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Artist Report

Download this form to your computer and fill in the answers.

Note: No credit will be given if you do not use this form and format.

Objective: Investigate the artist whose work inspires you to replicate his/her style.

Personal life

Name of Artist: Salvador Dali

Birth Date: May 11, 1904

Birth Place: Figueres, Spain

What later life events (marriage, children, deaths, etc.) had a major influence on the
artist? (Your response should be a minimum of 100 words and complete sentences.)
Nine months before Salvador Dali was born he also had an older brother named
Salvador that died from gastroenteritis. When Salvador was five his parents took him to
his brothers grave and was convinced that he was his brother’s reincarnation. Ever since
then, he lived on believing so. In 1980, Dali’s heath was in jeopardy. His wife allegedly
was dosing him with unprescribed medicine that would cause damage to his nervous
system. The damage resulted in his right-hand trembling terribly, which caused an end to
his artistic ability. Once his wife died he was terribly upset which he then tried to commit
suicide by dehydrated himself.

Time Period
Describe what prevailing style of art was popular when the artist first started? (Your
description should be at least three complete sentences in length.)

In 1922 when Salvador Dali enrolled in an art school the most popular styles of art was
Metaphysics, and cubism. Cubism did spark an interest in for Salvador, but he didn’t
fully understand the Cubist movement entirely.

What ‘new’ style did the artist start, or get involved in?

Dali practiced different styles suck as, impressionism, pointillism, and futurism. Dali did
He found a passion for Surrealism which allowed Dali to express his erotic desires which
he stuck with.
What important historical events happened during the artist’s lifetime that influenced one
or more pieces? (Your response should be a minimum of 100 words and complete

In the 1929, Dali met his business partner, muse, and wife Gala. Gala was a
Russian immigrant who was married to Paul Eluard at the time. One of famous pieces
inspired by Gala was The Great Masturbator. He was influenced by his strong attraction
towards Gala. Dali’s father did not approve of the relationship and threatened to
disinherit him if he didn’t leave Gala. Instead, Dali bought a small fishermen cabin and
gradually built a villa for their small family. In 1934 they got married in a secret civil
ceremony and again in 1958 in a Catholic ceremony. Gala would often act as his muse
but yet business manager. Gala continued to act has his muse until they both grew older.
Select one piece that your artist did

Name of the piece:

The Face of War

Copy and paste your artist’s painting here:

What is it about?
This painting is a flashback of Spanish Civil War and the infinite death. The painting
shows trauma and hurt from the war.

Why did you choose this piece? (Two or more complete sentences, minimum)
The reason I chose this painting is because not everyone understands the true pain those
who come back from war are hurting. This piece hits home because my grandma also
served in the Vietnam war, and luckily, I was given the opportunity to get to know him.

Name two elements of design that the artist used in this piece:
Two elements in this design Dali used often was circles, and darker tones of brown.

Name one principle of design that the artist used in this piece:
Dali used movement in this design to give the audience a feeling of darkness, and death.

When you first looked at this piece what was your reaction to it? (Two or more complete
sentences, minimum)

When I first looked at the paining it really caught my eye! I could tell it resembled death
but it didn’t look like a typical skull people usually draw. I really liked the brown he used
instead of just doing black, white, and grey.

Did your reaction change as you studied this piece? Explain.

My reaction didn’t change when I first looked at the picture. If anything, I really admire
it. It’s really awesome that he was willing to look back and capture that image and have
others understand the meaning and depth into the painting.


List two sources you used to gather your information

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