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Pyrometer/Camera Processing Head (PHFx-Cx-CS)

Processing head PHFx-Cx-CS1,2 is intended to be used with COMPACT or
COMPACT-EVOLUTION Series. The processing head is connected to the diode
laser using a fiber with NA 0.22.

The integrated single color pyrometer is used for non-contact measuring of

the work piece temperature. It is aligned in the optical path of the laser beam
and has an internal digitizing unit which communicates with the PCI-card of a
pyrometer PC. A software package allows controlling the laser in a closed
loop. The pyrometer is a helpful tool for processes documentation and
optimization. The laser head can also be equipped with an integrated on-axis
CCD camera for easy process monitoring. The video signal can be displayed
on any monitor with BNC connector. The OIS version offers the
opportunity to use a c-mount compatible camera for process monitoring.

By having a compact housing this processing head can easily be integrated

into the laser process.

Device Specification

Optical Parameters Units

Fiber Connector SMA, QBH or LLK-HP
Maximum Numerical Aperture NA ≤0.22
Collimation Focal Length4 mm 37, 44, 58, 64
Focal Length3 mm 60 100 150 200 300
Working Distance3 mm 53 94 145 198 290
Maximum Input Power W ≤500
Wavelength4 nm 800 - 1000
Transmission % ≥90

Pyrometer (Optional)
Measuring Wavelength nm 1800 - 2100
Temperature Range °C 190 - 700
Sampling Rate (max.) kHz 10
Sensor Size µm 300 or 1000 (Optional)

CCD Camera (Optional)

Image Sensor ” 1/3
Image Sensor Area mm² 4.8 x 3.6
Horizontal Frequency kHz 15.625
Vertical Frequency Hz 50
Total Number of Pixels 537 (h) x 597 (v)
Video Signal Vpp 1.0 at 75 Ohm
Signal/Noise Ratio dB >45
Image Size on Monitor (with 18 x 14
100mm Focal Length) mm² 9x7
Gain Control AVR (Automatic Gain Control)
Connector Type BNC

Envrionmental Conditions
Ambient Temperature °C 15 to 35 (Non-Condensing Conditions)
Storage Temperature °C 5 to 50
Pyrometer/Camera Processing Head (PHFx-Cx-CS)

Mechanical Dimensions
Dimensions mm3 Approx. 217 x 70 x 139
Weight kg 2.0 to 2.5

Package Dimension

Package Includes
Processing Head, industrial-PC with build-in-controller card for pyrometer, Lascon software package, monitor, keyboard and mouse.
CO: as shown in picture and C2: connectors opposite to beam exit.
x= SMA (S), QBH (Q) or LLK-HP (H).
For 980nm.
Consult DILAS Industrial Laser Systems for other available options.

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