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New staffer joins

C at h o l i c C h a r i t i e s
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Finding the right family
for a challenging
adoption . . . . . . . . . . . 11

Supplement to Arkansas Catholic  •  Catholic Charities of Arkansas  •  2415 N. Tyler St.  • Little Rock, ARkansas 72207 • JunE 16, 2018

At a Glance
Catholic Charities
of Arkansas serves
Family assistance calls come year-round
n  Adoption Services: Birth FAP leverages support
parent  services,  adoptive to meet constant
family services and search
and reunion needs with tight funds

n  Immigration in North-
west Arkansas: Family-based uring the past 11 months,
legal assistance, domestic vio- nearly 600 people con-
lence and crime victims ser- tacted Catholic Charities’
vices, refugee resettlement, Family Assistance Program.
employer trainings, education People throughout the state,
and advocacy, legal assistance though mostly in the Little Rock
with applications for DACA area, are referred to us through
other charitable organizations, so-
n  Immigration in Little cial service organizations, medical
Rock: Family-based legal facilities and utility companies.
assistance, legal assistance Google searches for financial as-
with applications for DACA, sistance bring up Catholic Chari-
education and advocacy ties, as do searches for utility as-
sistance and rental assistance.
n  Parish social ministries:
Utility companies provide cus-
Parish-based ministry devel-
tomers with lists of organizations
opment, disaster recovery
that sometimes help with bills and
parish-based teams, family now, even apartment complexes
assistance are doing the same.
n  Social Action: Prison
ministry, Catholic Campaign Need vs. resources
for Human Development, The Family Assistance Pro-
legislative advocacy, alcohol gram’s funding comes from the
and drug, Catholic Charities annual CRS Rice Bowl collection,
Summer Institute donations from St. Nicholas Part-
ners, individual donors and the
n  Westside Free Medical Catholic Charities Poor Fund. A
Clinic: Medical and derma- small amount of $18,000 was bud-
tology clinics for noninsured geted for the year, allowing for a
adults, outreach and commu- $1,500 per month guideline.
nity education The callers and their needs are
tracked, which helps estimate the
n  Development: Grants
number of unduplicated callers.
management,  Bishop
Approximately 54 people have
McDonald-Catholic Charities
contacted the FAP each month
Golf Classic, Catholic Relief
with requests that far outstripped
Services Rice Bowl and St. available resources. If even half
Nicholas Partners
See FAP page 10
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Catholic Charities
of Arkansas Church cooperation can have big impact for the poor
2415 N. Tyler St.
Little Rock, AR 72207 very parish is a Catholic char- tion strategy is the way St. Jude the Yet, it operates with a minimal homeless breakfast in downtown
(501) 664-0340 ity. Every parish does what Apostle Church in Jacksonville budget, relying on donations from Little Rock on weekends. Lastly,
www.dolr.org it can to assist those in its works to support its local food pan- groups and individuals and on in- Fishnet Missions offers assistance
community who try, Fishnet Missions. come generated by its thrift store. to smaller organizations to meet
CATHOLIC CHARITIES’ find they are in need. Fishnet Missions is It has no paid employees, operat- the needs of their particular com-
MISSION STATEMENT In Arkansas, most par- a food pantry and thrift ing solely with volunteers from lo- munities.
The mission of Catholic ishes lack the size and store located in Jack- cal churches and organizations. Fishnet Missions is led by
Charities of Arkansas of the resources to be the sonville at 1700 Swift Offering numerous services, Dewey Sims, assisted by his wife
Diocese of Little Rock is sole source of assis- Drive. It is probably Fishnet Missions provides grocery Barbara. Intensely dedicated to
rooted in the challenge of tance in their neigh- the largest food pantry boxes for families at its front door, running this project, Mr. Sims has
the Gospel: To serve persons borhood. Parishes that in the state. In 2017, it delivers food to approximately 800 been immersed in this work of
who are poor or marginal- cooperate with other distributed more than seniors and has a program to help charity since he founded Fishnet
ized; to advocate on behalf churches and local 6 million pounds of veterans and active duty families. Missions in the last century. While
of the most vulnerable; and groups increase the ef- food to those seek- The mission also has emergency not directly associated with any
to actively promote charity, ficiency of their efforts ing help. More than food boxes on hand, so that no one specific church, it is a Christian
justice and the sanctity of life to support the sur- 500,000 individual cli- ever is turned away. Further, the ministry that relies on the kind-
in the Church and the com- rounding locality. ent services were pro- group prepares hot meals to serve ness of surrounding local churches
munity. An example of this From the Director vided by Fishnet Mis- the hungry in its kitchen as well as
community coopera- Patrick Gallaher sions during the year. a traveling operation to feed the See CHURCHES page 10
Arkansas Catholic | June 16, 2018
10  |  Catholic Charities
New partnership Campalans briefly volun- for a modest fee. For more infor-
Catholic Immigration Ser- teered at the Multicultural Refu- mation, contact Maricella Garcia
vices – Little Rock recently be- gee Coalition Center before they at (501) 565-7233 or mgarcia@
gan partnering with the Mexican recommended her for a part-time littlerock.gov.
Consulate located in Little Rock. job as administrative assistant at
The two organizations have met Justice for Our Neighbors, a legal CLINIC Convening
twice so far this year. They first immigration service. During the week of May 28,
met at the consulate, followed by “I love my job and it all feels five employees from the Diocese
CISLR hosting them. Employees right,” she said. “I’m where I’m of Little Rock attended the Catho-
supposed to be. This job is ev- lic Legal Immigration Network Rebecca Cargile (left), director of
of CISLR as well as others within
erything I could have wished for annual convening in Tuscon, Parish Social Ministry, and social
Catholic Charities have met with
… where everyone is working to- Ariz.. CLINIC is a network origi- work intern Sophia Dulanto assist
both the consul and deputy con-
gether for the good of others.” nally founded in 1988 by the U.S. client Rodney Robinson. 
Through their meetings, it be- Conference of Catholic Bishops
came evident that much of their
