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Lakeside High School VISUAL ARTS

Mrs. Lisa Slappey • Room 1704 • lisa_slappey@dekalbschoosga.org • 678-874-6702
This foundational course builds on the educational outcomes of visual arts in middle school. It prepares students for
personal development in the arts, including the construction of a body of work that may be instrumental in gaining
admission to higher education. It offers experiences utilizing the elements of art and the principles of design in the
production of art products such as drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, and ceramics. We will stress proper use
of equipment and vocabulary and technical terms. The course includes a cultural and historical study of master art
works of different periods and styles. Students will produce a portfolio of art works that will document and reflect
their visual explorations and they will utilize a variety of 2D and 3D media and techniques when creating. Students
will be responsible for required readings, homework, journaling of ideas, participating in critiques, and reflecting on
their work.

What we’ll learn.....

Line / Contrast / Variety Perspective Shape / Form Balance / Space Special Projects

The Elements of Art Value / Proportion Color / Emphasis Texture Unity / Movement
Pattern / Rhythm

In this class you will…

 Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and Assessment During Learning • 25%
work. Guided, Independent, or Group Practice • 45%
 Organize and develop artistic ideas and work. Summative Assessment + Final Exam • 30%
 Refine and complete artistic work.
 Analyze, interpret, and select artistic work for DeKalb County Grading Scale
presentation. 90-100= A 80-90=B 71-79=C 70=D 69 and below= F
 Develop and refine artistic work for
presentation. Late Work & Makeup Work
 Convey meaning through the presentation of Late assignments will be marked down 25% for every day that
artistic work. they are late. Make up work must be made up within the
 Perceive and analyze artistic work. number of days missed. (ie. Out 3 days = 3 days to makeup
 Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work. work without penalty)
 Apply criteria to evaluate artistic work.
 Synthesize and relate knowledge and personal Attendance
experiences to make art. As this is a studio course, attendance is crucial to success in
 Relate artistic ideas and works with societal, this class. Excessive tardies or absences can negatively affect
cultural and historical context to deepen academic grade. This is a project-based course; lack of
understanding. presence in class directly impacts understanding of course
(National Core Art Anchor Standards) content as well as quality of artwork. If you know in advance
that you will be missing class, it is your responsibility to be
aware of and get coursework in advance.

A lab enrichment fee of $10.00 is charged for this course.

Please make checks payable to LHS.
Supply List

1” (no larger) #2 Pencils Black One can of Clean Masking tape One roll of
hard, with Sharpies white icing OR washcloth paper towels
3-ring binder erasers Fine AND bottle of soap (old is fine) (More would
with notebook Ultra-Fine be welcome!)