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Volume II 2010.

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oe A. Mattos, passed away unexpectedly from a heart aneurysm on November 4, 2009. Joe
was born 12/14/29 in Modesto, CA. He spent his early childhood in a ranch in Escalon, CA
and his youth in Rodeo, CA. He was an accomplished baseball and football player, going on to
play baseball at Vallejo JC. He graduated from SJSU in 1952, where he majored in Business and
Economics. He was eternally grateful to the school because it taught him that education was the
key to opportunity. Joe met his wife of 58 years, Beverly Paxton, while attending SJSU. Preceding
Army induction, he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant, and after training in Texas and Virginia,
Joe was deployed to Pusan, Korea where he was the head administrator, overseeing 150 troops and
indigenous personnel, in the Medical Service Core for 19 months. In the years following his discharge
from the Army, Joe attended UC Hastings College of Law and Golden Gate School of Law; he opened
a general law practice in San Jose, which he successfully maintained for over 48 years. Joe was
proud of his Portuguese heritage, a pride that carried into his philanthropy, which included extensive
pro bono work to ensure establishment and recognition of Portuguese and Azorean heritage and of
non-profit businesses in the valley and in the State of California. One of his passions was the San
Jose State Athletics, especially Spartan Football, which he showed by not only providing support
but also attending games home and away for over 50 years. He was also passionate about travel,
having visited all 50 states and over 85 countries spanning 7 continents. Joe held various positions
in the Luso-American Fraternal Federation Board, becoming State President for the term 1973-1974.
Subsequently, he was appointed to the UNLIS/LALIS Board as the Society’s Legal Council, a position
he held through his retirement in 2008. Joe loved to make conversation and found pleasure in finding
common ground with people from different backgrounds. He had a playful sense of humor; he loved
to learn; he was a thinking man, a philosopher of sorts. He will be dearly missed. He is survived by
his wife, Beverly, son Brett, daughter Kim and their spouses, granddaughter Piper, sisters Rosalina
and Marie and their husbands, and numerous nephews & nieces.

aulo Rocha Goulart, 82, died at his home in Modesto, CA, on June 18, 2010, after a pro-
longed illness. Paulo was born in Calheta, Sao Jorge, Azores. Upon immigrating to the United
States, he lived for many years in San Diego, where he was a very active member of the
community. He then moved to Turlock, where he worked for Kings County Truck Lines until found-
ing his own transportation company. He organized many tours to the Azores, Madeira, Portugal and
South America. Paulo was founder and director of the radio program “Hora Portuguesa” in southern
California; he was also co-founder and first president of the popular “Alianca Açoriana”, and served
for many years as the San Diego correspondent for the now defunct “Jornal Portugues”. Paulo was a
very active member of the popular Cabrillo Festival, which each year commemorates the discovery of
California (by sea) by Portuguese navigator João Rodrigues Cabrilho, and which is held in late Sep-
tember with the participation of several countries: Portugal, US, Spain and Mexico. For many years,
Paulo would reincarnate the great navigator during the festival, bearing the heavy uniform of a naval
officer of the XVI century in the oppressive heat of the late summer season in Southern California.
Paulo Goulart was very proud of his roots and remained involved with the many fraternal organiza-
tions and their activities in California. He served as an officer of LALIS, LAFF and LAEF. In 2006, he
was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation and in 2008, he was given the title of Honorary Director,
both by the Luso-American Education Foundation. He also served as President of SES (1970-1971),
holding the title of Dean of Supreme Presidents at the time of his death. For all his many contribu-
tions to the Portuguese communities of California, Paulo was decorated with the medal of “Comenda-
dor da Ordem do Infante D. Henrique” by the Portuguese Government in June 1984; that same year
he was also awarded the Silver Medal of Merit by the Portuguese Community. Paulo was laid to rest
in a private ceremony in Lockford, CA; in lieu of flowers, friends were asked to send donations to the
Luso-American Education Foundation and Portuguese Fraternal Society of America.

