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Proyecto de Reforzamiento en el Idioma Inglés.

Exam Number: Level: A1 Date: 08-06-18 Group: 4M1-MEC

Name: Miguel Angel Rodriguez Calderon Carnet: 2015 0520U

I. Write these words in English or Spanish.

1. Baker: panadero 2. Blacksmith: herrero 3. Butcher: carnicero

4. Butler: mayordomo 5. Surgeon: cirujano 6. Plumber: plomero

7. Janitor: concerje 8. Mason albañil 9. Maid: sirvienta

10. Kidneys Riñones 11. Lungs: pulmon 12. Spleen: vaso

13. Sting: picar 14. Overthrow: Derrocar 15. Itch: comezon

16. Strive: esforzarse 17. Spoil: Dañar 18. Flirt :coquetiar

19. Wear: llevar (puesto) 20. Mug: asaltar

II. Complete this conversation with the right form of be.

A: Hi. I am Kate. I am from Canada.

B: My name is Hiro. I am from Nagoya. It is in Japan.
Are you from Toronto?
A: No, I am from Toronto. I am from Barrie.
B: is it a big city?
A: No, it is not. It is a small town. Are you a business student?
B: Yes, I am . We are in the same class!

III. Circle the correct option.

a. My sister is a / an / - / the engineer.
b. Washington, D.C. is a / an/ the / - / capital of the U.S.A.
c. My brothers are a / an / the / -/ actors.
d. Our band is on a / an / the /-/ internet.
e. We are actors on a TV show. A / An / The / - / show is on Mondays.

IV. Complete the sentence with the correct possessive (Pronoun or adjective).
1. Her name isn´t Alexa. Alexa is my name. mine name is Tania.
2. She doesn´t have a red bicycle. I have a red bicycle. This bicycle is mine
3. Our Classroom is 5A. Your classroom is 6B. Classroom 5A is ours and the 6B is yours
4. Rachel is a teacher and Bob is a firefighter. Her job isn´t dangerous but its is very
5. She has green eyes and he has blue eyes. Her eyes are green and his eyes are blue.
V. There is one mistake with the capital letters in these sentences find it and correct it.
1. My birthday is in November.
2. We are from Peru.
3. They study English.
4. Antonia lives in Texas.
5. Your class is on Wednesday.
VI. Read the article and answer the questions below.
Max Garcia is my cousin. He´s 33. And he is a sound engineer. He´s from the U.S., but
he lives in London. He speaks French, Spanish and English. He loves his job because he
listens to great bands from all over the world, and he meets famous musicians.
He has a big family. His two brothers live in Miami, and his sister lives in Madrid. Max´s
dad, Alan, is a police officer, and his mom is a piano teacher. Max visits his family twice
a year.
1. How old is Max? he’s 33
2. Why is he happy about his job? because, he listen to great bans
3. Is Max´s family small? No ,it’s big
4. What´s his dad´s name? his dad name is alan
5. What is his mom´s job? His mom’s job is a piano teacher

VII. Match these questions with the answer.

1. How old is your brother? d a. I am 21. And you?

2. What´s your brother´s name? c b. September 8 th.
3. Where are you from? e c. His name is George.
4. How old are you? a d. He is 30 years old.
5. When is your birthday? b e. I am from Argentina.

VIII. Match the words with the right definition.

a. Lawyer 4 1. A person who works in the theater or movies.

b. Doctor 5 2. A person that takes people form a point to another in a cab.
c. Taxi driver 2 3. A person who share his or her knowledge with students.
d. Teacher 3 4. A person who defends people
e. Actor 1 5. A person who helps to cure people.
IX. Circle True or False.

Hi, I am Liam. I don´t have any brothers, but I have two sisters. Their names are Katelyn
and Jodie, and they are very different! Katelyn has brown hair, and her eyes are brown.
Jodie´s ayes are brown, too, but she doesn´t have brown hair-hers is blond. Katelyn is a
teacher, and she loves her job. Jodie is a manager. Whose job is the best? Mine is! I am
a singer. I am in a band with some friends. Our band is not famous, and we don´t have
many songs, but who knows? Maybe one day?

1. Liam, Katelyn and Jodie are parents T / F

2. Katelyn and Jodie do the same job T / F
3. Liam´s sisters are very alike T/F
4. He doesn´t have a very famous band T / F
5. Liam has siblings T/F

X. Complete the sentences using the verb in parenthesis.

1. My brother and I collect (collect) stamps.

2. Olivia teaches (teach) piano in her free time.
3. My sister doesn’t buy (not/ buy) a lot of music.
4. Do Sara and Kathy listen to (listen to) hip hop?
5. Allison flies (fly) planes on the weekend.

XI. Translate the following sentences.

a. Qué tipo de deporte practicas? What King of sport do you practice?

b. Con quién sales en tu tiempo libre? Who do yo go out in your free time with?
c. Dónde se reúnen ellos para un café? Where do they meet for a coffee?
d. Qué quieres hacer esta tarde? What do you want to do this afternoon?
e. Por qué te gusta ver televisión? Why do yo like to watch TV?

XII. Write a paragraph describing one of your classmates, use at least 5 adjectives to do it.

His name is Hugo, he is slim he has got black eyes and short black hair , his favorite color is
blue, his mother’s jop is a teacher his king of movies favorite is anime ,his birthday is on April

XIII. Write the past form and the past participle of the following verbs.

1. Fly flew flown

2. Give gave given
3. Know knew known
4. Ride rode ridden
5. Speak spoke spoken
6. Think thought thought