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12th July, 2018.

The Most Reverend Giambattista Diquattro

Apostolic Nuncio to India
Apoltolic Nunciature,
50-C Niti Marg, Chanakyapuri,
New Delhi 110 021


Your Excellency,

Sub: The Alleged Abuse of a Religious Sister by the Bishop of Jalandhar Diocese.

We, the undersigned are deeply concerned about the integrity and mission of the Indian Church
and write in the context of the growing scandal and the adverse publicity the Church is receiving
with regard to the handling of the case of the alleged sexual abuse of a Religious sister by the
Bishop of Jalandhar diocese.

We are particularly concerned about the mud- slinging going on between the Bishop and his
priests on the one hand and the aggrieved sister and her family on the other that has turned the
Church into an object of ridicule for people of the entire country, thus causing a lot of harm to
the Church and in particular to the faith of the people of God.

In view of the above and now that the case has gone to the courts, we would urge you to please
advise Pope Francis to relieve the bishop concerned of his pastoral responsibilities, so that the
Church is seen to actually practice the ‘zero tolerance’ it professes to observe in abuse cases.

With the accused bishop continuing to remain in his position as Bishop of the Jalandhar diocese,
it will erode the faith of the people in the credibility of the Church to implement its policy of zero
tolerance and act justly in abuse matters.

We trust that Christ who is our light, and who always stood up against the exploitation of women
will stand with the Church and give the leadership courage to do what is right in the cause of
justice to women in the Church.