work overlapped, which led to the
Immigration volunteer
Sister Mary Ann Azar, a Daugh-
ter of Charity, joined Catholic Im-
in response to a rapid growth of
community-based immigration
service programs. This year, the
realization that the two organiza- Continued from page 9
tions could work together, along migration Services – Little Rock conference set a record for num-
with teaching and learning from as a volunteer immigration spe- ber of attendees at 500 individuals that number were given just $100
one another. The hope is that the cialist in November. She brings Sister Mary Ann Azar while celebrating its 30-year an- financial assistance each month,
collaboration will better serve the years of experience as a Depart- niversary since its founding. The an additional $1,200 per month
community, especially the Mexi- ment of Justice-accredited immi- worker population in northeast conference provides attendees would be needed.
can immigrant community. gration representative in multiple Florida. Sister Mary Ann joined with updates in the ever changing Catholic Charities benefits
Some of the collaborative legal service settings, where she the St. Augustine’s immigration area of immigration law. greatly from the generosity of the
works involve a monthly presen- has helped immigrants to obtain program for six years. She later The diocesan offices rep- people in the diocese. Shortfalls
tation by CISLR at the Mexican legal status within the United worked within the Diocese of resented were Catholic Immi- are not because people are stingy,
Consulate. The presentation con- States. Sister Mary Ann began her Wheeling-Charleston, W.V., aid- gration Services - Little Rock, but because the need is so great,
sists of teaching Mexican immi- career in the health care field as ing immigrants for another six Catholic Immigration Services - said coordinator Rebecca Cargile.
grants about their rights and an a nurse/midwife. One of her as- years. She then served as a volun- Springdale and the Chancery.
overview of immigration laws, to signments, as a nurse/midwife in teer immigration specialist at Las Working together
assist individuals in knowing if Washington D.C., allowed her to Americas Immigrant Advocacy diaconate Formation Monthly FAP funds are rapidly
they may or may not qualify for learn Spanish to better serve her Center in El Paso, Texas, for three Two Catholic Charities Im- depleted. Most of the time, a per-
an immigration benefit. CISLR patients. years. migration Service employees re- son who needs long-term help
will also travel with Mexican Con- While working in the Diocese “I’m enjoying Arkansas and cently gave presentations to the belongs to a parish that is already
sulate staff at times when they of St. Augustine, Fla., she admin- being here,” she said. “And I enjoy Spanish-speaking diaconate can- helping. However, a parish alone
have their “mobile consulates” in istered a study to understand doing whatever I can do to help didates during a formation week- can’t always financially see the pa-
different areas around Arkansas, how to best serve a growing farm- immigration services continue to end at Coury House at Subiaco rishioner through a crisis and will
to give presentations and provide serve the needs of the immigrant Abbey. Jennifer Verkamp, direc- contact Catholic Charities.
individual consults if needed. population.” tor of Catholic Immigration Ser- There are times when FAP
Recently, the Mexican Consulate vices - Little Rock, gave a presen- alone cannot adequately sup-
hosted the first-ever Hispanic Job Little Rock Id card tation May 25 while Frank Head, port the parish’s efforts. In these
Fair in Little Rock, where they in- The City of Little Rock will director of Catholic Immigration cases, Catholic Charities works to
vited CISLR to answer questions launch its municipal identifica- Services - Springdale, gave a pre- find supplemental resources. FAP
about immigration law. tion card program July 7. The ID sentation May 26. coordinates with other Catholic
will be available to all Little Rock The primary topic of Verkamp’s Charities departments and works
New employee residents and is specifically tar- presentation was about the need with parishes. It also reaches out
Karla Campalans began work- geted at those who might other- for parishioners to serve their to lay organizations, such as La-
ing April 3 as administrative as- wise have difficulty obtaining a local communities. It was also dies of Charity and St. Vincent de
sistant for Catholic Immigration government issued ID. discussed where Catholic Chari- Paul conferences. It works closely
Services – Little Rock. Campalans The ID does not create or pro- ties does provide direct support with the family assistance pro-
lived for several years in Austin, vide access to any government in specific areas that local par- gram at Sacred Heart of Jesus in
Texas, before returning recently benefits. Its uses will include pro- ishes may be unable to provide. Hot Springs Village.
to Little Rock. Her mother was viding identification needed for Specific programs include the Catholic Charities FAP had a
diagnosed with terminal cancer such things as to have a prescrip- Westside Free Medical Clinic, budget of $18,000. But, because
and has since died. tion filled at a pharmacy, open Adoption Services, Catholic Im- others were willing to collabo-
Before her move to Little Rock, a bank account, obtain a library migration Services, Social Action rate, $25,305.28 was distributed
she took a community interpret- card, gain access to a homeless and Disaster Relief. Following the through FAP.
ing course at the Multicultural shelter and provide proof of iden- presentation, Deacon Marcelino
Refugee Coalition Center, where tity to a Little Rock police officer. Luna led a group discussion Who we helped
she learned how to not only prop- The city believes the card about various local charities, par- n  A total of 50 individuals or
erly interpret for refugee clients, will be especially helpful to the ish programs and involved com- households received financial
but to also make them feel wel- homeless, undocumented im- munity members. help through FAP from July 2017
come and comfortable. migrants, those recently released Head’s presentation specifi- to May 2018. Fifteen of the 50 were
Campalans grew up in Ven- from prison, homeschooled stu- cally addressed immigration ser- helped more than once because of
ezuela, but moved to Arkansas dents and the elderly. vices Catholic Charities provides the nature of the need.
when she was a teenager. Karla Campalans The ID card will be available at each of its offices. n  Fifty-two percent were call-
ers who found us directly while
48 percent were members of par-

