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Information Technology Division

Head Office, Dhaka


August 02, 20148

The Senior Executive Vice President &

Head of Human Resources Division
Mercantile Bank Limited
Head Office, Dhaka

Subject: Re-Schedule of Oracle Training in Malaysia date 08/08/2018 to 13/08/2018

Instead of July 30, 2018 to August 03, 2018

Dear Sir,
We would like to inform you that, as per office note dated July 17, 2018, mentioned subject:
Approval for attending overseas training program on “Oracle Database 12c: Security” from
July 30, 2018 to August 03, 2018. Two persons were nominated to attend the training as
scheduled (copy enclosed)

Letter on, Oracle vendor (Thakral information System Ltd) confirm us by mail date:
02/08/2018, re-schedule training dated 08/08/2018 to 13/08/2018. Journey started from
07/08/2018 and Arrival 14/08/2018. Under this circumstance, you are requested to do the
need full in this regard.

Yours truly,

A.K.M Atiqur Rahman