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THE NEWS SUPPLEMENT Message of Pope Francis for the Int’l Marian Youth
Taiwanese bishops discuss China deal, Bishop shares 3 elements of
OF COUPLES FOR CHRIST Vigil held in Italy on May 12, 2018
papal visit with Pope Francis a ‘peaceful life’

Bishop favors
impeach raps
against 8 justices
in Sereno ouster
A CATHOLIC bishop is
supporting plans to impeach the
magistrates who voted to oust
Chief Justice Maria Lourdes
Manila Auxiliary Bishop
Broderick Pabillo said the eight
justices who ruled in favor of
the quo warranto plea brought
by the government to invalidate
Sereno’s appointment “have
abused their power”.
“They have done something
unconstitutional, especially
those who should have inhibited
themselves,” said Pabillo, who
chairs the bishops’ Commission
on the Laity.

8 justices
Retired Chief Justice Hilario
Davide Jr. earlier said the
justices can be impeached for
violating the Constitution which
provides that the chief justice
may be removed from office
only through an impeachment
He was referring to Associate Young people rendered a number during the launching of the National Youth Day (NYD) 2019 held at the International Eucharistic Congress Pavilion in Cebu City on May 26, 2018. Slated for April 23 to 28, more
Favors / A6 than 10,000 youth are expected to attend the NYD 2019 that will be held in Cebu for the first time since NYD was conceived in 1986. SAMMY NAVAJA

Archbishop Soc Cardinal Tagle

laments ‘crisis
of truth’
urges flock to resist
murders, vulgarity
By Roy Lagarde Archbishop Socrates May 24. “It would be naive But among the social ills vulgarity and murder and
Villegas of Lingayen- to hope things will improve that are ripping the country anti-Christian. “Think.
Dagupan lamented that the without us lifting a finger.” apart, he said that the spate Pray. Let us act together.”
A TOP Church offi- country has had enough According to him, the of killings and the vulgarity A former head of the
cial has rallied the killings and statesmen have country’s situation demand “incredibly” top the list. Catholic bishops’ leadership,
Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle calls for prayers and
people to resist and gone scarce. both prayer and action to Today, he said, murder is Villegas has consistently fasting against the “crisis of truth” the country is
stand up against “Isn’t it too much? Will defend the Catholic values offered as a solution to the been an vocal critic of the facing today. ROY LAGARDE
we not stand up yet? If not from “anti-Christian forces” problems and vulgarity is government’s bloody war on
the ‘reign of mur- now, when?” said Villegas in sowing death, fake news, glorified as a way of life. drugs that killed thousands CARDINAL Luis Antonio Tagle has
der and vulgarity’ in his message for the feast of corruption, and violating “It’s too much!” said of people and mostly poor. said the country is on the brink of
the Philippines. Mary Help of Christians on constitutional rights. Villegas, stressing out that Flock / A7 “crisis of truth” and warned that
among its casualties is the common
Archbishop appeals to avoid ‘malicious Former PPCRV chief wants more vote good.
In a letter to Manila’s parishes,
insinuations’ on priest’s murder buying convictions
he lamented the continued spread
of fake news and the growing legal
debacle throughout the country.
Without citing a specific
issue, he said that legal experts
give the country “conflicting
interpretations” of basic questions
of law.
“The crisis of truth has sown
seeds of suspicion, mistrust and
fragmentation. Partisan politics has
turned into political ‘tribalization’.
The common good is one of the first
casualties,” said Tagle.
Saying that the country needs
“renewed outpouring of the Holy
Spirit,” he declared May 20 to 31
as days of prayer, fasting and action
“for truth and common good”.
Priests lead a funeral procession carrying the coffin of Fr. Mark Ventura’s coffin in Tuguegarao City, Borongan City residents cast their votes during the recent barangay elections. ALREN BERONIO At 3pm, he ordered the ringing
May 7, 2018. MARK SALUDES of church bells to commemorate
WITH vote buying continuing selling don’t get convicted. Jesus’ death and the praying of
A CATHOLIC Church official is As local authorities are to be a top election violation, an “Catching and convicting a big the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy in
appealing for people to avoid investigating the killing from all erstwhile head of a Church-based fish for vote buying would be a parish churches, chapels, convents,
speculation surrounding the brutal angles, he urged the public to let poll watchdog group is calling dramatic deterrent,” she said. schools, homes, and offices.
killing of Fr. Mark Anthony Ventura. the evidence come to light and let on authorities to secure more The group had earlier revealed “We accompany our prayer with
Archbishop Sergio Utleg of the probe take its course. convictions. there has been a tremendous fasting,” Tagle said. “Through
Tuguegarao requested that “We do not want to speculate Henrietta de Villa, former increase in the incidence of vote fasting we redirect our focus from
consideration be given to the impact on what the reasons are for his chairperson of the Parish Pastoral buying in the recent barangay and ourselves and our groups to the
of such speculation may be directly death. Neither do we want that the Council for Responsible Voting youth council elections. community.”
having on Ventura’s family and investigation be muddled by the (PPCRV), argued that too often De Villa said it is “s o sad For those who cannot engage
friends. Appeals / A3 persons engaged in vote buying or PPCRV / A7 Laments / A7
A2 WORLD NEWS May 28 - June 10, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 11 CBCP Monitor

