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Accelerated 6th Grade English & Language Arts

The STEM Academy @ Bartlett

Mrs. Amber Kieon & Mrs. Katie Spragg

Welcome​! In this class, we will be integrating reading and writing to assist in our discovery and understanding
of the world around us. We will be covering 6th and 7th grade standards, so our pace will be ​brisk​. Be sure to
stay up to date on all assignments and class activities! To stay up-to-date with your student’s progress, please
check Parent Connect and your student’s agenda daily.

​Grand Challenge Connection​: Provide Access to Clean Water

6th Grade Units​: 7th Grade Units​:

Unit 1: Foundations Unit 3: Humanity

During this unit the students will be building the ​Text​: ​While the World Watched​ by
skills necessary to be successful in ELA this year. Carolyn Maull McKinstry
We will focus on close reads, text annotation,
note-taking skills, grammar review, and writing Writing Focus​: Argumentative & Narrative
​Writing Focus​: Writing Process/Narrative

Unit 2: Perseverance Unit 4:Grand Challenge Culminating Project

​Text:​ ​A Long Walk to Water ​by
Linda Sue Park Writing Focus​: Argumentative & Explanatory
​Writing Focus​:Explanatory &

Materials Needed​: Students need a copy of the text for each unit. They may have print copies or digital ones
on their devices. Students also need a ​composition notebook​, agenda, pens, pencils, highlighters, and their
school-issued iPad. Be sure iPads are ​charged​ ​and ready for school use ​everyday​.

Independent Reading​: Students will be required to read independently throughout the year and complete
projects based on their reading. To help maintain and improve Lexile scores, students are highly encouraged
to read for ​20-30 minutes five nights. ​ Information about independent Reading Projects will be reviewed in
class with students. ​Parents should monitor the student’s agenda for project announcements and due
dates​. ​Review your student’s reading goals and target RIT scores located in reading notebook.

Writing Assessments​: Writing is a critical life skill that will be used across the curriculum. We will spend a large
portion of our time developing writing skills essential for communication. Students will take multiple in-class
writing assessments during each unit. They will be graded according to the Georgia Performance Standards of
Excellence rubric for argumentative and explanatory writing. Students will be provided with a copy of the rubric
for each assessment. They will also be encouraged to use this during peer editing and revising.

Grading Policy​: Final grades will be determined by using the following percentages (per Board Policy):
​Class Work​ (includes homework, small projects): 40%
​Assessments​ (includes tests,quizzes, major projects, and writing assessments): 60%

Progress reports will be sent home every two weeks to keep you informed of your student's progression. The
first one will be sent home​ Friday, August 24​. ​Students will also email parents/ guardians each time a
progress report is issued.

Promotion Requirements:
Have a final grade of 70 or higher in ELA, Math, Social Studies and Science
Have a final grade of 70 or higher in 75% of the total number of connections courses taken
Meet the attendance policy requirements
Meet district MAP requirements

Homework​: Typically, “homework” is an assignment that was started in class that students did not have time to
complete while at school. This encourages students to use their time in the classroom wisely and responsibly.

Cheating or Plagiarism​: These are serious academic offenses that will not be tolerated in our classrooms. If a
student is caught cheating, a yellow ticket will be issued and a grade of zero will be given without an
opportunity to make ups or redos.

Late Work Policy​:

The following late and missing assignment policy has been compiled and recorded in an attempt
to streamline and unify The STEM Academy @ Bartlett under one cohesive system, in
accordance with Board Policy IHA-R(1). Work that is not submitted will result in a 0%.

Late is defined as any work turned in after the designated due date. Students will have 3 days after the zero is
entered into the gradebook to make up the assignment however; only one assignment per class can be made
up during the quarter for a maximum possible grade of 80%.
NOTE​: Failure to complete and submit the missing assignment will result in a zero being issued.

Re-Do Assignment Policy

Re-Do​ Opportunities for assessment​s​ (tests, quizzes, and projects) are at the discretion of the teacher. It is the
student's responsibility​ to request and advocate for an opportunity to re-do an assessment. Students will need
to attend a re-teach session (lunch & learn, tutorial, etc.) prior to the assessment re-do opportunity.
A maximum re-do score is 80%​.

In an attempt to maintain communication with parents about student progress, re-do’s will require a
parent signature to receive credit.

If a student is absent it is their responsibility to ask the teacher for work that was missed. Students have five
days to make up work without penalty. After these five days have passed, the work is considered late and can
be made up during the make-up days.

Electronic Devices​: Students may bring electronic devices to class, but must use them for school work only
and must follow the BOE policy regarding BYOD. Failure to use devices appropriately will result in the device
being taken. Please see STEM Academy handbook for more details about personal devices as well as
school-issued iPads.

Thank you in advance for your support. We look forward to an exciting school year!

Your ELA Department,

Mrs. Amber Kieon ​Amber.kieon@sccpss.com
Mrs. Katie Spragg ​Katelyn.spragg@sccpss.com