Churches pitch in as well, performing tasks

from bookkeeping to warehous-
ing. St. Anne Church in North
Fishnet Missions. But by banding
together, they meet the needs of
the community through the con-
ishes, were referred by parishes,
were clients of other Catholic
Charities programs or connected
Continued from page 9 Little Rock has recently started centrated effort of this wonderful to us in similar ways
for donations of food, money and a relationship with Fishnet Mis- organization. n Inexpensive needs met in-
the time of volunteers. Catholic sions. Through these efforts, Fish- clude motel stays, gasoline, gro-
Charities of Arkansas supported net Missions makes great contri- Dewey Sims (at right) leads Fishnet ceries and small utility bills
the group’s efforts last year with a butions to the community, which Ministries, a food pantry and thrift n  Mid-to-high range needs in-
CCHD Local Grant. includes surrounding counties, store in Jacksonville that distributed clude most utility, rent/mortgage
Deacon Ernie Gallegos and to meet the food needs of those more than 6 million pounds of food and funeral assistance
his wife Ann generously donate who might otherwise be food in- and other aid to people seeking n People who received help
their time to support Fishnet Mis- secure. help in 2017. Fishnet depends on with extraordinary or long-term
sions, in addition to the full plate No single church or group in support from many local churches needs include a liver transplant
of duties they perform at St. Jude Jacksonville could provide all the of multiple denominations to do its patient, two cancer patients and a
Church. Many other parishioners services that are accomplished by work helping the poor. brain surgery patient.
June 16, 2018 | Arkansas Catholic
  Catholic Charities  |  11

