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Extraordinary Genius

Chapter 185  
Chapter 186

Extraordinary Genius Chapter 186

Feng Yu went to Li Mingde personally to request for a special “friendship” price, 10,000 RMB, for the motorcycles. He bought 20 bikes and ke
for Tai Hua Trading.
Wind and Rain Logistics took 3 bikes. Li Shiqiang rewarded his manager, his eet captain, and the best performing franchisee a bike each
spurred the rest of his staffs, especially those franchises. They vowed to work harder to get more orders for Wind and Rain Logistics. They also
be rewarded next year!
Feng Yu also rewarded a bike to the top distributor for the humidi ers. The distributor was the fatty from Southern Guangzhou. Even though th
already bought a car and the motorcycle was not something he needed, but the other distributors were jealous of him! The retail price of th
about 20,000 RMB. Even if they were not going to ride it, they could always sell it.
3 motorcycles were sent to the district. The deputy factory director of Tai Hua Food Processing Factory was rewarded with one bike. Tian Pen
person in charge also got a bike, and Feng Xingtai kept the one bike for himself. He said that riding a motorcycle in Summer felt better than driv
was also more convenient to ride a bike to go shing. Save a lot of petrol too.
Feng Yu loaded the last bike together with other goods bound for the Soviet Union. He gave it to Kirilenko. Russians like giving and receiving gif
knew that Kirilenko loves to ride bikes and this was the perfect gift for him.
If Feng Yu suggested to Kirilenko that he wants to export the motorcycles, Kirilenko might not be interested. Kirilenko’s arrogant and proud ch
felt that the Soviet Union was better than China regarding manufacturing capabilities.
But if it were a gift, Kirilenko would try riding the bike. If the motorcycle becomes popular among that group of 2nd generations, Kirilenko wo
batch from Feng Yu, and Feng Yu would surely mark up the prices!
3 days later, Feng Yu received a call from Kirilenko. The design of the bike was different from what he imagined. He felt that this design was we
The wheels were too close, and when riding, the bike felt too long. When one person was riding the bike, there was still space for 2 pillions. The
manual even states that this bike could carry a light load of goods.
The engine was also not loud. It was quieter than the Soviet bikes, and the suspension was the same. With his size, he could still do sharp tur
bike and still felt comfortable.
The most surprising part was this bike had a mudguard at the back wheel. This was something never seen on Soviet bikes.

https://novelplanet.com/Novel/Extraordinary-Genius/c186?id=382176 1/4
7/11/2018 Read Extraordinary Genius Chapter 186 - NovelPlanet

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This way, the ridder would not be dirty when the road was muddy. This was well thought out.
“Feng, I like your gift very much. Rest assured. The Ultra high powered electric furnace negotiations are going smoothly. It should be com
shipped to Bing City within 2 months. Now it’s only the pricing. Don’t worry, I will not let you pay more.”
“I trust you. We are good friends. Brother Ki, help me keep a lookout for the other machines and related technologies. I am interested in all thos
win-win situation for the both of us.” Feng Yu’s lips arced upwards. Things were proceeding smoothly.
“Hahaha. Yes, a win-win situation. But Feng, why do you know that Mr. Varius will agree to sell the furnace? You said that it was becau
Lithuanian. What do you mean by that?” Kirilenko still does not understand why Feng Yu asked him to approach Mr. Varius. From his view, M
factory was the hardest to negotiate, but in the end, this deal went smoothly!
“Brother Ki, is our conversations tapped?” Feng Yu asked in a serious tone.
Kirilenko paused for a while and said: “Don’t worry Feng. There is no one around me, and I am using an encrypted military phone. No one can ea
our conversation. Do you have some secrets you want to share with me? Or is it some major business ventures?”
Feng Yu shook his head. He was thinking in his heart, Brother Ki, your father is also a general and you should not spend all your focus on mak
But if Kirilenko were not a person like this, the both of them would also not bee close friends.
“Brother Ki, the things I am telling later, you can tell your father but not anyone else even if he is your closest friend or your lover!”
Kirilenko felt that something was not right. From Feng Yu’s tone, he knew that this was a grave matter. What will Feng Yu tell him?”
“Feng, what do you want to tell me?”
“Brother Ki, I hope the things I am about to tell you will not affect our friendship.”
“Of course. Our friendship is like the Arctic glaciers. It will never change.” Kirilenko said in an exaggerated manner.

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Feng Yu was thinking in his heart. What a stupid analogy. 10 years later, people will discover that the glaciers at the north and south poles m
can it remain the same forever?
“Fine. Brother Ki, I am telling you very important information, and you might not be able to accept what I said. But please let me nish and n
me.” Feng Yu said seriously.
“No problem.”
“Brother Ki, the information I am telling you is that Lithuania might be leaving the Soviet Union……”
“What did you say? How could Lithuania leave the Soviet Union? Stop joking!”
Feng Yu: “……”
You said you would not interrupt me. I had just nished a sentence, and I am interrupted!
“Brother Ki, let me nish. You can you can investigate in the Soviet Union. Are those Lithuanian factory directors trying to sell off their factories’
and assets? Are the Army O cers and politicians from Lithuania secretly sending logistics, money and even weapons and ammunition back to
Also, ……”
“How do you know all these?” Kirilenko asked after keeping quiet for some time. He did not agree with Feng Yu. Lithuania is a small country, an
to declare independence, the military will destroy Lithuania’s new government within hours. What he really wanted to know was how did Feng Y

https://novelplanet.com/Novel/Extraordinary-Genius/c186?id=382176 2/4
7/11/2018 Read Extraordinary Genius Chapter 186 - NovelPlanet

with such a ridiculous statement!

“Brother Ki, it is not important as to how I know about this. What’s important is this information will be crucial to you, your father, your broth
“What do you mean by crucial to my father?”
“Because this is the opportunity for your father to be promoted!”

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Chapter 185  
Chapter 186

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https://novelplanet.com/Novel/Extraordinary-Genius/c186?id=382176 3/4
7/11/2018 Read Extraordinary Genius Chapter 186 - NovelPlanet

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