Ireland votes to repeal abortion Vatican Briefing

ban, drawing disappointment Marriage proclaims ‘love is possible,’ pope says

from pro-life groups Marriage is a sacrament not only for the bride and groom, but
for the entire Catholic Church, because it proclaims that “love is
possible,” Pope Francis said. “It is true there are difficulties, there
are problems with the children or with the couple themselves --
arguments, fights,” he said May 25 at morning Mass in the Domus
Sanctae Marthae. Seven couples celebrating their 25th or 50th
wedding anniversaries were among those present at the Mass.
But the witness of couples who continue in love, who overcome
the difficulties, he said, proclaims the beauty of God’s plan for
humanity. (Cindy Wooden/CNS)

Abortion doesn’t protect women’s human rights, Vatican official says

It is a contradiction to claim that promoting access to safe
abortions is somehow protecting the human rights of women
and girls, a Vatican representative said. “In fact, abortion denies
the unborn child his or her most basic right -- to life itself,” said
Archbishop Ivan Jurkovic, Vatican observer to U.N. agencies in
Geneva. Jurkovic spoke May 25 at the World Health Assembly, a
meeting of the member states of the World Health Organization
to set W.H.O. policies and programs. He was addressing one of
the agenda items of the May 21-26 meeting, specifically on the
global strategy for the health of women, children and adolescents.
(Carol Glatz/CNS)

