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Volume 2, Issue 10 October, 2010

From the Pastor’s Desk - Attendance is Up

Special points of
Alas; the truth is that we are urge you to never find your-
in this world and are treated selves “a sleep” no matter if
as a business in this world. you are here at BHL or at
Yet I urge you to hold fast your “winter church.”  The United Methodist Men will
to a greater truth: That we be meeting on Sunday, October
I pray that you serve the 3rd at 7:46 am.
are God’s children and
Lord each day as you did last
God’s alone.  Our second concert this year
week with the fervor and zeal
As Christians we are here at to spread God’s love. featuring the Southern Appala-
church to worship our Risen chian Chamber Singers will be
Then will you be able to on Saturday, October 9th at 7
Savior. We come to worship
look around in your churches PM.
and to serve our Risen Lord.
and see people in the pews as
The cartoon at the beginning attendance is up … not be-  Charge Conference will be on
of this article is one of my cause they need a bed, but Sunday, October 10th at 6 PM at
favorites from the “Reverend because they desire to be in Christ UMC, Weaverville.
Fun” series. It makes light of the presence of God and feel
 The United Methodist Women
the reason why people are in God’s love and mercy.
will meet on Tuesday, October
church. The lay man tells the 19th at 6:00 PM.
As we come to that time of For those that are leaving
pastor the truth, attendance is
year again when we crunch us, I pray that God gives you
up! … Yet they are asleep!  Family Meal and Fun Time …
numbers, elect officers, write a safe journey and a blessed
This past weekend we once winter season. Know that you Sunday October 24th after
reports about what we have worship.
done and what we hope to do, more came together as a body will be missed this winter and
I remind you of the “real rea- and stirred apple butter till that we look forward to shar- Inside this issue:
son” we are here. we were blue in the face. All ing as a family once more
for money which we don’t next Spring/Summer.
For the past few weeks we SEPTEMBER SERMONS 2
really receive or use (as it is
have been looking at one For those of us “left behind”
dispersed). 2
question: “Why church?” in the snow again, I pray that FINANCIAL REPORT
Why are we here? Why do Yet we stir and we stir not you never forget that this 3
we come? What is the point? for our benefit, but for the place we call Bright Hope WORSHIP (OCTOBER)
benefit of others hoping that Laurel is not just a pretty
As a pastor for over ten through our help many more church on the creek side, but A MEMORIAL TO WILLAIM 4-5
years now, I have heard a people we come to know the is just what it’s name implies: WARD
great many answers to those Lord as there Savior and a church that is in the Upper
questions; yet when it comes God. Laurel Community that even
time to do budgets and talk in the coldest and darkest of
about stewardship, almost all I know that the “quiet
nights, shines forth that bea- SPEICAL ARTICLE 6
churches return to “The Bot- times” are almost back upon
con of “Bright Hope” to a
us we make that annual move
Scripture and Sermons
Oct. 3 HOLY COMMUNION - “Hunger Pot” Offering
Scripture Lesson: 2 Timothy 1:1-14
Sermon: “Why Church? - Learning From One Another”

Oct. 10 Scripture Lesson: Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7

Sermon: “From Death to Life”

Oct. 17 Scripture Lesson: TBA

Sermon: TBA (Rev. John Gatewood will be speaking)

Oct. 24 Scripture Lesson: 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5

Sermon: “The Airport Scanner”

Oct. 31 Scripture Lesson: Joel 2:23-32

Sermon: “Our Only Hope”


October 2010

Average Attendance: 95

Regular Giving : $ 8654.58

Average Regular Giving: $ 2163.65 (per week)

Designated Giving: $ 92.54 (Hunger Pot)

$576.00 (Music)

$30.00 (Youth)

$40.00 (Pasta Dinner)

$100.00 (Betty Martin Fund)

$ 7586.57 (Fall Festival)

$ 8425.11 (Total Designated Giving)

($ 2,078.15 per week is needed to meet our church budget.)
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Rich Ashley, Lay Leader


3 Al and June Tapio 3 Frank and Angela Fox

10 Danny Burnette and Judy Womble 10 Bruce Harrison and Dot Cody
17 Sue and Larry Smith 17 Sylvia and Ed Brantley
24 Mike and Jenny Miller 24 Liz Benjamin and Scott Crandall
31 Liz Benjamin and Scott Crandall 31 Ed Ponder and Sherry Lesley

OFFERTORY PRAYER: Rich Ashley, Lay Leader


3 Nicole Johnson 3 Jenny Miller

10 Scott Crandall 10 Angela Fox
17 Rich Ashley 17 Liz Benjamin
24 Don Mathis 24 Judy Womble
31 Tom Wrenn 31 Marsha Boyd

CHILDREN’S TIME: Jenny Miller, Dixie Tipton, Rev. Johnson, and Cammie Monroe
CHILDREN’S CHURCH: Carolyn Ponder; Lisa Anderson

“TWEENS CLASS”: Kathy Wrenn, Lois Lynn Bellemare, & Cammie Monroe

COMMUNION STEWARDS: Dr. Ernie and Frances Powell


3 Rich Ashley and Assistant

10 Dick Moeller and Solon O’Neal
17 John Hamrick and Don Mathis
24 Don Mathis and Assistant
31 Sherry Lesley and Judy Womble

AUDIO VISUAL: Danny Burnette and Brian Dodge

If you are unable to serve when indicated, please ask someone to take your place .
THANK YOU for your service and dedication to Bright Hope Laurel United Methodist Church!
the real genius of the movement occurred when the people who responded to the preaching of Wesley were formed into small
bands or classes that met each week for the purpose of holding each other accountable for their life as a Christian disciple.
These meetings focused on making sure that the people were being faithful to their mutual covenant. In this way people were
firmly, but gently, guided in their growth as Christians.

For historic Methodism, accountability was the heart of discipleship. It recognized that we are weak and sinful people,
unable to redeem ourselves. It also recognized that we need each other if we are to be transformed into the likeness of Christ.
Much like Twelve Step groups today provide support and accountability to those who recognize their need, so did these classes
serve as the foundation for growth in faithfulness.

Over the past twenty years, we have seen a resurgence of these accountability groups in the United Methodist Church.
Called Covenant Discipleship groups, these small groups provide the newest expression of the early Methodist classes. These
Covenant groups focus on a mutual covenant of accountability that is agreed upon by all of the members of the group. This
small group, usually between five and seven people, builds a covenant by finding disciplines that they are willing to let others
hold them accountable to following. The clauses in the covenant include the two main areas of discipleship, what John Wesley
called "works of piety" and "works of mercy." Works of piety are the inner disciplines of prayer, worship, sacrament, and
study. Works of mercy include all outward acts of kindness and justice. The leadership of the meeting rotates each week with
the purpose of the gathering being to make sure that all are being faithful to their shared covenant

At the heart of Covenant groups is John Wesley’s admonition to "watch over one another in love." These groups are not
about power or control. They are about giving ourselves to one another, trusting that together we can become the people,
clergy and laity, that God wants us to be. Information concerning Covenant Discipleship groups can be found at

The Reverend Kent Ingram is the Senior Pastor of First United Methodist Church in Colorado Springs and Guest Columnist to RJ&L’s
First Freedom newsletter (http://www.rothgerber.com/showarticle.aspx?Show=969 ).

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