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DAM Corp.

27 July 2018
Region: Indonesia


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Date 2018-07-26
Media Name Katadata.co.id
Lini Distribusi Digital Dorong Kenaikan Investor Reksadana BNP
Headline (Local)
Digital Distribution Line Encourages Increase of Mutual Fund
Headline (Eng)
Investors BNP Paribas
BNP Paribas Investment Partners is working with Tanamduit.com, to
market its 6 mutual funds. The company targets the number of
mutual fund investors from digital distribution channels to double to
10,000 by the end of this year. The payment process of mutual fund
purchase transaction can be done through bank transfer, online
banking, and electronic wallet mandiri e-cash.


Media Type Online Tier 1
Date 2018-07-26
Media Name Antaranews.com
Headline (Local) Kinerja BNI Syariah tumbuh positif di triwulan 2 tahun 2018
Headline (Eng) BNI Sharia performance grew positively in Q2 of 2018
BNI Syariah performance in Q2 2018 experienced an increasingly
Summary growth. One reason is because some digital products owned by BNI
Syariah such as Hasanah Digital Universe, BNI Yap! , Tapcash etc.

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Date 2018-07-26 SWA.co.id
Media Name
Headline (Local) SIA Group Perkenalkan Dompet Digital Krispay
Headline (Eng) SIA Group Introduces Krispay Digital Wallet
SIA Group's frequent-flyer program launched KrisPay, a mile-based d
igital wallet. Through KrisPay, members can redeem KrisFlyer miles i
nto KrisPay miles for day-to-day shopping needs at merchant partne
rs spread across the region.


Media Type Online Tier 1
Date 2018-07-26 Kompas.com
Media Name
Headline (Local) Belajar dari Kasus RupiahPlus, Asosiasi Fintech Susun SOP Penagihan
Learning from RupiahPlus Case, Fintech Association Arrange Billing
Headline (Eng)
Aftech is preparing standard operating procedures for Fintech lending
companies to the debtor. This SOP will be a reference for Fintech
Summary lending companies. Director of Public Policy Aftech M Ajisatria
Sulaeman hopes that the billing SOP can be the best standard in
supporting the fintech lending industry in Indonesia.

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Date 2018-07-26 Bisnis.com
Media Name

Headline (Local) Regulasi jadi Kunci Fintech Raih Status Unicorn
Headline (Eng) Regulation Becoming a Fintech Key Achieves Unicorn Status
Summary Similar to the above

Media Type Online Tier 1

Date 2018-07-26 Cnnindonesia.com
Media Name
Headline (Local) Pesaing RupiahPlus, Kredivo Kantongi Pendanaan Rp433,8 M
Headline (Eng) RupiahPlus Competitor, Kredivo Pocketing Funding Rp433, 8 M
Kredivo announced that it has secured Series B funding worth US $ 30
million (approximately Rp435 billion). This investment is claimed as
the largest B Series funding for fintech lending startup in Southeast

Media Type Online Tier 1

Date 2018-07-26 Katadata.co.id
Media Name
Headline (Local) Kredivo Kantongi US$ 30 Juta untuk Ekspansi ke Asia Tenggara
Headline (Eng) Kredivo Pocketed US $ 30 Million for Expansion into Southeast Asia
Summary Similar to the above

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Date 2018-07-26 Kontan.co.id
Media Name
Headline (Local) Disuntik pendanaan, industri fintech lending semakin menggeliat
Headline (Eng) Invested, Fintech Lending Industry is Getting Streched
Until June 2018, Fintech lending industry financing has reached Rp 7
trillion, growing 173.4 percent compared to the end of December 20
Summary 17 which reached Rp 2.56 trillion. The growth indicates the presence
of fintech lending has helped the SME’s who need funding and for th
e unbanked segment.