Pope to police: A nation can’t survive without families teaching values

The world lacks tenderness today, but families can help bring it
back, Pope Francis said. “The family is the place of tenderness,” he
told thousands of Italian police officers and their family members
Save the 8th Rally, 2018. Courtesy of the Save the Eighth campaign. during an audience at the Vatican May 25. “This era is lacking in
tenderness; it’s necessary to recover it and the family can help with
DUBLIN, Ireland— Exit polls has his or her life ended in Ireland, regard to the equal right to life of this now,” he said. The pope met with officials and staff of the Italian
released on Saturday morning we will oppose that, and make our the mother, guarantees in its laws police force working in Rome as well as officials from the department
are projecting the repeal of the voices known.” to respect, and, as far as practicable, of public safety’s medical assistance division. Among the huge
abortion ban in Ireland, a decision “Abortion was wrong yesterday. by its laws to defend and vindicate number of family members present, there were family members of
pro-life groups are calling tragic and It remains wrong today. The that right.” officers killed in the line of duty or by acts of terrorism. Pope Francis
disappointing. constitution has changed, but the Several Irish lawmakers thanked the police force for “the service it renders to the pope and
“The result of today’s referendum facts have not,” the statement had previously said that if the the church.” However, he used his speech to highlight the role and
is a profound tragedy for the Irish continued. referendum successfully repealed importance of the family when it comes to creating good citizens and
people and the entire world,” said Exit polls by the RTÉ are the eighth amendment, they handing down religious faith. (Carol Glatz/CNS)
Marjorie Dannenfelser, president projecting 69.4 percent of citizens would propose legislation allowing
of the Susan B. Anthony List, in a voted against keeping the Eighth unlimited abortion up to three Everyone must have affordable health care, Vatican official says
May 26 press release. Amendment in the Republic of months into pregnancy, and up Everyone should have access to essential health services and no
“While other Western nations Ireland’s constitution, while 30.6 to six months into pregnancy in one should have to fall into poverty to obtain needed care, a Vatican
including the United States percent voted to keep it, according cases where there might be risk to a representative said. “For many poor communities, families and
acquiesced to the extreme abortion to the BBC. mother’s physical or mental health. individuals, access to the much-needed health care services remains
lobby, Ireland has been a shining 80 percent of the votes have been Despite the high percentage of an unachieved objective,” said Archbishop Ivan Jurkovic, Vatican
beacon of hope for its strong counted, according to the New the population—78 percent—that observer to U.N. agencies in Geneva. “At the same time, hundreds
defense of unborn children and York Times, but official results are identifies as Catholic, polling was split of millions are pushed into extreme poverty because they have to
their mothers,” Dannenfelser expected on Saturday evening. in the weeks leading up to the vote. pay for health services entirely from their own meager resources,”
continued, adding that “we are On May 25, Ireland held a On March 9 the Irish bishops had he said. “Since everyone should have the possibility of benefiting
filled with sorrow at this outcome.” referendum on whether to repeal released a pastoral message on the from necessary health services without falling into poverty, the
A statement from the Save the the country’s Eighth Amendment, right to life, entitled “Two Lives, virtue of solidarity urges us to work toward this goal.” Jurkovic
8th campaign, a group which which recognizes the equal right to One Love.” spoke May 23 at the World Health Assembly, a meeting of the
fought against the legalization of life of the mother and the unborn They warned that changing the member states of the World Health Organization to set W.H.O.
abortion in Ireland, called the vote child. Under current law, the Irish Constitution would serve no policies and programs. (Carol Glatz/CNS)
a “tragedy of historic proportions,” practice of abortion in Ireland is purpose other than to withdraw the
but commended those who stood illegal, unless the mother’s health right to life from some categories of Cameroon bishops alarmed by ‘blind, inhuman, monstrous violence’
up for the right to life, saying “we is deemed to be endangered. unborn children. The situation in English-speaking regions of Cameroon is “marked
are so proud of all those who stood The Eighth Amendment was “To do so would radically change by blind, inhuman, monstrous violence and by a radicalization of
with us in this campaign.” passed in Ireland in 1983, with the principle, for all unborn children positions that alarm us,” said the president of the Cameroon
The campaign additionally noted upwards of 67 percent voter- and indeed for all of us, that the bishops’ conference. “Let us stop all forms of violence and let us
that they would continue fighting approval. It reads, in part: “The right to life is a fundamental human stop killing each other,” said Archbishop Samuel Kleda of Douala,
for the right to life in Ireland, saying State acknowledges the right to right,” they said. (CNA/EWTN the president, in a statement May 16. “Let us save our country from
that “every time an unborn child life of the unborn and, with due News) an unfounded and useless civil war.” Caritas Internationalis, in an
appeal launched May 15, reported that the conflict in Cameroon
After punishing Christian cake baker, Colo. civil rights board revised “has forced 160,000 people out of their homes into the bush and
a further 26,000 to cross into Nigeria as they flee regions ‘stalked
DENVER, Colo.— A new reviews allegations of whether it be the holocaust, part” on grounds of by fear and death.’ Whether a person speaks English or French has
law will revise the Colorado discrimination and makes whether it be—I mean, we “hostility to religion.” become a reason to kill.” (Cindy Wooden/CNS)
Civil Rights Commission, policy recommendations. ... can list hundreds of Kennedy appeared
after the commission Colorado’s Civil Rights situations where freedom critical of the commission, Pray for families, receive an indulgence, Vatican says
gained attention when its Commission was involved of religion has been used saying, “Tolerance is Catholics who participate in the World Meeting of Families in
decision in a free speech in a case that is currently to justify discrimination. essential in a free society. Dublin in August or pray with their families during the Aug. 21-26
