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Hello Everyone,

Please check the Dropbox link for the uploaded resources of Wireless Communication (already uploaded
Some simple syllabus for your preparation.
*I have already uploaded the slides and some supporting documents. The question will be from the topics of
those slides and docs. Try to understand those. Please read each and every presentation slides. Do now leave
any single slide. You will find many questions.
*There may be 2 or 2 and half questions from before mid syllabus. There can be repetition of questions. Please
check the mid questions. I have to give 8 questions for University question moderation committee with full
syllabus and from there 6 questions will be selected. And from 6 questions you need to answer 5.
*From Adhoc Network, Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET), Vehicular Adhoc Network (VANET), Wireless
Sensor Network (WSN), Delay Tolerant Network (DTN), I discussed many networking examples and
applications by showing many images/illustration/figures in the slides and discussed thoroughly in the class.
Please try to summarized those figures as per the class lectures.
Some examples topics:
Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN). The problems in current TCP/IP model associated with Internet. DTN
overcomes those problems. Application of building network for Disaster area Communication or
Communication during Emergency, Battle field, Underwater, Biological research, VANET, Disconnected
communities using DTN. Understand the illustration and images. Explain the special characteristics of DTN
such as Store-carry-forward, Custody transfer, and Bundle layer, etc
Basic characteristics and parameters of Bluetooth communication. The operation of Bluetooth operate during
data transferring. Bluetooth Piconets. IR and Bluetooth. Other topic related in Bluetooth. Spread spectrum
frequency hopping.
IEEE 802.11 wireless standards and its topology, MAC frame format, scanning mechanism, time
synchronization, authentication, energy conservation and power management.
Ad-hoc networking and its characteristics and properties. vehicular Ad-hoc networking (Example).
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and major of applications of WSN. the main roles of sensor nodes in WSN,
sensor, source, actuator. Different application such as Event detection, Periodic measurements, Function
approximation and edge detection, Tracking.
Characteristics requirements for WSN such as Type of service, quality of service, fault tolerance, lifetime,
scalability, wide range of densities, programmability, maintainability, etc.
Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET). MANET and WSN.
Challenges and protocol design of Ad-hoc network.
Protocol of Adhoc, such as on-demand or reactive routing, Ad Hoc On-demand Distant Vector (AODV) and
Dynamic Source Routing (DSR), ClusterHead Gateway Switch Routing (CGSR).
. Applications of WSN such as Disaster relief applications, Environment control and biodiversity mapping,
Intelligent buildings, Facility management, Machine surveillance and preventive maintenance, Precision
agriculture, Medicine and health care, Logistics, Telematics
Design goals and different design choices of WLAN, WPAN, WMAN, WWAN, etc.
Please read the class lecture slides.
Best wishes...