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Chapter 3 (1st Year Physics) Motion and Force

Case 4: When a massive body collides with the light stationary body.
In this case initial velocity v2 = 0 and m, » m2. Under these conditions m2 can be neglected as
compared to m,.
/ _ (rtM-O)!', 2(0)(0) _
1 1
(m,+0) <m,+0)
, _ 2W,V, (0-m})(0) _
2 1
(m,+0) (m,+0)

Thus, there will be no change in the velocity of

massive body, and the lighter body will move
in forward direction with twice the velocity of incident body.
Q # 11. Find out the expression of force on a wall due to water flow. A
Ans. Suppose the water strikes a wall normally with velocity v and comes to rest aftCr^striking the wall. The
change in velocity ifO - v = -v.
According to the Newton's second law of motion, the applied force is equal to the rate of
change of momentum. If mass m of water strikes the wall in time t. then the force F on the water is: mv j

From Newton's third law of motion, the reaction force exerted by the water on the wall is
equal but opposite. Hence,
/ mv\ mv

This is the expression of force exerted by the water

er op the wall.
Q U 12. Explain following cases by law of conservation of momentum.
ExplosionWhen a shell
of a falling explodes in, • mid-air, its
fragments fly off in different, directions. The total (n) Brforr KtploMon mv

momentum of all its fragmprtts equals the initial

4 /V
momentum of the shell. is
(b) Aftrr Explosion mv.
Suppose a Falling bomb explodes into two pieces. The mv.

momenta of the bomb fragments

=—r Q
combine bv the vector addition equal to the original momentum of the falling bomb.
Bullet fired from a Rifle

the bullet and the rifle is zero. From the principle of

conservation of linear momentum, when the bullet is fired, Mar*
the total momentum of bullet and the rifle still remain zero,
since no external force is acted on them. Thus, if v' is the
velocity ofihc rifle then Vft. -3 oo r/s •
mV (bullet) + Mv’ (rifle) = 0 »
=3.00 X

Consider a bullet of mass m fired from a rifle of mass M with velocity v. initial momentum of
Chapter 3 (1st Year Physics) Motion and Force
Written and composed by Prof. Muhammad All Malik (M. Phil Physics). Govt. Degree College. Naushera