case involving a Christian before the U.S. Supreme And to me it is one of the And tolerance is most event can receive a plenary indulgence, the Vatican announced.
cake baker was taken to Court. most despicable pieces meaningful when it’s “So that the faithful prepare spiritually to participate in the event
the U.S. Supreme Court. The case involves of rhetoric that people mutual… It seems to in the best way, His Holiness Pope Francis willingly concedes
Before the Colorado law baker Jack Phillips of can use—…to use their me that the state in its the gift of indulgences,” said the decree released May 22 by the
was changed, the governor Masterpiece Cakes in religion to hurt others.” position here has been Vatican Dicastery for Laity, the Family and Life. To receive the
was allowed to appoint the Denver suburb of The lawsuit was neither tolerant nor indulgence, it said, people must be “truly repentant and motivated
all seven commission Lakewood. decided in favor of the respectful of Mr. Phillips’ by charity” and dedicate themselves “to the sanctification of the
members, with no more In 2012, Phillips was plaintiffs in 2013, and a religious beliefs.” family, following the example of the holy family of Jesus, Mary
than four being from the sued by a same-sex couple Colorado judge ordered At the same time, the and Joseph.” The conditions necessary for receiving a plenary
governor’s own party. after he declined to make Phillips to receive anti- justice had wondered indulgence include having recently gone to confession, receiving
The new law, signed a wedding cake for them discrimination training whether a victory for the the Eucharist and offering prayers for the intentions of the pope.
by Colorado Gov. John on the grounds that and to serve same-sex plaintiff’s argument would Those who cannot travel to Dublin for the event in August still
Hickenlooper May doing so would violate his weddings or stop serving enable discrimination. can receive the indulgence, the decree said, “if, spiritually united
22, now limits the religious beliefs. Phillips weddings altogether. “It means that there’s with the faithful present in Dublin, they recite as a family the Our
governor to appointing had offered to create a He chose to stop serving basically an ability to Father, the creed and other devout prayers” for the good of families.
three Democrats, different cake for the weddings through his boycott gay marriages,” (Cindy Wooden/CNS)
three Republicans couple. The couple was bakery, which he had said Kennedy, who is
and one unaffiliated as able to obtain a rainbow- opened in 1993. considered a swing vote Pope: Church must go where people are indifferent, hostile to the faith
commissioners. Four themed cake from a Phillips lost appeals at in the case. The most desolate places in the world in need of Christ are where
members must be from bakery near Phillips’ cake the state level, and the “If you prevail, could people are indifferent, even hostile to God and his love, Pope
classes protected by law, shop. Colorado Supreme Court the bakery put a sign in its Francis said. The church’s mission is to bring the faith to the ends
three members must be Colorado law did not declined to take the case. window, ‘We do not make of the earth, he said, especially to these “extreme peripheries,”
considered workers, and recognize same-sex In June 2017, the U.S. cakes for gay weddings’?” and to use the many means possible, including social networks, he
three members must be unions as marriages at Supreme Court agreed Kennedy asked Solicitor said. The pope’s remarks came in his message for World Mission
serving as business owners. the time. to hear the case, known General Noel J. Francisco. Sunday, which will be celebrated Oct. 21. This year’s message, titled
The commission The couple took the case as Masterpiece Cakeshop “And you would not posit “Together with young people, let us bring the Gospel to all,” was
will now be subject to before the Colorado Civil v. Colorado Civil Rights that an affront to the gay dedicated to young people. (Carol Glatz/CNS)
legislative audit as well. Rights Commission, which Commission. community?”
The new law says that ruled that by declining Attorneys for the baker Francisco, who backed Christians, Muslims need to cooperate, not compete, cardinal says
if a commissioner has to make the cake, the have argued that forcing Phillips’ case, suggested A competitive attitude between Christians and Muslims fosters
been rejected by the state baker had violated the Phillips to advance a that the baker could the belief that religions are a source of tension and violence, not
senate, the governor state’s anti-discrimination message about marriage say he does not make peace, said Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran. “It is important that we
cannot re-appoint him or law categorizing sexual that is contrary to his faith “custom-made wedding Christians and Muslims recall the religious and moral values that
her to the commission for orientation as a protected violates the Constitution’s cakes for gay weddings, we share, while acknowledging our differences,” said the cardinal,
a period of two years, the class. protections for free but most cakes would president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue. “By
Denver Post reports. In the commission’s speech. not cross that threshold.” recognizing what we hold in common and by showing respect for
The changes come unanimous vote In oral arguments in While there are dignity our legitimate differences, we can more firmly establish a solid
following a February vote against the baker, then- December 2017, U.S. interests at stake, foundation for peaceful relations, moving from competition and
by Republicans on the Commissioner Diane Supreme Court Justice Francisco said, and he confrontation to an effective cooperation for the common good,”
Colorado legislature’s Rice said: “Freedom of Anthony Kennedy had would not minimize he said in a message to Muslims. The annual message was for
Joint Budget Committee religion and religion has asked whether the the same-sex couple’s Ramadan, which began May 16, and Eid al-Fitr, the feast marking
to withhold funding from been used to justify all commission decision dignity interests, “there the end of the monthlong fast, which will be on or around June
the commission until kinds of discrimination could stand if at least one are dignity interests on 15 this year. The Vatican published the message May 18. (Carol
legislative changes were throughout history, member based his or her the other side here too.” Glatz/CNS)
made. The commission whether it be slavery, decision “in significant (CNA/EWTN News)
CBCP Monitor May 28 - June 10, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 11 A3

