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End-of-course Test English File 4

1 Complete the sentence. Use the correct form of the 6 Sam went to Bolivia for his vacation last year,
verb in parentheses. ________ he?
Example: I’ve known (know) Nathan since I was child. 7 The man with ________ I used to share an office has
just set up his own company.
1 Take a map with you in case you ________ (get) lost.
8 Neither Ben ________ Liz can come to my party.
2 Where have you been? I ________ (wait) for you for
9 The Blue Note Cafe, ________ is on the corner of
an hour!
Green Street, sells great coffee.
3 The elevator isn’t working right now because it’s
10 I can’t ________ used to driving this car. It’s really
________ (fix).
different from my old one.
4 She would have been happier if she ________
11 ________ having a lot of work, the lawyer agreed to
(not get married) so young.
take on a new client.
5 You shouldn’t ________ (say) that to her yesterday.
12 ________ earlier we leave tomorrow morning, the less
She’ll never forgive you.
traffic there will be.
6 My little brother has promised ________ (not talk)
13 You can’t ________ left your keys at the restaurant.
in class.
You used them to open the door.
7 I arrived at the auditorium half an hour late, and the
14 It was ________ a windy day that we decided to cancel
meeting ________ (start) already.
the game.
8 The man that the police are looking for ________ (say)
15 I don’t feel well. I’d ________ go to the doctor.
to be in his 30s.
9 By the end of next year, we ________ (save) enough 15
to buy a house.
10 At this time tomorrow, I ________ (sit) on the plane
3 Complete the sentence. Choose the correct word(s).
to Hawaii. Example: ________ this cake?
11 When it started raining, we ________ (play) for about A Who made ■ ✓ B Who did make ■
an hour. C Who make ■
12 I’ll call you as soon as I ________ (talk) to Tim. 1 Do you know what time ________?
13 I ________ (have) a rash for three days now. Maybe A the class ends ■ B ends the class ■
I’m allergic to something. C does end the class ■
14 The woman denied ________ (steal) the bracelet. 2 She has ________ hair.
15 I wish I ________ (not tell) the truth when my friend A dark beautiful long ■ B beautiful long dark ■
asked me if I liked her boyfriend. C long beautiful dark ■
3 I watch American and British TV programs ________
forget my English.
2 Complete the sentence with one word. A to not ■ B not to ■ C so as not to ■

Example: A I loved the film. B So did I. 4 ________ the fact that the test was difficult, everybody
1 It sounds as ________ the people next door are having A Although ■ B In spite ■ C Despite ■
a party.
5 Her father is in ________ hospital. He’s having an
2 Julia didn’t ________ to be very sociable, but now she operation tomorrow.
goes out much more often. A the ■ B a ■ C (–) ■
3 We’re ________ the living room painted right now. 6 ________ are famous for their cooking.
4 I don’t speak German, but my husband ________. A French ■ B The French ■
5 There’s ________ milk. We drank it all. C The French men ■

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NAME DATE American
End-of-course Test English File 4

7 The climbers have reached the summit of ________ 5 Complete the sentence. Choose the correct word.
Mount Everest. Example: It’s a little ________ today, and I’ve heard it’s
A (–) ■ B a ■ C the ■ going to get even colder.
8 ________ of us passed the exam. We all failed. A warm ■ B chilly ■ ✓ C damp ■
A Neither ■ B None ■ C Some ■
1 I have a terrible ________ in my shoulder.
9 I love ________ in their house. A ache ■ B pain ■ C hurt ■
A some furnitures ■ B the furnitures ■ 2 Watch ________! You nearly hit that car.
C the furniture ■
A up ■ B to ■ C out ■
10 On the weather forecast, they said that it’s ________ to
3 Their business ________ a huge profit last year.
snow tomorrow.
A did ■ B made ■ C had ■
A likely ■ B probable ■ C probably ■
4 Many people find it hard to make ________ talk
10 with strangers.
A large ■ B small ■ C little ■
Grammar total 40
5 I find it really ________ when people park right
outside my house.
A irritate ■ B irritated ■ C irritating ■
4 Complete the word. 6 I burned myself when I touched the iron, and now I
Example: very angry = furious have a large ________ on my finger.
A bruise ■ B blister ■ C rash ■
1 extremely pleased = d________
7 That’s a very deep cut. I think you’ll need to have
2 to open your mouth very wide because you are ________.
tired = y________ A stitches ■ B scan ■ C a needle ■
3 acting quickly without thinking = i________ 8 That sweater really ________ you. It makes you look
4 the opposite of tight (pants) = l________ ten years younger.
5 a person who sees a crime = w________ A fits ■ B matches ■ C looks good on ■
6 a snow storm with very strong winds = b________ 9 I was really relieved when I passed my driving test
7 what you use to breathe = l________ because I had been ________ to fail.
8 a person who plays the drums = d________ A expecting ■ B hoping ■ C waiting ■
9 a person who writes about the good and bad qualities 10 You can’t believe anything you read in that newspaper.
of a book, movie, or play = c________ It’s very ________.
10 a group of people who sing together = c________ A objective ■ B accurate ■ C biased ■

