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png Type Private Founded San Francisco, California, USA (March, 2007) Headquarters San Francisco, California, USA Key people Trip Adler (CEO), George Consagra (President), Jared Friedman (CTO), Tikhon Bernstam (COO) Services Document Sharing Website www.scribd.com Alexa rank 234[1] Type of site Social Software Available in English Current status active Scribd (pronounced /'skr?bd/) is a Web 2.0 based document-sharing website which allows users to post documents of various formats, and embed them into a web pag e using its iPaper format. Scribd was founded by Trip Adler in 2006.[2] Scribd's major competitors are Docstoc, WePapers, and issuu.[3] Contents [hide] * * * * * * * * * * * * 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 History Awards/Recognition Timeline Financials Technology Reception Criticism o 7.1 Copyright Issues 8 Controversy o 8.1 Comcast password leaks 9 Supported file formats 10 Similar services 11 References 12 External links

[edit] History The idea for Scribd was originally inspired when Trip Adler was at Harvard and h ad a conversation with his father, John R. Adler about the difficulties of publi shing academic papers. He teamed up with cofounders Jared Friedman and Tikhon Be rnstam and they attended Y Combinator in Cambridge in the summer of 2006. Scribd was launched from a San Francisco apartment in March 2007 and quickly grew in t raffic. In 2008, it ranked as one of the top 20 social media sites according to Comscore.[4] In June 2009, Scribd launched Scribd Store,[5] and shortly thereaft er closed a deal with Simon & Schuster to sell ebooks on Scribd.[6] Over 150 pro fessional publishers including Random House, Wiley, Workman, Houghton Mifflin Ha rcourt, Pearson, Harvard University Press and Stanford University Press. ProQues t began publishing dissertations and theses on Scribd in December 2009. In October 2009, Scribd launched its branded reader for media companies with The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, TechCr unch and MediaBistro. [7] Over 100 media companies now use Scribd s branded reader

[23] Consagra left Scribd and bec ame CEO of Good Guide in August. and Linux) without conversion. David O. the social network for reading. BusinessWeek named Scribd one the World s Most Intriguing Startu ps .[3] [edit] Technology Scribd uses iPaper which is a rich document format similar to PDF built for the web. Scribd was valued at $10 million.[25] It also makes revenue from Scribd Store sales. 2010. [10] Fast Company Named Scribd One of its Top 10 Most Innovative Media Companies in Februar y 2010.[13] [14] After the World Economic Forum Technology Pionee r Award. All iPaper documents are hosted on Scribd.[26] In August. [8] [edit] Awards/Recognition In September 2009. [19] Scribd rolled-out a re-design on September 13. news stories bega n to break and documents and books began to go viral on Scribd including the ove rturned Prop 8 and HP s lawsuit against Mark Hurd s move to Oracle.000 from Y Combinator. the World Economic Forum announced the company as a Techno logy Pioneer for 2011. Adler is currently the CEO of Scribd. Scribd hired Robert Macdonald. where he is responsible for the product an d strategic direction of the company. Scribd allows published documents to . former head o f media and publisher partnerships at Google. Scribd unveiled its first mobile plans for e-readers and smart phones. and PostScript files. [15] [edit] Timeline In February 2010. In August.to embed source material into their stories. the company raised USD $9 million in a second round of funding. in July. former Bebo COO and managing director of Organic Inc. 2010.[18] Also in April 2010. 2010 as its SVP of busine ss development and opened a New York office. TIME Magazine named Scribd one of the 10 Start-Ups that Will Change Your Life . Forbes named Scribd one of its 10 Hot Startups . [16] In April 2010 Scribd launched a new feature called "Readcast" [17] which allows automatic sharing of documents on Facebook and Twitter. allowing it to be viewed the same across different operating systems (Windows. All major document types can be formatted into iPaper including Word do cs. 20 10 to become according to TechCrunch. Mac OS.7 million in June 2007 from Redpoint Ventures and The Kinsey Hills Group. PDFs. Sacks. led by Charles River Ventures with re-investment from Redpoint Ventures and Kinsey Hills Group.[24] Scribd also utilizes Google Adv ertisements for revenue generation. [11] In May 2010. as long as the reader h as Flash installed (although Scribd has announced non-Flash support for the iPho ne[28]). OpenOffice. PowerPoint presentations. [9] In December 2009. 2010 it began beta testing premium services. Prior to the $9 million dollar round. Scribd announced its integration of Facebook social plug-ins at the f8 Developer Conference. joined Scribd s board of directors in January 2010. and receive d over USD $3. and hired as president George Consagra. Their cu rrent valuation is likely much higher.[21][22] In December 2008. [20] [edit] Financials The company was initially funded with USD $12.org XML d ocuments. OpenDocument documents. Scribd was recognized as one of the 2010 Hottest San Francisco Compa nies by Lead411. which allows users to embed documents into a web page.[12] On September 1. 2010.[27] iPaper was built with Adobe Flash. former PayPal COO and founder of Yammer and Geni. BusinessWeek named Adler one of the Best Yo ung Tech Entrepreneurs 2010 .

