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TASK 2 - BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan


Appendix 2: Action Plan Template

Milestone: Action and/or objective Date Person Budget or resources
(to achieve strategic aims of physical or human resourcing) responsible (where applicable)

a. Budgetary and financial performance 30 January Chief Financial Financial resources

2018 Officer
 prepare a budget (recurrent operating or project
based funds)
 monitor receipts and payments
 negotiate and restructure budgets
 implement and monitor a budget
b. Productivity performance 30 January HR Manager Material resources (survey)
 Track non-financial measures like speed of
response and product quality
 Focus on external measures like customer
satisfaction and product preference
 Forward looking measures like employee
satisfaction, retention, and succession planning

c. Employee performance in line with performance 30 January HR Manager Material resources (appraisal)
management policy 2018

 Ask employees to use self-monitoring tools to

assess performance (project plans, checklist,
activity logs)
 Conduct performance appraisal on a regular basis
to review work in progress

d. Milestone achievement and performance against targets 30 January All team Materials
2018 Managers
 Set up KPIs
 Set up monitoring and measurement system like
meeting notes, financial reports, or by surveys,
interviews etc.
e. Dates for monitoring activities 01 April 2018 Operations
 Tracks the operational work quarterly Manager

f. Resources for monitoring Monthly Operations

inventory General
 Resources tracker Manager

g. Progress reporting at the end of each quarter to the 01 April 2018 All team
Operations General Manager Managers

 Regular meeting with the team about performance


h. Regular performance management of online staff and 01 April 2018 Operations

lodgement of records with the HR Manager General
Manager & HR
 Regular appraisal Manager
Appendix 3: Performance management plan template
Name/position: Manager: Review period:
Lee Waters Riz Mehra- CFO Quarterly

Reference from operational Key result area Indicator of success/ By when Status report
plan performance
Training staff members Quality of online sales and service Error mistake need to be 1% rather 4-8 weeks At the end of
than 10% at the currently each quarter
Decrease the time completion from
Speed of service (online) 2-3 months
20 minutes to be under 10 minutes

Customer satisfaction Financial Achieve the sales target should be 6 months At the end of
$30,000 rather than $20,000 at the each quarter

Compulsory requirement Professional development Require staff need to do 2hours of 6 months At the end of
sale training per month each quarter

Interact with customers Quality of sales and service Completion of market research 3 months

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Increase sales revenue Quality of sales and service Revenue target 6 months

Manager’s comments: Signature:

Date: 01/06/2014

Staff member’s comments: Signature:

Willing to adapt to the new goal
Date: 01/06/2018

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Appendix 4: Coaching plan template
Employee: Lee Walters

Coach/Manager: Violeta Hoyos

Date of session:01/10/2018

What would you like to accomplish?
What result are you trying to achieve?
What do you want to change?
What would you like to happen with the process?

How is this change affecting your work?

If things changed do we need to revisit how we planned to approach
Why haven’t you reached that goal already?
What do you think is stopping you?
What have you already tried?
What could you do better?

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What other options have you considered for how we might handle
What are the alternatives?
How else could we approach this? What risks are involved?
What are the possible risks involved in these other options?
What constraints exist?
Who else might be able to help?

How will you take this forward?

How are you going to achieve this?
What obstacles could prevent this happening?
When are you going to start?
What do you need from me/others to help you achieve this?
What support do you need to get that done?

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Appendix 5: Operational Plan Status Report template

BBQfun operation plan status report Date:

Plan goal Implement e-commerce strategy Department Operations

Plan ● redevelop website and acquire physical Person responsible Project Officer
objective/s resources
● recruit and train staff
● achieve profit targets
● adhere to budget
● adhere to timelines.

Key performance indicators Current status Comments

(Red, Green,

Average lead time to recruit Red Our target its to hire new staff in less than 2
employees. weeks.

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Key performance indicators Current status Comments
(Red, Green,

Performance score of new employees within six Green New staff performance its getting better as soon they
months. finished with their training,

Achieve an increment of 20% per year of profit Green Last year we had a 22.2% more profit than the year before.
for the company

Sum of deviation in money of

Green Stay on a plan budget or don't go over 15% more.
planned budget of projects

Process cycle-time improvement

Red Set time lines and CEO meetings every two weeks.

