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The carrion-crow mask of the Plague Doctor sends a clear message to - Plague Doctor Advance Scheme -
all that see it: 'Mórr walks the streets!' When Main Profile
there is an outbreak of disease, authorities
WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel
turn to the Plague
Doctors to eradicate it. When on business, - - +5% +15% +10% +25% +25% -
they wear a distinctive costume that Secondary Prof ile
serves two purposes:
protection and A W SB TH M Mag IP FP
warning. The decorated - +4 - - - - - -
mask, which represents Mórr
Himself, is designed to terrify people back into
their homes; for if a Plague Doctor has been Skills: Command, Heal, Intimidate, Perception, Prepare Poison,
called, it is too late for calling upon Shallya's Read/Write, Search, Secret Language (Guild Tongue), Speak
mercy. The sealed costume is layered with Language (Classical), Trade (Apothecary or Herbalist)
medicinal herbs and coated with preservative
unguents and liqueurs, intended to ward off Talents: Coolheaded, Hardy or Very Resilient, Resistance to
contagion. Some Plague Doctors even Disease, Surgery
stuff their mouth and nostrils, believing Trappings: Doctor's Wand (Best Craftsmanship Basic Weapon),
their herb-filled beaks insufficient Book of Diseases, Plague Doctor's Sealed Costume, d10 Jars of
protection. The 'Doctor's Wand' – which is
Herbs, Medicines or Unguents
sometimes plain, sometimes carved with
skulls, crows and roses – is used to direct Career Entries: Barber-Surgeon, Corpse Handler, Physician,
the many Corpse Handlers that work for Scholar, Student
the Plague Doctor, for talking through the
masks is almost impossible. It is also used Career Exits: Guild Master, Initiate (Mórr), Interrogator,
to beat off patients and to remove their Physician, Scholar
clothing, allowing the doctor to isolate
himself from direct contact with his diseased

This expansion for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.
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