Chances are, someone in your parish has a mental illness

Mental health people with mental illness know
that they are welcome to be who
faith resource network of NAMI
members, friends, clergy and con-
outreach is a parish they are. The Spirit may even move gregations of all faith traditions
them to educate others as some- who wish to encourage faith com-
social ministry one with first-hand experience. munities who are welcoming and
Another goal of the Mental supportive of persons and families
By Rebecca Cargile Health Ministry is to do its part living with mental illness.”
Catholic Charities of Arkansas to educate. Trustworthy informa- Catholic Charities recently or-

tion about mental illness is not too dered pamphlets and booklets to
atholic Charities’ Mental hard to come by. distribute to priests throughout
Health Ministry is focusing National Catholic Partner- the diocese. Generally, the infor-
this year on increasing the ship on Disability has an entire mation provides overviews of top-
visibility of mental illness webpage segment devoted to the ics priests may be most likely to
as a reality. subject, including a theological encounter among parishioners,
Statistics are clear. Mental ill- framework on mental illness, and such as depression, PTSD, bipolar
ness is likely in the lives of ei- links to groups such as Pathways disorders and anxiety disorders.
ther ourselves or our loved ones. to Promise, a cooperative of many National Catholic Partnership
Maybe in the life of a friend who faith and mental health organiza- on Disability’s booklet “Welcomed
hasn’t figured out a way yet to talk tions whose purpose is to facili- and Valued” can be enormously
about it, or who fears opening up tate the faith community’s work in beneficial to priests and their
will end the friendship. It is defi- reaching out to those with mental parishes. The website alone has a
nitely affecting one of our fellow illnesses and their families. one-page printout called “16 Ac-
parishioners. National Alliance on Mental Ill-
If the word “stigma” attached ness is one of the most well-known
See Mental page 12
to a condition or a person sounds sources for mental health educa-
outdated, it is true because it be- tion and includes overviews of
longs in the past. A person is not specific conditions, mental health Mental illness is likely in the lives
inferior for having a mental ill- in relation to specific populations of either ourselves or our loved ones.
ness. Visibility gets the topic out and support for family members In an environment of safety and
in the open and creates familiarity and caregivers. Information on acceptance, people with mental ill-
with the issue. local support groups is also avail- ness know that they are welcome to
In an environment of safety and able. NAMI FaithNet, similar to be who they are.
acceptance, a door is opened, and Pathways to Promise, is “an inter- Alan Cleaver / Flickr

Challenging adoptions take extra love, care in right family

By Rebecca Jones assist with child care, transporta-
Catholic Adoption Services tion and emotional support. An
adoptive family should be part of

ne often idealizes adoption an active community, preferably
in terms of healthy new- with relatives that live nearby and
borns being placed with can help quickly if needed. It is im-
their new parents, but not all portant with a child who has nu-
adoptions follow this description. merous medical and therapy ap-
As an adoption agency, Catho- pointments that there are people
lic Adoption Services never knows available to help the family make
what situations will be encoun- a busy schedule work. This also al-
tered, or what challenges birth- lows parents to have respite time
mothers will face during their to alleviate stress and to simply
pregnancies. Too often there are rest. A family with a stay-at-home
instances of heavy drug and alco- parent who can focus on the child
hol use during pregnancy, medi- and coordinate care is a great ad-
cal issues like hepatitis or some- vantage.
times mental health challenges. Given the treatment challenges
At times, children are born with of a special needs child, access to
genetic syndromes or are very quality health care and informa-
premature or both. The difficult tion is essential. In some circum-
situation requires a careful search stances, it may be necessary that
to find the right family for a special parents have medical training to
needs baby. be able to address complicated,
When it becomes evident a child ongoing medical treatment.
has significant prenatal risk factors A well-executed adoption finds
or complicated medical concerns, a match between a birthparent
many potential adoptive families and adoptive family as a special
may be reluctant or unable to ad- Benjamin Earwicker / Freeimages.com bond and promise to the child. It
dress the challenges. Nonetheless, Babies who get off to a difficult start in life need the right family to address their special needs. A well-executed is important that a child who may
there are wonderful resources for adoption finds a match between a birthparent and adoptive family as a special bond and promise to the child. have more needs is offered the
reaching out to families open to very best opportunity to reach the
special needs adoptions. communication networks and their support system, medical ex- by a licensed social worker to highest level of development and
Catholic Adoption Services specializes in helping to create pertise and community resources. evaluate the family. Further, refer- achievement in life — and to have
works with sister Catholic Chari- matches for more difficult cases. These elements are important ences are checked to make certain all the love possible. At the same
ties in nearby states to find will- The adoption community is mu- considerations to ensure the fam- the potential adoptive family has time, there is a secondary goal:
ing families with the suitable tually supporting in the search to ily is capable of providing the care the qualities needed to match the to give the birthparents a sense of
resources to care for special ba- find perfect matches. and structure for a child with more challenges of the child. peace about the family.
bies. There is also the Little Bit of There are a number of factors complicated needs. A key tool A family must have a good sup-
Heaven Adoption Agency, which when considering a family for a used in each case is the family’s port system. It is imperative they Rebecca Jones is an adoption spe-
connects to a number of adoption special needs placement, including home study, the report prepared have family and friends that can cialist for Catholic Adoption Services.
Arkansas Catholic | June 16, 2018
12  |  Catholic Charities