Taiwanese bishops discuss China Pope to canonize Blesseds Paul VI,

Oscar Romero in Rome Oct. 14
deal, papal visit with Pope Francis
VATICAN— Pope Francis discussed
the state of the Church with Taiwan’s
bishops this week, while assuring
them that episcopal appointments
in China will remain the purview of
the Holy See.
A small group of seven Taiwanese
bishops met with Pope Francis
for their ad limina visit May 14.
During the visit, the Taiwanese
bishops invited Pope Francis to
visit the country on the occasion of
the National Eucharistic Congress,
scheduled to take place next March.
“The pope did not say yes or no,
but he smiled,” Archbishop Hung
Blesseds Paul VI and Oscar Romero to be canonized October 14. They are pictured in undated combination
Shan-chuan of Taipei told Catholic photos. CNS/FILES/OCTAVIO DURAN
News Agency.
A papal visit to Taiwan has already VATICAN— Pope Francis will Blessed Romero’s martyrdom;
been proposed. Taiwanese President Archbishop Hung Shan-Chuan of Taipei. BOHUMIL PETRIK/CNA declare Blesseds Oscar Romero, the Salvadoran archbishop was
Tsai Ing-wen officially forwarded Paul VI and four others saints Oct. beatified three months later in San
the pope an invitation to visit the October and November 2017, two “a possible diplomatic agreement 14 at the Vatican during the meeting Salvador.
country via Cardinal Peter Turkson, conferences in Rome and in Taipei between China and the Holy See... of the world Synod of Bishops, an The Salvadoran bishops’
who was in Taiwan in September celebrated the 75th anniversary of would mean breaking relations with institution Blessed Paul revived. conference and many Salvadorans
2017 for the International Congress their diplomatic relations. Taiwan.” The date was announced May had hoped Pope Francis would
of the Apostleship of the Sea. Speaking Oct. 5, 2017, Matthew “There is a strong interaction 19 during an “ordinary public preside over the canonization in San
Hung told CNA that Taiwan “is like Lee, Taiwan’s ambassador to the between Taiwan and the Holy See,” consistory,” a meeting of the Salvador, particularly because of the
a miniature of the universal Church. Holy See, stressed at one of these he added. pope, cardinals and promoters of difficulty and expense of traveling to
All the religious congregations are commemorations that “Taiwan The Holy See’s diplomatic sainthood causes that formally ends Rome. Others, however, argued that
in Taiwan, both male and female cares a lot about friendship with relations with China were the sainthood process. holding the ceremony at the Vatican
congregations. They have many the Holy See. Our ties are marked established in 1942, and the During the consistory, Cardinal makes it clear that Blessed Romero
activities, and the government by a tight and growing friendship Holy See moved its nunciature in Angelo Amato, prefect of the is a saint for the entire church, not
never interferes with their activities. that is reflected in humanitarian Taiwan during the Chinese Civil Congregation for Saints’ Causes, just for the church in El Salvador.
In addition, all the interreligious projects, in cultural exchanges, War, in 1949. The nunciature— formally petitioned the pope Salvadoran Cardinal Gregorio
relations are peaceful.” in educational and interreligious officially called the ‘nunciature “to enroll in due course among Rosa Chavez told TV2000, the
According to Archbishop Hung, dialogue.” to China’—has not been led by the saints” six candidates for Italian bishops’ television station,
the bishops’ meeting with Pope Archbishop Paul Richard a nuncio since Oct. 25, 1971, canonization “for the glory of God that he hoped Pope Francis would
Francis lasted about 1 hour, and Gallagher, the Holy See’s Secretary when the United Nations ceased and the good of the whole church.” make a brief trip to San Salvador in
bishops spoke with the pope for Relations with States, to recognize the Taipei-based Each of the candidates, the January to pray at the tomb of by-
primarily about family issues and underscored at the same meeting government as that of China. At cardinal told the pope, gave “a then St. Oscar Romero. The pope
vocations in Taiwan. that “the Holy See will keep on being that time, the Holy See transferred convinced and coherent witness will be in Central America for World
“The pope asked how many a Taiwan’s companion in the family its nuncio to Taipei and did not to the Lord Jesus. Their example Youth Day in Panama.
vocations there were in Taiwan, of people.” appoint a successor. Since then, continues to enlighten the church Blessed Paul VI, who was born
and we told him we had 12 vocations Despite these mutual declarations the mission in Taipei is headed and the world in accordance with Giovanni Battista Montini, was
in 7 dioceses, that are quite a few. of friendship, there has always only by a chargé d’affairs. the perspective of mercy that your pope from 1963 to 1978. He
The pope wanted to understand why been the concern that the Holy See Archbishop Hung also told CNA Holiness never ceases to indicate presided over the final sessions of
