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Data Modernization

What is Data Modernization

 Utilize cloud computing and data

 Store and retrieve information at scale
 Gain business insights across data silos
 Leverage platform to reduce
operational burden
 Improve application availability and

2 | Data Modernization
Data Challenges

 Retiring on premise
 Lack of intelligence into data
 Upcoming regulations and
 Operational challenges,
both human and technical

3 | Data Modernization

>60% 45% 74%

Data VMs
of IT
of companies have underutilized dedicated to O&M
delayed migration
after planning Companies that
modernize data
nearly double
operating margin

4 | Data Modernization
Journey to Data Modernization

 Seamless and reliable migration

at scale Azure SQL Database
Azure Cosmos DB with
 Lift and shift to the cloud with MongoDB API
no code changes Azure Database for
 Modernize across SQL Server, MySQL
Azure Database
PostgreSQL, MySQL and Migration Service Azure Database for
 Maximize current SQL Server
on-premises license OSS databases
investments N E W

5 | Data Modernization
Modernize Your Data

Define Assess Plan Migrate

Define goals Discover and IaaS (Lift and Shift) Create and deploy
profile databases ARM templates
Reduce ROI/ add PaaS (Modernize)
new BI insights Storage, IOPS, Connect data centers
Azure Connectivity
Improve performance metrics Migrate Data
Online vs Offline
application Automated tooling or
performance Impacted applications Operational Tooling transactional replication

Reduce costs Security & regulatory Staffing Migrate applications

requirements Test
Impacted Applications
Automated assessment Cut over
Establish Azure

6 | Data Modernization
IaaS and PaaS
On premises Hybrid Cloud
Lower cost Platform as a Software as a
service service

Infrastructure Azure SQL Database

as a service Virtualized Databases

Virtual SQL Server in Azure VM

Virtualized Machines

SQL Server Private Cloud

Virtualized Machines + Appliances

SQL Server
Dedicated Physical Machines (raw iron) Off premises
Higher cost
Higher administration Lower administration

Lessons learned

 Marathon of sprints - more multiple smaller

 Understand application and data dependencies
 Create a dedicated team
 Inter-service latency gets worse
 Azure Subscription Planning and Governance

8 | Data Modernization