Mind, body, spirit all depend on each other Mental

Continued from page 11

hile most times we think of
health as a physical con- Who to turn to tions a Parish Can Take to Support
dition, it is really a com- n The St. Dymphna Soci- Catholics with Mental Illness.”
ponent of mental, physical and ety, a peer support group for On all the websites mentioned,
spiritual health, which comprises those with mental illness and one can find homily notes, short
the full spectrum. their families, meets at St. educational paragraphs for bul-
Usually, we focus on the John Center in Little Rock letins and prayers. NAMI has easy
physical because that is the area on the last Tuesday of each to understand infographics that
— a twinge, injury or illness — month. Mass is celebrated can be printed free of charge and
that prompts our immediate or at 6 p.m. and a meeting fol- placed around the parish and in
eventual attention. However the lows. Contact Rebecca Car- schools.
hidden symptoms of mental ill- gile at (501) 664-0340, ex. Lastly, we want to encourage
ness are often not recognized or 355 for more information. the formation of peer support
acknowledged and still retain a groups. If you can’t find tips or
stigma much as the word “can- n  National Suicide Pre- suggestions in any of the previ-
cer” did in previous generations. vention Lifeline can be ously mentioned
However, our mental state af- reached at (800) 272-8255. material or else-
fects our physical state particu- where that re-
larly with conditions like hyper- flects the spirit
tension or high blood pressure, cle, we remember prayer. of your parish,
asthma, gastronomical issues Taking time to sit with God in contact me at
among others. Stress and anxiety Ben White / Unsplash prayer can ease anxiety and stress. (501) 664-0340
can elevate blood pressure to an Reaching out for help can be an important step to healing your mind Whether it is a rosary, meditation ext. 355.
unacceptable level. Unidentified and body. or conversation, a peaceful calm More than
causes of physical symptoms can can arise as one sits with God. In Father three years ago
also be connected to one’s men- then it helps to take a look at our lower anxiety and stress. Some- fact, mindful meditation has been Warren Harvey a peer support
tal state. Our fast-paced, chal- health balance to prevent serious times, a prescription medicine shown to reduce blood pressure. group, the St.
lenging world makes it difficult or dire consequences. from trained professionals may Even without a physical boost, Dymphna Society, was formed
to be in perfect health all the time As in physical health, our be needed if the natural endor- prayer can carry one through dif- in Little Rock. Each meeting be-
but there are things we can do to mental state can benefit from phins are not enough to jump ficult times. gins with Mass. Parishes starting
identify issues needing attention. exercise in any form and eating start our balance. Just remember Additionally, our Catholic a group are encouraged to begin
If one feels depressed, often a healthy diet. Any activity which an imbalance is not the fault of faith calls us to serve the least of meetings with Mass. Father War-
depicted by a lack of energy or involves movement, whether anyone. Help and support are our brethren. Our own mental ren Harvey has graciously cel-
interest in usual activities, sleep- cardio-vascular like running, available to get back on track. state can improve when we put ebrated Mass nearly 30 times for
ing more, sleeping less, eating walking or cycling or gentle Most neglected in this triad others first. As such, volunteering this group.
more, eating less or turning to stretches like yoga or Tai Chi may be one’s spiritual health. It for a social justice issue close to
substances to either deaden one’s helps increase the endorphins or is often when we need something our hearts can serve both our call Rebecca Cargile is the parish social
feelings or to try to energize them, good brain chemicals which can from God, like comfort or a mira- to minister and our own health. ministry director.

Bishop McDonald – Catholic Charities

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