11 a person who works with you = c________ 11 The criminal was ________ guilty by the court.
A charged ■ B found ■ C sentenced ■
12 another word for luggage = b________
12 You look really hot! You’re ________.
13 a person who speaks two languages = b________.
A sweating ■ B shivering ■ C melting ■
14 an illness with which you usually have a cold and a
13 I’m feeling ________ because I had a fight with my
temperature = f________
best friend.
15 you put your head on this when you
A put low ■ B low ■ C down ■
sleep = p________
14 Don’t ________ your voice! I can’t stand it when
15 people shout.
A rise ■ B raise ■ C put up ■
15 You need to learn the new vocabulary by ________.
A heart ■ B memory ■ C mind ■

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NAME DATE American
End-of-course Test English File 4

6 Complete the sentence. Use one word made from the 7 Which word has a different sound? Choose the
word in parentheses. correct answer.
Example: I mispronounced the word, so nobody 1 A weather ■ B heat wave ■ C heavy ■
understood me. (pronounce) D sweat ■
2 A allergic ■ B slogan ■ C burglar ■
1 There is still too much _________ in the world. (poor)
D beggar ■
2 He behaves like a child. He’s very ________. (mature)
3 A specialist ■ B infection ■ C choke ■
3 Be careful you don’t fall. The sidewalk is very D rash ■
________. (slip)
4 A ache ■ B chemist ■ C cheerful ■
4 He loved his birthday presents, ________ the new D orchestra ■
laptop. (special)
5 A business ■ B mild ■ C rhythm ■
5 His first novel was very ________. I’m sure it’ll be a D physics ■
success. (impress)
6 A murder ■ B firm ■ C jury ■
6 Microsoft is a ________ company. (nation) D advertisement ■
7 Isaac Newton was a very famous ________. (science) 7 A yawn ■ B drought ■ C fraud ■
8 Chicago is a large ________ city in the US. (industry) D caught ■
9 The hotel was great, but ________ the weather was 8 A heart ■ B smart ■ C warm ■
terrible. (fortunate) D cardigan ■
10 I felt very ________ when I couldn’t remember her 9 A scratch ■ B machine ■ C chest ■
name. (embarrass) D chilly ■
10 10 A monsoon ■ B flood ■ C cool ■
D moody ■
Vocabulary total 40 10

8 Which is the stressed syllable? Choose the correct

Example: A velvet ■
✓ B velvet ■
1 A irritable ■ B irritable ■
2 A neighborhood ■ B neighborhood ■
3 A old-fashioned ■ B old-fashioned ■
4 A eyebrow ■ B eyebrow ■
5 A violinist ■ B violinist ■
6 A produce (verb) ■ B produce (verb) ■
7 A kidnap ■ B kidnap ■
8 A hurricane ■ B hurricane ■
9 A insincere ■ B insincere ■
10 A unconscious ■ B unconscious ■


Pronunciation total 20

Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total 100

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NAME DATE American
End-of-course Test English File 4

