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Piezoelectric Force Plates

Piezoelectric Force Plates

Piezoelectric force
transducers mounted in
the corners of the plate

ƒthe 3 components Fx, Fy,

and Fz of a force F acting
on the platform
ƒthe 3 components Mx, My,
and Mz of the resulting
moment vector M
Piezoelectric Sensors
ƒ In piezoelectric force sensors, synthetic
quartz is used
ƒ When mechanically loaded, the quartz
produces an electrical charge proportional
in magnitude to that of the applied force
Piezoelectric Sensors
Two rings are sensitive to shear
and measure Fx and Fy

One ring is sensitive to pressure

and measures the component
ƒ Output charge is amplified and converted
to an analog DC voltage
ƒ 8 channel charge amplifier is an integrator
with a large time constant (>100 000 s)
BioWare Software
Collects data and converts to useful plots

ƒ Ground Reaction Forces

ƒ Center of Pressure
ƒ Frictional Torque Tz
ƒ Force Vector
9281C 9286A

Technical Range Fx, Fy -10…10 kN -2.5…2.5 kN

Fz -10…20 kN 0…10 kN
Data Overload Fx, Fy -15/15 kN -3/3 kN
Fz -15/25 kN 0/12 kN
Natural Frequency Fo (x,y) 1000 Hz 350 Hz
for Fo (z) 1000 Hz 200 Hz
Kistler Op. Temp. Range 0…60 C 0…60 C
Weight 16 kg 17.5 kg
Threshold <250 mN <250 mN
Force Plates Drift <10 mN/s <10 mN/s
Sensitivity Fx, Fy -7.5 pC/N -7.8 pC/N
Fz -3.8 pC/N -3.8 pC/N
ƒ Not suitable for static long time
ƒ Overloading
ƒ Cost
ƒ Extremely sensitive
ƒ Wide measuring range
ƒ Fast response time
ƒ Very stable, long life
ƒ Recalibrations are unnecessary
Applications in Biomechanics
ƒ Balance studies
ƒ Gait analysis
ƒ Measurement of high
impact forces
ƒ Underwater testing
ƒ Orthopaedic
ƒ Sports training