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The Labour Party Democracy Review has been looking at how our hugely expanded
membership becomes a mass movement which can transform our society. We want to
reach into communities, to remove the barriers to getting involved to become a people-
powered movement for change. The opening-up of Labour’s leadership elections brought
hundreds of thousands of people to the Labour Party. The Democracy Review has been
looking at what further changes we can make to reconnect people with politics. How we can
develop a people powered policy making process, how we ensure that all sections of our
diverse society are involved in our structures, how we can build local Young Labour groups
in every community so that young people can take charge of their own futures. We want
our more than half-million members fully involved. The General Election showed what we
can achieve when more members participate. But we need to do so much more to
transform ourselves to become a social movement, a mass movement for the many not the
We have received 11,425 submissions to the Democracy Review from local Labour Parties,
trade unions, socialist societies, Labour Party organisations and individual Labour Party
members. Many reflect hours of discussion about how we change to bring people to us and
how we go to them to get them to join us. We have attended events in every part of the UK
and asked Labour Party members what they want their Party to look like. To become a mass
movement Labour needs to really listen to local people and communities. This Report is
about how we do that, how we involve all the members we have whether they have just
joined or been with us for decades and how we get many more to join as we build a
transformational movement.