Read the article. Choose the correct answer. Example: China is changing rapidly.
A True ■ ✓ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■
China is a modern, dynamic country that is currently 1 One reason new cities are being built is that China is
undergoing such a remarkable period of regeneration and going through a period of economic growth.
renewal that a visitor returning after ten years away would
find it difficult to recognize the place. It is a country of
A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■
brand new cities, and as factories are built and the 2 According to the text, China’s most densely-populated
economy booms, people are flooding into these thriving cities are on its southern coast.
urban centers at an alarming rate. At first, it was the great A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■
cities along China’s southern coast that experienced
sudden population growth, but the demand for urban 3 Chongqing is not near the coast.
living among China’s largely rural population is such that A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■
completely new cities far from the coast are now rising up 4 Chongqing is a metropolis that is still being built.
and expanding outwards. A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■
Chongqing is one of these great new cities. It’s a huge,
5 The rate of population growth in Chongqing is faster
sprawling metropolis of half-built skyscrapers and
towering cranes wrapped in gray clouds of wintry mist than predicted.
and man-made pollution. Its mighty yet monotonously A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■
uniform buildings stretch far into the distance. Its 6 Those responsible for city planning and design in China feel
population already exceeds 30 million, and with 40,000 they can’t manage the number of people moving to cities.
people making their way to the city from the countryside
A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■
every month, this population growth shows no sign of
slowing down. 7 In 20 years, there will be ten million more people living in
This marked shift from rural to urban living has worried Chinese cities than there are today.
many of China’s national decision makers, but not its A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■
urban planners. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the 8 According to the text, China’s environmental reputation
idea of population movement on a scale not experienced
abroad isn’t very good.
before, these architects and designers are rising to the
challenge and attempting to meet the needs of their new A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■
citizens. In the next two decades, China plans to create 9 Chongming will be designed and built to be
20 new cities, designed to meet the needs of an estimated environmentally friendly.
12 million people whom the government expects to move A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■
from the countryside.
10 Critics say that the rich who will move to the new
China is concerned about its international image as a
eco-cities will help make the environment better.
nation whose economic and industrial emergence is at the
expense of its own and the world’s environment. To A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■
address this, it has ambitious plans to build eco-cities,
which, it hopes, may provide a model for the developing Reading total 10
world. One such project is on Chongming, an island near
Shanghai. Homes in this new city will be built using
modern materials and will be designed to be energy- and Write a description of the most interesting city you
waste-efficient. have ever visited. Write 140–180 words. Include the
These new eco-cities have many critics, however. They following information:
argue that the real aim of city authorities is not to use
modern technology in order to create an eco-friendly city, • which city it is and where exactly it is

but to build housing with the latest gadgets to appeal to a • what you can see and do there
growing prosperous class of people who wish to live in • what the people who live there are like
attractive surroundings while feeling they are helping the • what the
what weather is like
environment. The true aim, these critics claim, is to attract
more wealth to their cities and, therefore, more
• and how
was special about the place when you were there
it made you feel
consumption, waste, and pollution. Writing total 10

Reading and Writing total 20

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NAME DATE American
End-of-course Test English File 4

1 AE F 4 T 20 Listen to the interview on a science 5 Mick’s advice to new rock bands is to ________.
program. Choose the correct answer. A socialize with the right people ■
1 Professor Jones has most recently published research B avoid arguments ■
on the relationship between the brain and C be realistic ■
A music ■ B noise ■ C language ■ 5
2 In his research, Professor Jones decided to use Listening total 10
A eighteenth-century music ■
B nineteenth-century music ■ S P EAKI N G
C twentieth-century music ■
Work in pairs.
3 Professor Jones wanted to use ______________.
Student A, look at Speaking Test A.
A music that people could remember ■
B music that people wouldn’t recognize ■ Student B, look at Speaking Test B.
C music by famous composers ■
Speaking total 20
4 The brain is ______________during the silence
between sections of music. Listening and Speaking total 30
A more attentive ■
B less attentive ■
C not responding ■
5 Professor Jones thinks we could use music to
A make work more enjoyable ■
B improve our concentration ■
C understand the science of silence better ■

2 AE F 4 T 21 Listen to five extracts from an interview
with rock star Mick Jaspers. Choose the correct
1 Mick’s been in a rock band for ________.
A exactly 20 years ■ B less than 20 years ■
C more than 20 years ■
2 In Mick’s opinion, his best song is ________.
A Love is the Answer ■ B I’m Always Wrong ■
C neither of the songs in A or B ■
3 Mick’s first world tour ________.
A took place many years ago ■
B took place quite recently ■
C will take place soon ■
4 When he was at school, Mick ________.
A was often rude to teachers ■
B was caught stealing ■
C passed his exams ■

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