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Jessica Furtado
Jack Costa

For Jessica Furtado, her last year as 20/30’s Associate Board president was a
oaquim da Silva Costa was born on October 29, 1949 in Escariz, Sao wonderful learning experience, and she is very excited to continue this journey for
Mamede, District of Braga, Province of Minho, Portugal. He is the son a second year! She has enjoyed attending conventions, parades and lodge events
of the late Domingos Machado da Costa and Josefa da Siva Costa, at home and across the region, and cannot wait to get back on the road, catching
who still resides in Sao Mamede. Joaquim has five siblings; Manuel, Jorge, up with all the hospitable personalities she met in the last year and in the 25 plus
Jose, Julia and Rosa. years she has been a member.
Joaquim attended elementary and secondary school in his hometown. As She is the daughter of Edite and Serge Furtado and was born April 16, 1980 in
soon as he finished school, he moved to Brazil to be with his father. He got Boston, MA. After graduating high school she moved to Chicago, IL, to attend
his first job at an industrial company, making bread and pastries, all while Columbia College Chicago where she received her B.A. in Film Production. In
her last year she was accepted into the CBS writing program in Los Angeles, an
continuing his education. Joaquim’s hard work and dedication allowed him
intensive screenwriting program hosted by CBS Studios Once the program ended
to quickly rise to management level at the company. In 1967, Joaquim and she moved to New York where she worked as an Event Coordinator for New York
his father immigrated to Mineola, New York, fulfilling his father’s dream of Women in Film and Television before moving on to work for Anonymous Content, a
coming to America. In 1968, Joaquim returned to Portugal with the money bi-coastal production company.
that he saved while working in Brazil. He used the money to repair the roof In 2007 Jessica moved back to Boston where she worked for Crate & Barrel, but
and structure of his parent’s home – the home is still sturdy to this day! He continued to hone her skills as a filmmaker and writer while teaching an after
also purchased his first motorcycle. This was a dream come true for Joa- school video course for Cambridge Youth Programs. In 2009 she was asked to
quim. He returned to the USA in the winter of 1968. At this time, Joaquim, develop a curriculum for a teen video program sponsored by Microsoft and run the
now known as Jack, began working for a plastics company, making luggage pilot program. The program culminated with a screening at Microsoft headquarters
handles. In the spring of 1969, Jack was noticing nature around him; and a film being submitted to several youth competitions.
flowers, tree, grass, and decided that what he really longed to do was work Currently Jessica lives in Dorchester, MA with her boyfriend Michael Pegg and
works for a digital asset management company, Mediasilo. She continues her free-
outdoors and not be a prisoner between walls.
lance work as a videographer and editor, and continues to write, with a screenplay
Jack began working at a gardening company where, for two years, he ab- currently in development and slated for production by a local independent film
sorbed all of the information he could about landscaping. He decided at that company.
point to start his own gardening and landscape design company. 40 years Jessica has always been very proud of her Portuguese heritage. She is looking
later Jack and his partner, Joe Oliveira, have one of the most successful forward to another year as 20/30’s President, and to all the wonderful events she’ll
landscaping companies in New York, J and J Landscaping. attend and new friends she will meet. She hopes to continue the push started in
In 1971, Jack married Maria Gorete Albuquerque. Maria Gorete was born previous years to energize and increase the involvement of the 20-30 members
in Barcelos, Minho and also had immigrated to Brazil. Together, Jack and in the society, and is thrilled with the list of events the board has planned for the
Maria have two children; a daughter Andrea, married to Ricardo and a son, 2010/11 term. She thanks everyone for this opportunity and is excited to see what
Daniel, married to Jennifer. They also have four grandchildren; Michael, lies in the road ahead.
Alex, Maya and Jack.
Evan Gray
Aside from his successful business and personal life, Jack has also been
an influential member of his community since 1970. He began with helping Evan Michael Mendonca Gray was born in Salem, Massachusetts on December
create the first folkloric group in Mineola and having them participate in an 7, 1992 and has resided in the neighboring city of Peabody for his entire life. He
International event in New York City. He also became a member of the is the oldest son of Michael and Ann Mendonca Gray and has a brother, Harrison.
Mineola Portuguese Center where he assumed many positions. It was in Evan will be entering his senior year at Peabody Veterans Memorial High School
1970 that Jack became a member of the Portuguese Continental Union, this fall and has aspirations to go away to college upon graduating. He has been
Lodge 51 “Jardim de Portugal”. He immediately became involved in the an avid baseball, basketball and golf player since he was a young boy, playing for
Society, and worked alongside Mr. Antonio Bernardo, among others, where both school and city leagues. He also enjoys video games, movies and “hanging
he learned to love and serve our Organization. Jack was selected to be out” with friends.
President of the Board of Directors of the Portuguese Cultural Society, Julio You could say that Evan was “born” into the Portuguese Continental Union. He
Dinis, of Mineola” Portuguese School which has over 200 students studying has been a member of the Portuguese Continental Union since 1992. Evan’s fam-
Portuguese Language and Culture. He was also a founder of the “Alhei- ily has always been involved in the Society, beginning with his Great-Great Uncle
rense” Cultural Center. Albert Cunha who joined the PCU in 1940’. His grandfather, Francisco Mendonca
In 1979, Jack and his brother Joe ventured into the restaurant business led the Society as Assistant Secretary from 1966 until 2002 and was also a driving
and acquired Little Portugal Restaurant in Mineola. Fortunately, Jack held force behind the merger with Luso-American Life Insurance Society.
onto his landscaping business because once again he realized that being Evan has been involved in the PCU Youth group since he was a young child and
indoors was not for him. Eventually he allowed his brother to take over the has held various positions on the Youth Board for the past 4 years, before being
restaurant which he still owns today, although it now operates under the elected President. In addition to being a part of the Youth Administration, Evan
name Heart of Portugal. has also been an active member of his Lodge 10 in Peabody, participating in and
Jack is very much looking forward to leading the Society in the upcoming helping at their events.
year. He hopes to continue the efforts of the past presidents and increase Evan is looking forward to meeting new people and visiting different lodges during
involvement and membership of the Society. the upcoming year.
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A Minha Mensagem de Esperança
Prezados membros da “União Portutguesa Continental”: Permitam-me endereçar-vos os meus melhores cumprimentos, com todo o carinho e humildade, ao
mesmo tempo que agradeço, penhoradamente a confiança que depositaram em mim, para presidente geral desta prestegiada sociedade.

