbLe For uK, LoNDoN, IreLAND, 70 X 50 cM, AVAILAbLe For uK,
GrouP thinGs toGether:
ordering several items at once sHeer sLAte & DucK eGG bLue £43 FrANce & usA IN sHeer sLAte
also keeps shipping costs down. & DucK eGG bLue £43
2 world maP Print 70 X 50 cM £45
3 love Print 70 X 50 cM £43 5 Farm Poster 70 X 50 cM £22.50

International delivery from only £8.50

7 NeW doudou Plushtoys
100% cottoN MAcHINe WAsHAbLe

7 8 Best seller anGel babyGro WItH

“I’M A bAby ANGeL” eMbroIDereD
oN tHe FroNt AND cute WINGs oN
Hot pINK. FreNcH VersIoN oNLy
AVAILAbLe IN soFt pINK) £20.50
soft white hot
pink pink

9 GorGeous star sCarF For kids,
but cAN be eAsILy borroWeD
10 by MuMs. prINteD oN oNe sIDe,
100% cottoN, MAcHINe WAsHAbLe,
150 X 50 cM £13
royal soft
blue pink
soft fuschia
blue pink

10 winGs raCer baCk vest IN bLAcK

or WHIte sIZes 2-12 £16.50

24 stress free and open 24/7 – www.bodieandfou.com

GiFts For Foodies

More inspirational
kitchens, can be found in
our Paumes books p.26

b C

F h

BODIE and FOU Kitchen

a eXtra virGin olive oil £12.50
b sel de Guerande (coArse sALt) £8.99
C melanGe de Poivres (pepper MIX) £9.50 buGatti volo
d Green Pesto Jar 170G £10.00 toaster
e Jar oF sun-dried tomatoes 200G £12.50
F oil & vineGar Glasses, set oF 2 £31.99
G CeramiC eGG Cube £17.50 each
h CeramiC 'made in enGland' rollinG Pin £41.50
J white PlastiC herb stand with sCissors £31.99
k buGatti volo toaster AVAILAbLe IN cHroMe or bLAcK £165

inspired? – order online today at www.bodieandfou.com 25


Inspirational style bibles

勸のお 万侖処刁
LUST-HAVE The most inspiring and aff ordable
interior books... a goldmine of creativity.
Edition PAUMES is a small and dynamic family-run
Japanese publishers, working in close contact with artists
and designers in Europe on different editorial projects.
With a poetic and original approach, Edition PAUMES
explores the environments of those who stimulate the
creative industries, and in doing so has produced a set
of 'creative bibles' that overflow with inspiration.
Even if all the books are written in Japanese, one can't
stop admiring these treasure troves of creative ideas
and how wonderful the lay-out of the pages look.
£20.50 each
see the Full ranGe oF books by
edition Paumes at bodieandFou.Com

pArIs KItcHeNs 2 pArIs creAtIVe coupLes AppArteMeNts D'AMoureuX À pArIs beLGIuM FAMILy styLe

“Do more of what

makes you happy”
1 NeW mt maskinG taPe More styLes
Photo© http://Stilinspiration.blogspot.com

1 & coLours AVAILAbLe from £3 each

2 NeW shanna murray stiCkers
from £23.50
3 NeW tyPewriter Print 30 X 40 cM £35,
NeW winter leaF Print 30 X 40 cM £35
4 rob ryan notebook 22 X 16 X 2.5 cM
(A5 ForMAt) £12.50
5 50 meters yarn oN VINtAGe spooL
£14.99 per spool
6 rob ryan 'believe in PeoPle' muG
7 rob ryan 'listen to the world' muG
8 rob ryan Canvas baG
38.5 cM X 35 cM X 9 cM £25.50
26 stress free and open 24/7 – www.bodieandfou.com
Creative home

Prints shown here are not to sCale

2 NeW shanna murray stiCkers from £23.50 3 NeW tyPewriter Print 30 X 40 cM £35, NeW winter leaF Print 30 X 40 cM £35

4 5

inspired? – order online today at www.bodieandfou.com 27

1 kathleen hills Cluster liGht white
4-strING cLuster LIGHt from £295
2 ‘norm 06’ Pendant liGht by normann
MeDIuM AND LArGe from £46.50
3 tribeCa table lamP AVAILAbLe
as Featured in
IN bLAcK AND WHIte £139.99
elle deCoration,
Grand desiGns, 4 norm arChiteCts milk
marie Claire, table lamP £139
the teleGraPh 5 ‘norm 69’ Pendant liGht by
normann CoPenhaGen £94.50
6 industrial PiPe lamP AVAILAbLe IN
yeLLoW, bLAcK AND WHIte £68

1 kathleen hills
Cluster liGht
from £295 timeless
iConiC desiGns
© Stylist: Karine Köng, Photo: François Köng