Percentage of projects completed

Green Accomplish at least 80% of the projects that he have set for
on time
the company.

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Key action update

Key action Accomplishments Comments

Keep a track of our loyal customers Accomplish a data base of more than 1 Marketing department will be in
thousands loyal customers. charge of this project.
We are nearly getting to our main

Establish a main idea and logo for the web Our new web page has a more a friendly look Everyone its doing an amazing jo
page. that makes things easier for our customers. creating and updating our web page.

Risk update

Risk Contingency Comments

1. Untrained staff Make a detail report of each Every employee needs to be motivated and give a
employee to see how much 100% for the company.
they have been advanced.

1. Go over the set budget. Keep a great communication The company it is not going to go over 10% more of
with the accountant the budget

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1. Unsatisfied customers Created a feedback section Marketing department its going to be in charge of this
on a web page to receive any area. They must solve any issue that our customers
comments from customers. are having.

1. Get less profit that we expected. Set targets for each month Our staff members are going to receive a bonus if they
and motivated our staff to up hit the sales target.
sell our products.

General comments

The company need to be focus on our targets and work hard to achieve our goals.
All of our projects are set to improve and benefit all of our customers and staff members
By tallying all production costs for the product your company is selling, you can get a better idea of both what your product markup
should look like and what your actual profit margin is. This is key in determining how to outsell your competition.

Some Recommendations are:

 The just-in-time inventory system shall be used to reduce its overstocking and wastage cost.
 The job training programming shall be initiate and arrange for all employees, so employees will learn how to perform
the actual job and responsibility.
 The robust marketing plan shall be positioned in the market as an online marketer wo aware the potential customers.

Role Play (coaching an underperforming employee)

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Coach: Hi good afternoon! Nice to meet you.

Lee: Nice to meet you too. You have a prior appointment with me, Jun?

Coach: Yes, it’s me. Let me clear my role at the meeting. I am the external consultant
of BBQfun. I have reviewed your performance data. I just found that you have great
room for improvement. and I am here to talk with you about how to do it.

Lee: That’s great!

Coach: First question. Are you clear about your job goals?

Lee: Not really, the HR manager said it is time to develop.

Coach: How do you think about your role in your team?

Lee: I think I could be the top of few in my team.

Coach: Why?

Lee: My error Rate is low, speed of delivery and sales target achievement story is
better than others.

Coach: But it is well below the performance target.

Lee: Oh I know…

Coach: what do you think is the reason?

Lee: I think, because I do not have no any experience before in this field. And I was
not able to participate in training programming due to work pressure.

Coach: Do you think you need any training? Or any thing else?
[Escriba aquí]
Lee: Training please. I think training will help me a lot to understand better about my
job and responsibility, and it allow me to deliver to the customers accordingly.

Coach: So which one you prefer, job training or formal training?

Lee: Job training please.

Coach: Ok, training will be arranged for you at the first working day of the next month.

Lee: Thank you so much!

Role play with operational general manager

Consultation with Operational General Manager

Myself (Jun): Hi, good morning Chen! Nice to see you again!

OGM (Kim Chen): Good morning Jun.

Myself: Today, I have to report and negotiate with you about monitoring performance of
both staff individual and organization.

OGM: Fine, please proceed.

Myself: From my review of all the employee performance form and organization
performance data, I just found that, because of the staffs, job design and
communication line, error rate and quality of service target is deteriorated.

OGM: How about the organization?

[Escriba aquí]
Myself: BBQfun also experienced a large budget overrun, it happened because of the
wastage, over-stocking and overtime. All these might result in the continuously failure to
meet its sales target

OGM: Any suggestion?

Myself: Yes, job training programming shall be initiate and arrange for all employees,
so employees will learn how to perform the actual job and responsibility.

OGM: I shall talk to the HR Manager.

Myself: The robust marketing plan shall be positioned in the market as an online
marketer wo aware the potential customers.

OGM: Got it.

Myself: And, the just-in-time inventory system shall be used to reduce its overstocking
and wastage cost.

OGM: Ok.

Myself: For more information, I will send you the whole report and plan to you soon.

OGM: That’s great.

Myself: Thanks for your time.

OGM: Pleasure.

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