2009. UNICEF.0 Conference in San Francisco. SCRIBD tickets related to copyright infringements exceeded 66. however. Thomas Nelson. In March 2009 Scribd la unched a copyright management system and has made upgrades to the system includi ng the addition of OCR. Scribd's documents are embedded more than 10 million times across the web and more than 1. Scribd launched its own API to power external/third-party applications. "[32] In J uly.[38] In September 2009 American author Elaine Scott alleged that Scribd "shamelessly profits from the stolen copyrighted works of innumerable authors. The New York Times reported in May 2009 that Scribd host ed pirated works by authors such as Ursula K. Berrett-Koehler Publishers. and Samsung. writing in the New York Times.000. The iPaper document vi ewer is also embeddable in any website or blog. making it simple to embed docume nts in their original layout regardless of file format. Scribd iPaper requires that Flash cookies are enabled. Workman Publishing Company. The World Bank. Sibley Camara filed a class action lawsuit against Scrib d. Simon & Schuster."[39] Her attor neys Joe Sibley and Kiwi Camara sought class action status in their efforts to w in damages from Scribd for allegedly "egregious copyright infringement. 2010 Publishers Weekly wrote a cover story on Scribd entitled Betting the Ho use on HTML5. Motoko Rich.[42] The suit was dropped in July 2010. World Eco nomic Forum.[c itation needed] [edit] Controversy . [33] [edit] Reception Scribd has been received positively by several commentators. which is the default sett ing in Flash.[34] Notable users of Scribd include Virginia senator Mark Warner. the whit e or gray display area is simply blank."[40][41] On May 11.8 million searches are conducted on Scribd's web site everyday. HewlettPackard.[43] Since it inception Scribd has been served with 25 DMCA take down notices. Scribd has been pra ised by several newspapers and has been dubbed as the potential "youtube for doc uments". "Scribd co-founder and chief technology offi cer Jared Friedman tells me: We are scrapping three years of Flash development an d betting the company on HTML5 because we believe HTML5 is a dramatically better reading experience than Flash. [31] TechCrunch reported that Scribd is migrating away from Flash to HTML5.either be private or open to the larger Scribd community. the FCC. and Manning Publications. reported on Scribd hosting pirated works. All Things D Reporter Kara Swisher.[44] In June 2010. Le Guin. 2010. [30] Its revenue model has gained coverag e on numerous blogs such as TechCrunch.[29] If the requirements are not met. only a few applications use this API. These include Random House.[37] [edit] Criticism [edit] Copyright Issues Scribd often has been accused of copyright infringement. there is no message. Scribd launched the largest implementation of HTML5 to date at t he Web 2.[36] Scribd has struck deals with several major book publishers to publish content on line. Red Cross. Scribd has currently more than 50 million users and it hosts more than tens of m illions of documents. accusing it of calculated copyright infringement for profit. Now any document can become a Web page. New York Times DealBook reporter Andrew Ross S orkin. Ford Motor Company. On May 5.[35] California gub ernatorial candidate Meg Whitman.

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