Foi uma prova de amizade e consideração que me caiu bem fundo e que traz por certo grandes responsabilidades, quando sei que tenho pela frente desafios
difíceis e metas complicadas, que me comprometo ultrapassar, na medida do possível. Vontade não me falta, determinação tambem não, mas sei, por outro lado,
que esta luta que agora pretendo iniciar, de mangas arregaçadas e ânimo forte, não poderá ter sucesso total sem a vossa ajuda e participação.

Sei que há muito trabalho a fazer, muitas situações em sucursais a remediar, porque nem tudo estará bem…como tambem sei que “quando o homem quer, a obra
nasce” e por isso apelo, com veemência, a cada membro de todas as sucursais da União Portuguesa Continental, para que façam um esforço extra, no sentido
de se tentar emendar o que está menos bem e de reforçar aquilo que tem funcionado até aqui. Assumo, com firmeza, o meu compromisso de ajuda directa às
sucursais, assim como minha esposa, e espero que visitarei com muita honra e orgulho as mesmas, para que haja um diálogo aberto e franco, onde se possam
encontrar soluções eficazes, para possíveis problemas e novas ideias que as revitalizem e possam fazer desta grande e reputada organização aquilo que todos,
no fim, desejamos – que seja maior ainda!

Finalizo esta minha modesta mensagem fraternal, agradecendo mais uma vez a todos os que contribuiram para o êxito desta convenção nacional, que se realizou
em Long Island, New York, bem assim à minha eleição para presidente geral.

Bem hajam! Contem sempre comigo e permitam-me ter a esperança de poder contar convosco, para bem das nossas múltiplas organizações

My Message of Hope
My Dear Members of the Portuguese Continental Union:

Permit me to address you with the best of my compliments, with all my heart and humility, and at the same time to extend a thank you for the confidence you be-
stowed upon me by electing me President of this prestigious Society.

It was a show of friendship and consideration that touched me deeply. I know this position brings with it great responsibilities, great challenges and difficult goals,
which I promise to do my best to meet and exceed. Though I am ready to face the tasks ahead with willpower and determination, I know that complete success will
not be possible without your help and participation.

I know there is a lot of work to do and many lodge issues to resolve; not everything will be perfect, but I know that when one has determination, then the work is
already begun. With that, I ask all PCU lodge members to put in an extra effort to remedy that which may not work so well and reinforce that which has worked until
now. As I visit each lodge with much honor and pride, I firmly assume my obligation to directly help, as does my wife. I ask that there be an open and frank dialogue
in order to find efficient solutions and new ideas to existing issues that will revitalize the lodges and make this organization that which we all in the end wish for - that
it be even bigger.

I end this modest fraternal message thanking once again all those who contributed towards the success of this convention that took place in Long Island, New York,
as well as for my election as President.

Best wishes and always count on me, as I hope to be able to count on all of you, for the good of all our divisions!

Joaquim S. Costa
President, PCU
July, 2010 – Mineola, New York

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