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The Scope & Limitations of Research

The Scope & Limitations of Research All the information covered in a study
Can include previous information collected from other studies in regards to a subject Scope of
Research Problems with a study that make it not reach it's full expectations
An example may include possible funding Limitations of Research Important to know what other
research has already been done in an area of study
Important to recognize possible problems with a study Importance

Scope and Limitations of the Study

The scope of the study involves the time & money spent, the tools/materials andtechniques used,
and the number of personnel needed for the experiment to becompleted.The estimated time range
of the experiment from the extraction of the peelings of Dayap to the final outcome of the
product ranges from a minimum time of 4 hoursto 48 hours depending on the quantity of the oil
extracted. (Maximum of 100liters)The general budget for this experiment ranges from a
minimum amount of 500pesos (includes raw materials and equipments) to a maximum amount
of 1500pesos which depends on the amount of oil to be extracted. Equipments can bemade from
other recyclable materials which can be found on homes or to theinternational grade of
equipments.The tools needed for this experiment are source of flame (gas burners,
alcoholburners, etc.), beaker, stirring rod, tongs, wire gauze, graduated measuring cupsor
graduated cylinder, pipette, stand for the beaker, spatulas, manual or mechanical grinder, large
Petri dish, evaporating dishes, funnel, tongs, and widemouth bottle. The general materials needed
are peelings of dayap and water.Techniques involve performing the correct method in order for
the laboratoryapparatuses to work according to their use and common techniques like
grinding,transferring, measuring, etc.This experiment needs human force from a minimum
number of 2 – 10personnel.
Limitations of the Study
The study is limited only to the extraction of dayap peelings as an additive inperfume making. Its
limitations are those events, things, etc. that are outside of the scope of this study.

Transcript of Scope and Limitations of the study


Online Student Registration and Billing System EXAMPLE #2


Scope and Delimitation

The study was focused on the web-based system development. The researcher formulated the
scope and limitations of this project to identify the boundaries of this study The scope of this
project is:

• The system will record all the necessary information with regard from the students.
• The system will determine the payment history of the student regarding their remaining
• The system will display the bill of the student after the registration.
• It has a capability to keep in track the records of the student.
• The system is a username and password protected.
• The system will allow the student/parents to access in their account.
• Student and parents will view some information of the institution. The limitation of this project
• The system will use only for student registration and billing.
• The system requires internet connection; else accessing to the system does not take place.
• The parents/clients are not capable to pay online.
• Only the administrator is capable to edit or modify the records of the student. Scope and
Limitation Scope:
The study covers two programming languages such as Visual Basic 6.0 and JAVA (Netbeans) in
terms of Object Oriented Programming particularly the programming features such as
inheritance, abstraction and encapsulation. Inheritance, the subclasses of a class, specialized
versions of a class, which inherit attributes and behaviors from their parent classes, and can
introduced their own. Abstraction simplifying complex reality by modeling classes appropriate to
the problem. Encapsulation conceals the functional details of a class from objects that send
messages to it. It also means that the internal representation of an object is generally hidden from
view outside of the object’s definition. Limitations:
The study will not cover the other object oriented programming features such as Modularity and
Polymorphism. Modularity is a general system concept, typically defined as a continuum
describing the degree to which a systems components maybe separated and combined.
Polymorphism in object-oriented programming is the ability of objects belonging to different
data types to respond to calls of methods of the same name, each one according to an appropriate
type-specific behavior. EXAMPLE #3
Ilocos Norte National High School (INNHS) Website Scope and Limitation:

The present study is concerned with the revival of the Ilocano sarswela to the Special Program in
the Arts students of the Ilocos Norte National High School (INNHS) for School Year 2010-2011.
It is limited to the writing of the script, composing of the musical dialogues, directing, and stage
performance. The output is intended for instructional purposes and to enliven school programs
and activities at the INNHS for the purpose of reintroducing this literary genre to the Ilocano