Yours sincerely,
1. Abraham Mathai, President, Indian Christian Voice, Mumbai.
2. A C Michael- Exec.Com.CCI, Natn’l Coord, Minority Affairs AICU; National Coordinator,UCF, N. Delhi
3. Adv Sr. Kokila Parmar SChSA, Delhi -FORUM
4. Adv. Audrey D’Mello, Director, Majlis Legal Centre, ICWM, Mumbai
5. Adv. Falvia Agnes, Women’s Legal Rights Lawyer, ICWM, Mumbai
6. Adv. George Pulikuthiyil, Jana Neethi, Trichur, Kerala
7. Adv. Julie George, Director, Streevani, Pune.
8. Adv. Tresa Paul SCSC, Adv., Supreme Court of India
9. Adv.Sr. Mary Nalpathamkalam mms, Kottayam, Kerala
10. Angeliqua Wedegartner - Mutterstadt – Germany
11. Anjali Rodrigues, ICWM, Mumbai.
12. Br. Steve Fernandes cfc, Province Leader.
13. Brinda Adige, Sacred Heart Church Com. For Women, ICWM, Bangalore.
14. Brinelle D’Souza, TISS, IWTF and ICWM, Mumbai.
15. Bro CM Joseph SG, Ranchi, Jharkhand
16. Bro. Phillip Pinto CFC, former Congregational Leader, Chandigarh.
17. Bro Varghese Theckanath s.g., Director, Montfort Social Institute, Hyderabad.
18. Bro. Mathew Panathanath SG, Bangalore, Karnataka
19. Chantal Gotz, Voices of Faith, Fürstentum, Liechtenstien, Europe.
20. Cynthia Stephen, Founding Trustee, TEDS Trust, & Founder DaWNS, ICWM, Bangalore
21. Dr. Aloma Lobo, Bangalore.
22. Dr. Aruna Gnanadason, ICWM, Chennai.
23. Dr. Astrid Lobo Gajiwala, Satyashodak, IWTF, ICWM, ITA, Mumbai.
24. Dr. John Dayal, Former President All India Catholic Union, New Delhi.
25. Dr. Pauline Chakalakal DSP, IWTF, ICWM, Satyashodak, Mumbai.
26. Dr, Ruth D’Souza, Managing Dir. INTEGREAT PEOPLE, Mumbai.
27. Dr. T.K. John SJ, Emeritus Prof. Vidyajyoti Theolgical College,FORUM, New Delhi.
28. Dr.Joseph MT SVD, Asst. Dir., Inst. of Indian Culture; Asst. Prof. Dept. of Sociology, Univ. of Mumbai.
29. Dr.Kochurani Abraham, IWTF, ICWM, ITA, Kottayam Kerala,.
30. Fr. Anand IMS,– FORUM, Varanasi, UP
31. Fr. Antony F. Thekkiniyath OFM Cap, – FORUM, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
32. Fr. George Valiapadath, OFM Cap, – FORUM, USA
33. Fr. Jacob Peenikaparambil CMI, -FORUM Indore, Madhya Pradesh
34. Fr. Joseph Mathew, O.F.M.Cap., Loreto Ashram, Kerala
35. Fr. Joseph Mattam SJ, - FORUM, ITA Gujarat
36. Fr. K.M. Joseph S.J, Patna – FORUM
37. Fr. K.M. Sebastian OFM Cap,–FORUM, Eluru, Andhra
38. Fr. Philip Manthara SJ, –FORUM, Patna, Bihar
39. Fr. Reji Kolanickal ,Programme Co-ordinator, Student Christian Movement, Kerala
40. Fr. Sebastian Kizhakkekutt, Kottayam, Kerala
41. Fr. Varghese Manimala OFM Cap,–FORUM Eluru, Andhra
42. Fr.Roy Lazar A., Secretary, Indian Theological Association, Vellore, Tamil Nadu
43. I. Rani, Sacred Heart Ch. Com. For Women, Bangalore.
44. Jijo Kurian OFM Cap., Kottayam, Kerala
45. K Philip Thomas, Chartered accountant, Kottayam, Kerala
46. K T Thomas, Planter, Kanjirapally, Kerala
47. Lisa Sowle Cahill, Professor of Theology, Boston College, MA. USA
48. Lovewin K Cherian, Programme Secretary , Student Christian Movement, Kerala
49. Marcia D'Cunha, Former Secretary, Women's Commission, Archdiocese of Bombay, Thane
50. Maria.S, , Sacred Heart Ch. Com. For Women, Bangalore.
51. Mr Varghese Mathew Pamplanil DGM(Retd) Reserve Bank of India, Kerala
52. Mr. Abindas Y, Centre Secretary, Student Christian Movement, Kerala
53. Mr. Alex Kavumpurath, New York
54. Mr. Christy Mathew John, Vice-chairperson, Student Christian Movement, Kerala
