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10. Performance Directions Worksheet

Exercise 1. Tick one of the boxes for each of the performance terms below.

a) Cantabile means: b) Dolce means: c) Allegro means:

quite fast smoothly fast and lively

in a singing style sadly brisk walking speed

mournful playfully slow and stately

from the beginning sweetly extremely fast

d) Amoroso means: e) Larghetto means: f) Tutti means:

boldly slightly faster than largo with vigour

lovingly quite fast unaccompanied

majestically moderate speed all together

grandly fast mutes

g) Pizz. means: h) Subito means: i) Giocoso means:

use the bow quietly playfully

pluck the strings play with the pedal gracefully

detached suddenly furiously

staccato peacefully vivacious

j) Da capo means: k) Adagio means: l) Mezzo means:

go back to the start quite fast whole

go to the end very slowly half

go to the sign slowly quarter

repeat slow and stately moderately

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m) Non troppo means: n) Scherzando means: o) Lunga pausa means:

not in time quite fast hold your breath

not too much loudly accented long pause

not a lot get faster breathe out (vocal)

tearfully playfully short pause

p) Assai means: q) Tenuto means: r) Più mosso means:

a little in free time more movement

but staccato less movement

less detached gracefully

very hold the note strict time

s) Rallentando means: t) Glissando means: u) Scherzo means:

gradually slowing lightly playfully

speed up sliding a joke

original speed with mutes forcefully

getting louder passionately with expression

v) Incalzando means: w) Piacevole means: x) Lebhaft means:

getting slower pleasant always

getting quicker peacefully quickly

twice as fast plaintive lively

sorrowful flying but

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