there were not so many vocations,” would drop diplomatic relations that “the pope is well informed,” and propose.” the Second Vatican Council and
Archbishop Hung said. with Taiwan if it gets a diplomatic about negotiations with China, and Briefly giving a biographical its initial implementation. He also
Taiwan might also be affected by agreement with China. China that the pope said to the Taiwanese sketch of the candidates, Cardinal wrote “Humanae Vitae,” a 1968
an eventual China – Holy See deal. regards Taiwan as rebel province, bishops that episcopal appointment Amato said that during El Salvador’s encyclical on married love, the 1975
The Holy See has long maintained not a sovereign nation. must stay in the Holy See’s hands. civil war, Archbishop Romero, apostolic exhortation “Evangelii
diplomatic ties with Taiwan. On Archbishop Hung noted that (Andrea Gagliarducci/CNA) “outraged at seeing the violence Nuntiandi” on evangelization and
against the weak and the killing of “Populorum Progressio,” a 1967
Parish turns garbage dump into mini zoo priests and catechists, felt the need
to assume an attitude of fortitude.
encyclical on social development
and the economy.
On March 24, 1980, he was killed Speaking in 2013 to a group
SHEEP, peacocks, native said. “Soon, someone
while celebrating the Mass.” of pilgrims from Brescia, Italy,
pigs, hamsters, chickens, donated monkeys;
Reviewing the facts of Blessed Pope Paul’s home diocese, Pope
lovebirds, and other another donated doves.”
Paul’s life, Cardinal Amato Francis said his predecessor had
animals thrive today in One of the monkeys was
highlighted how, as a high-level “experienced to the full the church’s
what used to be garbage donated by an individual
official in the Vatican Secretariat travail after the Second Vatican
dump inside a parish who could not afford to
of State during World War II, the Council: the lights, the hopes, the
church compound in give the animal optimal
future pope “organized charitable tensions. He loved the church and
Quezon City. care, Tuazon noted.
assistance and hospitality for those expended himself for her, holding
The area was first Today, the monkey is in
persecuted by Nazism and Fascism, nothing back.”
transformed from a good shape.
particularly the Jews.” And, beatifying Pope Paul in
rubbish dump into a “It also serves as a
Pope Francis then certified that 2014, Pope Francis noted that even
garden in 2017, shared Fr. rescue center,” he said.
he had solicited the opinion of the in the face of “a secularized and
Roland Tuazon, Santuario It started with 3 native
cardinals, who agreed that “these hostile society,” Pope Paul “could
De San Vicente De Paul pigs, the priest pointed
same blesseds should be proposed hold fast, with farsightedness and
parish priest. out. Now they have 23.
to the whole church as examples of wisdom—and at times alone—to the
“We started it last year,” One has promised to
Christian life and holiness.” helm of the barque of Peter while
he said. “It’s an effort of donate a pair of ostrich, In 2017, Santuario De San Vicente De Paul transformed a garbage dump
on its grounds into a mini-zoo that houses peacocks, sheep, monkeys, and Blessed Romero, the archbishop of never losing his joy and his trust in
the parish in response he said, noting that the lovebirds, among others. OLIVER SAMSON San Salvador, was assassinated one the Lord.”
to the challenge by Pope area can be developed
day after calling on the government Pope Francis referred to him as
Francis.” further. ornamental plants are encourages, supports,
to end its violation of the human “this great pope, this courageous
Known as the Laudato “My dream is to make also grown in the garden. and rewards families
rights of El Salvador’s people. Christian, this tireless apostle,”
Si Community Garden, it really economically Aside from the Laudato and communities that do
While Catholics inside and outside who demonstrated a “humble and
more animals were viable,” Tuazon said. Si Garden, the parish’s urban gardening.
El Salvador recognized him as a prophetic witness of love for Christ
brought in after they The garden and its fishpond is home to In 2016, the parish
martyr immediately, his sainthood and his church.”
put pigs to generate and “mini zoo” are open to several fishes and a launched urban gardening
cause was stalled for years as some The other men and women to be
provide the area with the public for free, assures number of ducks. contests, rewarding
church leaders debated whether canonized include: Father Francesco
organic fertilizer, Tuazon the priest. According to the priest, outstanding urban
he was killed for his faith or for his Spinelli of Italy, founder of the Sisters
recounted. “Everyone is welcome, if people are also welcome gardeners with prizes
politics. Adorers of the Blessed Sacrament;
“When people saw some he is interested,” Tuazon to fish in the pond for ranging from Php5,000
As Pope Francis told a group Father Vincenzo Romano, who
