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My nephews speak French really ... . You can't go out in such ... weather.

a. good a. a
b. well b. –
c. better c. an
d. best d. the
This is ... food left, it's not enough for everyone. You will have lunch after you ... your hands.
a. much a. have washed
b. little b. washed
c. few c. will wash
d. a few d. had washed
When we got to the chalet, it ... for three hours. Don't disturb me at noon. I ... :
a. was raining a) will have slept;
b. has been raining b) will be sleeping;
c. had been raining c) sleep;
d. will be raining d) will sleep.
Today's weather forecast is ... than yesterday: Their office is in a skyscraper, on ...:
a) worse; a) floor 21;
b) worser; b) the 21th floor;
c) more bad; c) the 21st floor;
d) badder d) the 21nd floor.
It usually ... grandmother a long time to remember If I ... the book, I will lend it to you:
what she wants: a) will find
a) take; b) would find
b) took; c) found
c) takes; d) find
d) is taking.
Where did you get all ... information from? I ... anywhere so far:
a) these a) was never sent;
b) those b) have never been sent;
c) them c) never sent;
d) this d) has never been sent.
Unless you leave for the airport immediately, you ... The classes are over. You ... go home:
your flight:
a) shouldn't;
a) miss;
b) may not;
b) will miss;
c) shall;
c) are missing;
d) may.
d) won't miss.
My sister was having breakfast when the telephone We ... some questions at the interview next week:
a) will be asked;
a) ringing;
b) are asked;
b) rang;
c) have been asked;
c) was ringing;
d) be asking.
d) has rung.
When I saw her, she ... a blue dress: I was trying to find out what he ... :
a) was wearing; a) mean;
b) used to wear; b) are meaning;
c) wore; c) were meaning;
d) har worn. d) meant.
Jill ... to bake a cake for the party: I'm looking for a ... briefcase.:
a) agree happily; a) leather, Italian, brown;
b) happily agreed; b) Italian, brown, leather;
c) happy agreed; c) brown, Italian, leather;
d) agreed happy. d) leather, brown, Italian.
They said that the thief ... by the neighbours.: By the end of the year, they ... ten months in the
a) had been seen;
a) have spent;
b) has been seen;
b) will have spent;
c) was seen;
c) are spending;
d) will be seen.
d) will be spending.
This is the second time I ... directions to my house: He told me that his knowledge of English ...
a) have given;
a) were;
b) give;
b) was;
c) am giving;
c) has been;
d) will give.
d) have been.
How long ... here?: The Browns went cruising on "... Albatross" last
a) are you waiting;
a) -;
b) do you wait;
b) an;
c) did you wait;
c) the;
d) have you been waiting.
d) a.
I can't speak French. ...: There is too ... furniture in my room:
a) Neither I; a) much;
b) neither me; b) a little;
c) Neither I can; c) many;
d) Neither can I. d) few.
He ... done it all by himself, somebody helped him: The police wouldn't give you a fine if you ... the car
a) must have;
a) hadn't parked;
b) would have;
b) wouldn't park;
c) shouldn't have;
c) wouldn't have parked;
d) couldn't have.
d) didn't parked.
This is the boy ... father founded the company:
a) whom;
b) whose;
c) who's;
d) who.

All her grandchildren take advantage ... het generosity:

a) for;
b) with;
c) in;
d) of

I adviced ... early:

a) leave;
b) him leave;
c) him leaving;
d) him to leave.

That is Tom's brother, ... you spoke to yesterday:

a) that;
b) which;
c) whom;
d) whose.

I don't understand ... of these dishes is to be included in the menu.:

a) which;

b) what;

c) thet;

d) some.

I have never seen ... fashionable clothes before:

a) so;

b) what;

c) such;

d) such a.

... idea was it to visit the exhibition ?:

a) What;

b) Who;

c) Whose;

d) Where.

George and Jim helped ... to more coffee:

a) themself;

b) themselfes;

c) themselves;

d) themselfs.
81. We had to go home ... because our car is being serviced:

a) on foot;

b) by foot;

c) on feet;

d) with foot.

82. ... were several celebrities at the party:

a) They ;

b) There;

c) It ;

d) That.

84. He is a stranger in our town, so, .... is known about his life:

a) little;

b) a little;

c) few;

d) a few.

89. The Prime Minister flew back to his country after ... negociating with China:

a) successfuly;

b) successful;

c) successfull;

d) successfully.

90. The cruies ... a fortnight , according to the official schedule:

a) is lasting;

b) lasts;
c) has last;

d) last.