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1 Mental and behavioral disorders due to F10-F19

psychoactive substance use
Alcohol related disorders F10
Opioid related disorders F11
Cannabis related disorders F12
Sedative, hypnotic, or anxiolytic related disorders F13
Cocaine related disorders F14
Other stimulant related disorders F15
Hallucinogen related disorders F16
Nicotine dependence F17
Inhalant related disorders F18
Other psychoactive substance related disorders F19

2 Intellectual disabilities F70-F79

Mild intellectual disabilities F70
Moderate intellectual disabilities F71
Severe intellectual disabilities F72
Profound intellectual disabilities F73
Other intellectual disabilities F74
Unspecified intellectual disabilities F75

3 Pervasive and specific developmental disorders

Specific developmental disorders of speech and F80

Specific developmental disorders of scholastic skills F81

Specific developmental disorder of motor function F82

Pervasive developmental disorders F83
Other disorders of psychological development F84
Unspecified disorder of psychological development F85

4 Behavioral and emotional disorders with onset

usually occurring in childhood and adolescence
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders F90
Conduct disorders F91
Emotional disorders with onset specific to childhood F92
Disorders of social functioning with onset specific to F93
childhood and adolescence
Tic disorder F94
Other behavioral and emotional disorders with onset F95
usually occurring in childhood and adolescence
5 specific learning disorder
Specific reading disorder F81.0
Developmental dyslexia
Disorder of written expression F81.81
Mathematics disorder F81.2
Developmental disorder of scholastic skills, F81.9
6 Specific developmental disorder of motor function F82
Clumsiness -motor delay
Developmental dyspraxia
7 abnormalities of gait and mobility (R26.-)
lack of coordination (R27.-)
ack of coordination secondary to intellectual (F70-F79)

8 Phonological disorder F800

9 Mixed receptive-expressive language disorder F802

10 Childhood onset fluency disorder F8081

11 Other developmental disorders of speech and F8089


12 Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, F900

predominantly inattentive type

13 Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, F901

predominantly hyperactive type

14 Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, combined F902


15 Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, other type F908

16 Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, unspecified F909


17 Conduct disorder, childhood-onset type F911

18 Conduct disorder, adolescent-onset type F912

19 Oppositional defiant disorder F913

20 Other conduct disorders F918

21 Conduct disorder, unspecified F919

22 Separation anxiety disorder of childhood F930

23 Selective mutism F940

24 Reactive attachment disorder of childhood F941

25 Disinhibited attachment disorder of childhood F942

25 Pica of infancy and childhood F983

26 Stereotyped movement disorders F984

27 Mental disorder, not otherwise specified F99

28 Mild cognitive impairment, so stated G3184

29 Insomnia, unspecified G4700

30 Hypersomnia, unspecified G4710

31 Narcolepsy with cataplexy G47411

32 Other sleep disorders G478

33 Child physical abuse, confirmed, initial encounter T7412xA

34 Social exclusion and rejection Z604

35 Problems of adjustment to life-cycle transitions Z600

36 Problem related to housing and economic Z599
circumstances, unspecified

37 Social exclusion and rejection Z604

38 Target of (perceived) adverse discrimination and Z605


39 Problem related to social environment, unspecified Z609

40 Other upbringing away from parents Z6229

41 Personal history of neglect in childhood Z62812

42 Parent-child biological conflict Z62820

43 Sibling rivalry Z62891

44 Problems in relationship with spouse or partner Z630

45 Disappearance and death of family member Z634

46 Disruption of family by separation and divorce Z635

Global developmental delay 315.8 (F88)

Speech sound disorder 315.39 (F80.0)
Childhood OnsetFluency Disorder (Stuttering) 315.35 (F80.81)
Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder 315.39 (F80.89)

Motor Disorder:
Developmental coordination disorder 315.4 (F82)
Stereotypic Movement Disorder 307.3 (F98.4)

Tic Disorder:
Tourette’s Disorder 307.23 (F95.2)
Persistent (Chronic) Motor vs Vocal Tic disorder 307.22 (F95.1)
Provisional Tic Disorder 307.21 (F95.0)

Anxiety Disorder:
Separation Anxiety Disorder 309.21 (F93.0)
Selective Mutism 312.23 (F94.0)
Social phobia/ social anxiety disorder 300.23 (F40.10)