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Container (3 dimensions): Periods of time: (months, years, seasons,
My car is in the garage.
Streets, areas, cities, decades, centuries etc)
I am in the bank opening an account. countries etc: in January
in Baker Street in the summer
Geographical location in general: in New York in the morning
I am in college right now. (in the building) in England in 2017
Let’s have a picnic in the park. (emphasis in Africa in the XXth century
on the place)

Flat Surface (2 dimensions): on April 23
The book is on the table.
There is a painting on that wall. Days of the week:
on the top of...
on the left / right ON on Tuesday

Holidays and Events – date:
Means of transportation in which we can walk: on Christmas (December 25)
on the bus / train / ship / subway / plane etc on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

Precise time:
Point of reference: at 8 o’clock
Meet me at the bank to open our account. at 3:45 p.m. / at 3:45 in the afternoon
I am at college. (I am a college student)
John works at the airport for that big airline.
Let’s have a picnic at the park. (emphasis on
the event)
AT Time as a point of reference:
at lunchtime / at dinnertime

Holidays and Events – period, as a point of reference:
at Christmas (the celebration)
at the weekend (as opposed to workdays)

By Teacher Bruna VS

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