55. Mr. Jishnu Mohan, Promoter, Student Christian Movement, Kerala
56. Mr. Jose Kallidikil Chicago.
57. Mr. Moideen Puthenchira, Chief Editor, Malayalam Daily Times, New York
58. Mr. Seby George, Wing Commander (Retd), Indian Air Force, Bangalore
59. Mr. Shajan Skariah, Managing Editor, marunadanmalayali.com, Kerala
60. Mr. Sheelu M. Luke, Student Secretary, Student Christian Movement, Kerala
61. Mr. Thomachan Elavunkal, Pharmacist, Kerala
62. Mr.Sanjith Abraham, member , Student Christian Movement, Kerala
63. Ms Asha devi - Patna, Bihar
64. Ms Tanuja Kumari - Patna, Bihar
65. Ms. Aleyamma Vijayan, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
66. Ms. Amritha Francis, member, Student Christian Movement, Kerala
67. Ms. Ancy R, member , Student Christian Movement, Kerala
68. Ms. Anita Cheria, Director, OpenSpace, Bangalore
69. Ms. Babita Miriam Jacob, Pencil- centre for architecting healthier generation, Kerala
70. Ms. Christy Shali Solomon , Student Secretary, Student Christian Movement, Kerala
71. Ms. Elizabeth Abraham, Gender Researcher, M.G. University, Kerala
72. Ms. Lilly Palocaren, Indian Christian Women’s Movement, Kerala
73. Ms. Minta MariamVarghese, Vice-chairperson, Student Christian Movement, Kerala
74. Ms. Omana Mathew, Chair Person, Student Christian Movement, Kerala
75. Ms. Sneha Susan, member , Student Christian Movement, Kerala
76. Muriel Rego, Satyashodak & ICWM, Mumbai
77. Neeti Bhai IMS, – FORUM, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
78. Noella D’Souza, Convenor ICWM, Satyashodak, Mumbai.
79. Olga Netto, ICWM, IWTF & Shatyashodak, Assagao, Goa
80. P. Augustine SJ, Karnataka - FORUM
81. Petra Dankova, Policy and Advocacy Officer, Fidel Götz Foundation, Germany.
82. Philomena V. de Andrade Member, Our Lady of Lourdes Church Oakland, California, USA
83. Prof. Dr. Antoy Kalliath cmi, Bangalore
84. Prof. Dr. George Zachariah, The United Theological College, Bangalore
85. Prof. Dr. Muse Mary, U.C. College, Aluva, Kerala
86. Prof. Dr. Noel Rose cmc, Indian Christian Women’s Movement, Kerala
87. Prof. Fr. Cyprian E. Fernandez, St. Joseph Pontifical Seminary, Kerala
88. Prof. Maria Aishwarya Bosco, Stella Maris Colege, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
89. Prof. Mathew Sam, Thiruvalla, Kerala
90. Prof. Shanti Mathai, Sacred Heart College, Kerala
91. Rachael Alphonso, ex-President, Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM), Mumbai.
92. Raynah Braganza Passanha. Chair, Women's Commission, Diocese of Poona, ICWM, IWTF, Pune.
93. Ruby R, Sacred Heart Ch. Com. For Women, Bangalore
94. Sabina Pathrose RGS Province leader of Central East India/ Nepal of RGS . Nagpur.
95. Shobha Phillips, General Secretary YWCA, Mumbai.
96. Sr, Nirmalini AC, Bandra, Mumbai
97. Sr, Philomena D’Souza FMA, Satyashodak, ICWM, Nasik.
98. Sr. Lilly Rose cmc, Kristhuraja Convent, Perumbavoor, Kerala
99. Sr. Teena Davis cmc, Kristhuraja Convent, Perumbavoor, Kerala
100.Sr. Agnes Almeida DHM, – FORUM, Ahmadabad, Gujarat.
101.Sr. Anisha AC, Bandra, Mumbai
102.Sr. Anna SJC, FORUM, ICWM, Chatra, Jharkhand
103.Sr. Annie Jaise CMC, – FORUM, ICWM, Wayanad, Kerala
104.Sr. Annie Joseph SAL, Pune, - FORUM
105.Sr. Babita MMS, – FORUM, Delhi
106.Sr. Clara Animottil
107.Sr. Claire M. Therese ICM, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
