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Lesson Plan in Grade VI


I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson the pupils are expected to
a. describe the changes in materials and its bad effect in the environment

II. Subject Matter:

Topic: The Changes in Materials and Its Bad Effect in the Environment
Materials: Manila Paper, Pentel Pen, Chalk,Video Clip, Projector,Laptop
Reference: Abadilla, Clemence U.,(2009), Developing Science Power,
Balagtas Marilyn, U. (2011), Growing with Science and Health
Values Focus: Teamwork, Preservation of the Environment

III. Procedure:
A1 (Pre-Lab)
Drill: “Read Me”
Review: Effects of Change in Materials to the Environment
Motivation: the teacher will ask the pupils:
 What can you observe on the words that you have read?
 What are the changes that happened on our environment?

Activity Proper:
1. The pupils will find a partner and share their ideas about the picture which is
given by the teacher and after that they will share it in front of the class.
2. The pupils will be given 5 minutes to do the task.

A2 (Analysis)

1. What can you say about the picture?

2. What do you think are these pictures?
3. What have you observed from the activity given?

A3 (Abstraction)

The teacher will tackle about the changes in materials and its bad effect in the

Pollution can change the environment. It can kill plants, animals and people. Things that
cause pollution are called pollutants. Pollutants can get into water, soil, air and can
affect the food chain.

Soil pollution – come from chemicals used on farms to kill insects and other pests. It can
also come from the chemicals that farmers put on the ground to help crops grow. Rain
can wash these chemicals into lakes and rivers. These chemicals can kill a large numbers
of fish, birds and other animals.

Water pollution – comes from farms and farmers that dump poisonous chemicals into
lakes and rivers. Some pollutants come from oil spills, ships, tankers,andm pipelines.
Some of these chemicals may decay into a less harmful form while others are
nonbiodegradable and result dangerous for a long period of time.

Air pollution - comes from factories and power plants that burn coal and smoke from

Effects of Global Warming

 Changes in the amount of precipitation that may result in flooding and drought.
 Changes in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events
 Species extinctions
 Increases in the range of diseases

Effects of Acid Rain

 Acid rain that gets into lakes and streams kills plants, fishes and other animals
that live in there.
 It can also damage land, plants, farm crops and depletes minerals from the soil.

Effects of Ozone Depletion

 Destruction of the ozone layer increases the cases of skin cancer and cataracts.

A4 ( Application)

( Theater Accent)
The pupils will picture out the bad effect of the changes in the environment in a sequence
situation given by the teacher.

IV. Evaluation

Choose the right answer in the box.

Global warming Chlorofluorocarbon

Acid rain Ozone layer

1. It destroys the earth’s natural shield.

2. It results because of the rapid increase in the carbon dioxide content of the atmoshpere.
3. It protects the earth from harmful ultraviolent radiation.
4. It is the major cause of the rapid increase in the carbon dioxide of the atmoshpere.
5. It caused the destruction of the forest in Europe.

V. Assignment
List some ways on how to prevent global warming.

Prepared by:

Juvlee D. Marquita