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es ACG-LUKMPS’ —acc-assostes Cops HPMC (CELLULOSE) CAPSULES: (\ i Bcc Worldwide veorvacg-woteom High-performance Vegetarian Capsules 5 to Enhance your Brand... Naturally. ¢ ee Naturecaps? is a high-performance and versatile HPMC (Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose) capsule that meets your product branding needs, naturally. ‘A widely-used standard material for manufacturing empty hard capsules, HPMC is derived from 100% natural plant source. Thus, Naturecaps is known to be a ‘vegetarian’ capsule and does not contain any animal source. In addition, HPMC used in Naturecaps* is a highly stable GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) material, making it an ideal natural altemnative for solid dosage delivery. Manufactured by ACG Associated Capsules Pvt. Lid. (ACG ACPL) and ACG Lukaps d.0.0, - members of ACG Worldwide - Naturecaps* is manufactured at state-of-the-art facilities, certified for global regulatory and quality standards (WHO, ISO) as well as ethnic approvals like Kosher & Halal certifications. Naturecaps® is also certified by the Vegetarian Society of London and ECOCERT. In fact, Naturecaps* has a DMF registration and has been approved by several global multinationals. This stands as a testimony to our highest standards of quality assurance, timely delivery & efficient technical service. With an experience of over 50 years in supplying capsules to the pharmaceutical, dietary and nutraceutical industries, backed with expertise in capsule filling machinery (through ACG Pam Pharma Technologies Pvt. Ltd,), we offer technical support to ensure smooth production and enhanced brand value globally ACG Associated Capsules & ACG Lukaps manufacturing units are: sthout asi - = Inspected by the US FDA, without a single 483, AF 90T © Compliant with cGMP guidelines and have been assigned DMF Automatic Capsule-ting Machine registration numbers by US FDA * Certified by WHO GMP and have ISO 9001:2000 approval from internationally recognized organisation, Bureau Veritas Characteristics of Naturecaps® Naturecaps* is available in multiple sizes (00, 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4) to suit your Variety of requirements. Its available in crystal clear form or in a wide range of natural colours to complement your brand, FILLWEIGHT CHART : hat U FO Dos ad Size 00 0 1 2 zi 4 Volume 0.95 0.68) 050 037 030 021 Density gee Powder weight in mg. 03 285 208 150 m1 90 8 04 380 m 200 148 120 4 05 415 340 250 185 150 105 06 570 408 300 2m 180 126 o7 665 476 350 259 210 147 08 760 sag 400 296 240 168 09 855 612 450 333 270 189 0 950 680 00 370 300 210 ry 1045 748 550 407 330 BI 12 1140 816 600 444 360 252 13 1235 884 650 481 390 mB 14 1330 952 700 518 420 24 15 1425 1020 750 555 450 315 Bree eee rT Ey About ACG Associated Capsules ACG Associated Capsules (ACG ACPL) is one of the largest manufacturers of two-piece hard gelatin capsules in the world. To complement its wide range of hard gelatin capsules, ACG ACPL also manufactures capsules from 100% natural plant source (Naturecaps*), capsules for filling liquids and pastes (FlofitTM), four-colour circular-print anti-counterfeit capsules (Brandshield® 40), clinical tral capsules (Clinicaps*) and many more. ‘About ACG Lukaps ACG Lukaps d.0.0. isa leading manufacturer of two-piece empty hard capsules for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies in Europe & Russia, Along with ACG Associated Capsules, ACG Lukaps is amongst the largest producers of ‘two-piece hard capsules, gelatin and cellulose, in the world today. Both - ACG Associated Capsules and ACG Lukaps - have a capacity of producing over 60 billion capsules annually through three plants in and around Mumbai, a facility in Ludbreg, Croatia, and a new state-of-the-art facility in Indore, India, Catering to the global pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industry in over 100 countries, the manufacturing facilities are equipped with high-speed machines for producing the widest size range of hard gelatin capsules (000, (00e1, 00, Oxel, Gel+, Vel, 0, 1e, 1, 2el, 2, 3, 4, and 5) in a variety of colours, with linear and circular printing of dosage, brand names, etc. Our manufacturing operations rely on sophisticated, monitoring systems to consistently achieve high levels of quality. About ACG Worldwide With over fifty years of industry expertise, ACG Worldwide has established itself as an integrated manufacturing, packaging and R&D solution provider to the global pharmaceutical industry. We synergistically integrate businesses right from granulation & coating equipment to hard capsules & capsule filing machines; barrier packaging films to blister & cartoning machines; tablet compression systems to tablet tooling; vision inspection systems to end-of-line machines. A state-of-art R&D facility, SciTech Center in Mumbai, stands testimony to continuous investment in innovative products & technologies. Recognized as Best Vendor’ by OPPI, ACG has also bagged awards for several innovative products from IIP & Pharmexcil. ACG Worldwide serves customers in more than 100 countries and has its ‘subsidiaries in Brazil, China, Indonesia, the US and the UK. [ACG-Assodaled Capsules Ac Asoc Cpstes PL ACG-LUKNPS’ “a amt 3 Frankopanska 79, 42230 Ludbreg Croatia ACG vworwacg/lukaps.com