108.Sr. Clare Anto cmc, Kristhuraja Convent, Perumbavoor, Kerala
109.Sr. Cynthia CJ, Varanasi, UP –FORUM
110.Sr. Diana Serrao BS, Sacred Heart Convent, Ludhiana, Punjab.
111.Sr. Dorothy Fernades PBVM, – FORUM, ICWM, Patna, Bihar
112.Sr. Elita AC, Bandra, Mumbai
113.Sr. Gumanti Parmar AC, Bandra Mumbai
114.Sr. Ida Vaz, AC Bandra, Mumbai
115.Sr. Jane SCN, - FORUM Patna, Bihar
116.Sr. Joel SCN, - FORUM, ICWM, Chatra, Jharkhand
117.Sr. Julia George OSU, Ranchi, - FORUM , Jharkhand
118.Sr. Jyoti SMMI,– FORUM, ICWM Chapra, Bihar
119.Sr. Lisetta AC, Bandra, Mumbai
120.Sr. Lissy Joseph SCCG, –FORUM, Hyderabad, Telangana.
121.Sr. Lucy Kurien scc, Founder Director -Maher, Pune
122.Sr. M. Annie AC, Bandra, Mumbai
123.Sr. M. Thelma AC, Bandra Mumbai
124.Sr. Manju Kulapuram SCSC, - FORUM, IWTF, ICWM Ranchi, Jharkhand
125.Sr. Margaret Angela AC, Bandra Mumbai
126.Sr. Margarida, AC Bandra, Mumbai
127.Sr. Maria Zita AC, Bandra, Mumbai
128.Sr. Mary Lobo SCCG, Kolkata - FORUMSr.
129.Sr. Mathilda Mathda AC, Bandra, Mumbai
130.Sr. Meera RGS, –FORUM, CRI, Bangalore, Karnataka
131.Sr. Milly Menezes AC, Bandra, Mumbai
132.Sr. Natasha Sutari AC, Bandra, Mumbai
133.Sr. Philo Jose UMI,–FORUM, Kanpur, UP
134.Sr. Phyllis – Patna, Bihar
135.Sr. Poonam CJ, - FORUM, ICWM Buxur, Bihar
136.Sr. Ranjini SCSC, - FORUM, Darjeeling, West Bengal
137. Sr. Reny cmc, Kristhuraja Convent, Perumbavoor, Kerala
138.Sr. Rita SCN, TN –FORUM, IWTF, ICWM, New Delhi.
139.Sr. Rosehera Furtado AC, Bandra Mumbai
140.Sr. Shanti Fernades RSCJ, –FORUM, IWTF, ICWM, Pune, Maharashtra
141.Sr. Shanti Picardo FS,– FORUM, Siliguri, West Bengal.
142. Sr. Sini Rose cmc, Kristhuraja Convent, Perumbavoor, Kerala
143.Sr. Sneha Gill, PBVM,
144.Sr. Snehanjali AC, Bandra, Mumbai
145.Sr. Sophie RSCJ, –FORUM, Malwan, Maharashtra
146.Sr. Suchitra AC, Bandra, Mumbai
147.Sr. Sujita SND Patna – FORUM
148.Sr. Sushma AC, Bandra, Mumbai
149.Sr. Teena Xavier, Karnataka Janaarogya Chaluvali, Gulbarga, Karnataka
150. Sr. Tegi Paul cmc, Kristhuraja Convent, Perumbavoor, Kerala
151.Sr. Teresa Sutari AC, Bandra, Mumbai
152.Sr. Theramma MMS – Kottayam, Kerala – FORUM
153.Sr. Therese cmc, Kristhuraja Convent, Perumbavoor, Kerala
154.Sr. Thresiamma Mathew ommi, Director Archana Women’s Centre, Kerala
155.Sr. Urmila ICM, – FORUM, Trichi, Tamilnadu
156.Sr. Valsa MMS, - FORUM, ICWM, Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu
157.Sr. Veena RA, – FORUM, Patna, Bihar
158.Sr. Veena SHM Varanasi, UP –FORUM
159.Sr. Zita Sutari AC, Bandra, Mumbai
160.Sr.Merin cmc ,Board Member, Orphanages& other Charitable Homes,Govt. of Kerala
161.Stanislaus Alla SJ, Associate Professor, Vidyajyoti College of Theology, New Delhi.
162.Subhash Anand, Udaipur.
163.Suren Abreo, Satyashodak, Kalyan
164.Therese Koturbash, BA, JD, Senior Attorney, Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada.
165.Virginia Saldanha, Secretary ICWM, IWTF & ITA; Shatyashodak, Mumbai
166.Zacharias and Theresia Nedunkanal , Haegendorf, Switzerland
167.Zeena V.R, Sacred Heart Church Com. For Women, Bangalore.

AICU – All India Catholic Union
ITA Indian Theologians Association.
Alliance Defending Freedom India ADF
UCF – United Christian Forum
ICWM – Indian Christian Women’s Movement.
IWTF – Indian Women Theologians Forum
DaWNS- Dalit Women's Network for Solidarity
FORUM – Forum of Religious for Justice and Peace.