For the home


Clare vivier
7 whisky Paulistano Chair Designed in
mini saC baG
1957 by paulo Mendes da rocha – Winner
see pAGe 10
of the 2006 pritzker Architecture prize. the
paulistano chair is the brazilian version of
a bauhaus classic joining the ranks of iconic
design classics from Alvar Aalto, Mies van der
rohe, etc. Initially produced in a small series for
the living room of the Athletic club of sao paulo,
the paulistano chair emerges from the past as
a timeless and elegant masterpiece. £1,140
8 Gaivota roCkinG Chair
stained beechwood,
Available in natural,
black and walnut.
W 57 x L 109 x
H 90 cm approx.
9 white ball
Chair With its
bold, modern 4 norm
colours and its arChiteCts
eco-friendly design, milk table
7 whisky Paulistano
the ball chair is lamP £139
Chair £1,140
perfect in the lounge
around a coffee table, on the
deck outside or in children's
3 tribeCa table lamP £139.99
bedrooms. Available in 10 colours. £144
10 wooden side table on Casters £495

28 stress free and open 24/7 – www.bodieandfou.com

5 ‘norm 69’ Pendant
liGht by normann
CoPenhaGen £94.50

desiGn 9 white
ball Chair

A classic piece of furniture gets 10 wooden side table

a sleek, contemporary make-over in on Casters £495
the hand of designer Reno Bonzon. voted best
Ergonomically designed, this chair’s roCkinG Chair
curved form is intended to make it by livinG etC
comfortable whatever you height. maGaZine
the Independent

8 Gaivota

6 industrial
PiPe lamP
bLAcK &
WHIte £68

Create, transForm, re-invent your home

used in malmaison
hotel belFast

b C

a bookshelF wallPaPer AVAILAbLe IN C d

VINtAGe or WHIte DesIGN £70 per roll
b Family wallPaPer WItH FrAMe
DesIGN £130 per roll
C Piet hein heek wallPaPer with
sCraPwood desiGn AVAILAbLe
IN 8 DesIGNs £199 per roll a bookshelF wallPaPer
IN VINtAGe £70 per roll
d sittinG ComFortably? wallPaPer
WItH cHAIr DesIGN £40 per roll

inspired? – order online today at www.bodieandfou.com 29

inspiration (a way of life)

le blog
Visit our
website to see
our full range
of prints
for kids


In the blog, we write about everything that

inspires us...interior design, house tours,
photography, children’s things, DIY projects,
food and things that make us laugh...
Here is an easy banana cake recipe for you
to try: cream together 100g butter with
140g sugar (brown preferably but white will
do just fine) ‘til the mixture goes a bit paler.
Mix in 2 eggs (the mixture will curdle,
but it does not matter). Add 3 mashed
bananas and 100g of nuts and/or dried
fruit (walnuts and hazelnuts work well).
Add 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda then
150g buttermilk or ½ fat crème fraîche.
Friends of violet poster
Then to finish add 280g plain flour and
Nelly elephant print, black Made in Sweden 50 x 70 cm. £24
Made in UK Unframed, shipped in a tube. mix well. Chuck the mixture into a buttered
42 x 59.4 cm (format A2). £42 loaf tin or cake tin and bake for 1 hour and “Mila chose the Friends of Violet
15 minutes @ 160 degrees. Lick the bowl! and Nelly posters for her bedroom (both
available from www.bodieandfou.com )
... And we love this 'Countdown Check after 1 hour and 5 mins by sticking they are gorgeous and will grow with her.
to Christmas' DIY project by
a knife in (and seeing if the blade comes out They also come in standard size making
clean) just in case your oven is on the warm them very easy to frame.”
side. If very nearly done, turn the oven off
for the last few minutes because it will taste
better on the moist side. You can leave it
in the tin to cool and cover it with a clean
tea towel to keep the cake moist as it cools.
It also freezes brilliantly. Just take out,
defrost over night and no one can tell!

Thank you to all our customers, friends, family for all your
support. To Steve (from Karine) for all your love, support
and for allowing me to follow my dream. To Christophe
(from Elodie): for being my best friend and being such
a fantastic father to Lily. To our parents Nicole and Françis
for constantly being there and for letting us be the people
we wanted to become. To our brother François for his
wonderful images that grace the pages of this catalogue, “One of our customers in the US used
to Amanda Hart, Emmanuelle Pabolleta, Laetitia De La Roche, our Bird clothes pegs to display
Perrine Fifadji, Alexia Bardet, Julie Lepage-Chartier, her wedding seating plan which looked
Laurence Dejente Bertone, Desiree Groenendal and great. At home, I use them to display
to our wonderful team: Sophie Elizabeth Ronald, Mila’s ‘masterpieces’ – a sweet way to
Aurora Meg Duncan, Jim Horrill, Marc Winn and of personalise her bedroom with her drawings
course the team at CHS Creative! whilst making her immensely proud.”