animals here, they started said. leisure. to Php20,000. (Oliver
of Salvadoran pilgrims in 2015, worked with the poor of Naples,
donating animals,” he Vegetables, herbs, and The parish also Samson/CBCPNews)
even after his death Blessed Italy, until his death in 1831; Mother
Romero “was defamed, slandered, Catherine Kasper, the German
Priest: Ireland’s vote on ‘right to life’ could affect Filipinos his memory tarnished, and his founder of the religious congregation,
martyrdom continued, including by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ;
AS the people of Ireland decide regard to the equal right to life of missionary appealed to the Catholic his brothers in the priesthood and and Nazaria Ignacia March Mesa, the
today in a referendum whether to the mother, guarantees in its laws faithful “to stand firm in the faith in the episcopate.” Spanish founder of the Congregation
uphold or repeal a provision which to respect, and, as far as practicable, that we received five centuries ago In February 2015 Pope Francis of the Missionary Crusaders of the
gives equal rights to the life of by its laws to defend and vindicate for God has a plan for us for being signed the formal decree recognizing Church. (Cindy Wooden/CNS)
the mother and the unborn child, that right.” the Christian nation in Asia.”
a Filipino missionary in Ireland “Another point that is critical In connection to this, Ayuyao Appeals / A1
believes the decision will have a in this issue,” Ayuyao expounded, shared his experience as part of the
great impact on Filipinos and the “is that when abortion is legalized, Filipino community in Ireland. spreading unfounded rumors and Ventura and eight women.
Philippines. those who work in the health care “Filipinos make the Church in malicious insinuations,” Utleg said. But the archdiocese still vouched
“The issue is very serious for the sector will be obliged to perform Ireland more vibrant. They are very The archbishop said he trusts that on the Ventura’s integrity, even
reason that it will change not only abortions whenever they are active in their different parishes.” the police is doing its job “faithfully” describing him as “a dedicated
the Constitution of the Republic demanded.” “The Irish people are fond of in order to come out with solid priest, a zealous pastor, and
of Ireland but also what the Irish “Many nurses here in Ireland are them when they celebrate popular evidence, arrest the killers and missionary to the peripheries”.
people and other pro-life nations of Filipino descent with Catholic devotions here, like the Sto. Niño, determine the mastermind. “He was beloved by all who knew
represent,” said Fr. Leonard S. background, so, they will be bound Nuestra Señora de la Peñafrancia, “Obviously he had enemies. We him. He was an affectionate person,
Ayuyao, SSS, currently assigned to by law to assist in abortions even if San Miguel, and the Simbang Gabi, do not know who they are or why sympathetic, close and intimate to
the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in it is against their consciences,” the because they express their faith they had to kill him,” said Utleg. many people: rich and poor, men
Dublin, Ireland. priest disclosed. even when they are in a foreign “We hope and pray that the real and women, young and old,” Utleg
According to the priest, the He also noted the essentially land, which is not being done by truth will come out so that justice for added.
Irish people’s decision on the 8th “Catholic and family-oriented” the Irish Catholics nowadays,” he Fr. Mark will finally be served,” he said The 37-year-old priest was
Amendment of their Constitution values of the Irish and how the revealed. Utleg made the statement shot dead by still unidentified
can have repercussions for pro-life choice to legalize abortion will “Our countrymen there at home after President Rodrigo Duterte motorcycle-riding men just he was
Filipinos and their nation, sending “destroy their identity,” officially can be more prayerful and strive insinuated that illicit affairs may be blessing children after celebrating
it “a message.” making them a “secular country.” more to understand the Church’s behind the priest’s killing. Mass in Gattaran, Cagayan on April
teaching in faith and morals because In his speech before residents and 29.
‘Right to life’ More vibrant Church in Ireland people who promote the ‘pro- local officials of Tabongon, Cebu He was a known environmental
The 8th Amendment reads “The As the Church in the Philippines choice’ agenda are ignorant of the on Sunday, Duterte also showed a activist and advocate of tribal
State acknowledges the right to prepares to commemorate 500 truth,” Ayuyao added. (Fr. Mickey matrix titled “Possible Motive (Love people’s rights in Cagayan province.
life of the unborn and, with due years of evangelization, the Filipino Cardenas/CNS) Triangle” and has on it pictures of (CBCPNews)
A4 OPINION May 28 - June 10, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 11 CBCP Monitor