join our happy online community at http://bodieandfou.blogspot.com

30 stress free and open 24/7 – www.bodieandfou.com
Easy ordering Delivery and Returns...
order online, 24 hours, 7 days a week
all you need to know
0208 450 5600 London, Paris, NYC, Sydney, Auckland...we ship around
the world. Delivery costs start from as little as £3.50 –
Monday to Friday 9am-7pm
any questions? fantastic value when you consider how much you save on
E-mail us at thegirls@bodieandfou.com driving, parking, queuing and stressing out!
We can also wrap your gifts beautifully, and send them Free UK standard delivery on orders over £80*
directly to the recipient on your behalf.
For more information go to www.bodieandfou.com Collection from the BODIe and FOU lArGe HeAVY FUrNItUre £38 per
main london office is Free please order (large heavy furniture includes
email thegirls@bodieandfou.com Gaivota & pelicano rocking chairs,
FACeBOOK COMPetItION to arrange collection time. wooden desk, FDc1 armchairs,
paulistano chairs, coffee tables and
stANDArD DelIVerY from £3.50
to £5.95 (order value up to £15 will cote bastide furniture) 7 to 30 working
be charged at £3.50 orders above days subject to stock availability.
£15 will be charged at £5.95) and FrANCe & eUrOPe From 11€ by
up to 3 to 5 working days. royal Mail International (parcels
(please note that during the run up to christmas up to 2kg) & 20€ by courier 3 to 10
and depending on weather conditions, standard
delivery may take up to 10 days.) working days.
NeXt DAY DelIVerY £10 (excluding OVerseAs From £8.50 and up to 21
small furniture & blinds). Next working working days for deliveries to non-eu
day for orders received before 12 noon. countries subject to size and volumetric
weight. our website will calculate the
sAtUrDAY DelIVerY £26.50 shipping costs automatically and will
(excluding small furniture & blinds). exclude the VAt for countries outside
Next saturday for orders received of the eu automatically. please note
Option A: Mima Le Chat Option B: Le Chat on Friday by 12 noon. that countries outside of the eu may
to participate, simply tell us on the boDIe and Fou Facebook sMAll FUrNItUre & BlINDs** have to pay local import duties on
page where you would put mima le Chat Print (option A) £20 per order (small furniture includes reception of the goods.
rugs and ball chairs) 3 to 10 working
or le Chat Print (option b) in your home and one lucky
days subject to stock availability.
winner will win the MIMA Le cHAt prINt or Le cHAt prINt
(exclusively available from www.bodieandfou.com) * Free delivery on min. order of £80 does not apply to orders including blinds, rugs, small & large furniture.
** If you require a blind to be delivered next day delivery, please select the option for small furniture & blinds
and email our customer service team at thegirls@bodieandfou.com orders placed and emailed before
12 noon will be dispatched for next day delivery.

More information about deliveries...

to ensure a swift delivery, we must have unfortunately, we are unable to refund the
proper and complete addresses and make one return postage. We also recommend that
delivery charge per delivery address. If you you obtain a free proof of postage from the
enter your workplace as the address of delivery, post office. refunds will be processed within
please make sure you specify the name of your 28 days of receiving the goods back from you
company. A mobile number is required in case via your original method of payment. When
we or the courier company need to contact returning goods on which you have received
you regarding your delivery. If you do not have a special offer/discount that special offer/
a mobile phone, please enter a land line day discount will no longer apply and will be
phone number. We have now added a sAFe deducted from the original price. refunds
pLAce to the boDIe and Fou check-out page do not apply to the original cost of postage,
so you can now specify where you would like packaging and gift-wrapping selected
your parcel to be left if you are not in to take at the time of the original order.
delivery (i.e. with a neighbor at no X on the For more information please visit
same road or in the wheelie bin by your house). www.bodieandfou.com/delivery_and_returns

retUrNs & eXCHANGes DAMAGeD DelIVerIes

We hope that you will love everything you buy sometimes accidents happen in transit. If you
Next time... from boDIe and Fou, but if not you can return have received a damaged item, please accept
anything within 14 days of receipt as long as our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.
Read how we created this beautiful the goods have been unused, unopened, in simply notify our customer service team within
perfect condition (including original packaging) 48 hours of receiving the item. email us a photo
family mood-board. and remained in a re-sellable condition. simply of the damaged item(s), quoting your order/
email us to thegirls@bodieandfou.com quoting invoice number and we will aim to send you
follow us on Twitter your order/invoice number, within 7 working a replacement within 1 to 3 weeks subject
days and send the item(s) back to to stock availability.
BODIE and FOU Returns Department,
Unit 1.27 The Light Box, 111 Power Road,
become our fan on Facebook London W4 5PY.
To make your Christmas shopping as stress-free as possible,
we’ve put together a few off ers for you on our most popular
products. The more you buy, the more you save, the more
+ +
friends and family you can tick off your Christmas list... 1 set X 4 roCkinG Glasses 2 sets X 4 roCkinG Glasses 4 sets X 4 roCkinG Glasses
£19.50 £35.10 sAVe 10% £66.30 sAVe 15%
+ +
1 set X 2 CoGnaC Glasses 2 sets X 2 CoGnaC Glasses 4 sets X 2 CoGnaC Glasses
£35.50 £65 sAVe £6 £130 sAVe £12
+ +
1 boX X 25 bird PeGs 2 boXes X 25 bird PeGs 4 boXes X 25 bird PeGs
£12.50 £22.50 sAVe 10% £42.50 sAVe 15%
if undelivered, please return to
BODIE and FOU Returns Department
Unit 1.27 The Light Box
111 Power Road
London W4 5PY
Natasha Swarbrick
57 fairmile road
BH23 2LA