A prolife awakening for Catholic Ireland

WHAT happened in Ireland few days ago was unimaginable
two decades ago. In a May 25 referendum, voters decided
by a margin of 66.4 percent to 33.6 percent to remove the
right to life of the unborn from the constitution. It repealed
the Eight Amendment of the Irish Constitution that for ages
protected the unborn.
The turnout of the referendum stunned not a few. “Like
many others who advocated a NO vote in the referendum,
I am deeply saddened that we appear to have obliterated
the right to life of all unborn children from our constitution
and that his country is now on the brink of legislating for a
liberal abortion regime,” said Archbishop Eamon Martin of
the National Marian Shrine in Armagh, Northern Ireland.
In the public discourse leading to the referendum, abortion
was obviously framed as a human rights issue for women and
for prenatal humans. In social media and in public debates the
discussion was mostly converging on very secular perspectives.
Some observers easily noticed that the Catholic Church was
conspicuously absent in online discourse which meant to
some as reflective of the condition of the Church in the wake
of successive sexual abuse scandals by the Irish clergy.


At the aftermath, the Irish Church felt the need to be
missionary in its pastoral ministry. “The Irish Church after
the Referendum must renew its commitment to support life…
The Church is called to be pro-life, however not only in words
and statement and manifestations but to be pro-life in deeds,”
Archbishop Martin was quoted as saying, as he pointed out
that “reshaping the Church of tomorrow must be marked by
a radical discovery of its roots.”
The next World Meeting of Families will be held this
August 25-26 in Ireland. This obviously is an opportune Consequences of the Panaghoy
time to boost the Irish Church. “In August, we will united
as a family, to renew that sense of family when the World quo warranto decision Bp. Broderick Pabillo
Meeting of Families comes here. We have the privilege of Pope
Francis coming, and today I cannot think of his visit being
more timely; to come here and remind us of the importance
of May 11
of family, of the love we have of family, of the reality that,
yes, families get bruised sometimes, but they should never MUCH has been written on why the Quo such a decision: not even provided by law.
be broken,” said Bishop Brendan Leahy of Limerick, Ireland. Warranto Decision of the Supreme Court 1. It tells us that the justices of the 4. The Supreme Court is now seen
Perhaps, the abortion referendum will provoke Ireland to on May 11 was flawed. Legal luminaries, Supreme Court cannot be trusted in as a Duterte Court. It has lost its
a prolife awakening. former chief justices, numerous lawyer interpreting the Constitution. With independence from the executive
groups, church people, academic circles, convoluted arguments, they can bend branch. It can no longer put a check to
The battle in public opinion NGO leaders, politicians and many the interpretation according to their the whims of the one in power.
others have expressed and continue purposes. This case clearly bears this 5. The justices in the Supreme Court
IT used to be that the ‘war zone’ is quite far and remote from us. to express their indignation at the out. can easily become a barkadahan of
But now with the new technologies which have made the world blatant disregard for the Philippine 2. The decision to oust the Chief likeminded persons. Anyone with
smaller and more tightly interconnected, the ‘war zone’ has spread Constitutions and for the rules of law. Justice of the land sends a signal that a different view can be taken out
out quite widely and is now quite near to all us, irrespective of Of course, there are also defenders of nobody is safe in the country anymore. by themselves. Not only does the
where we are. And many times too close for comfort. the decision but their arguments are so If the Chief Justice herself cannot get Supreme Court as an institution lost its
It’s about the battle in the area of public opinion. If you flimsy. From now on, it could no longer justice, who else can? I do not say that independence. Each of the justices has
follow the American talk shows in YouTube, for example, be invoked that because a decision the Chief Justice is without fault. I lost his/her independence. Each has to
you will most likely have a good picture of how things are comes from the Supreme Court it has just ask that she be tried in the proper look over his/her shoulder if his/her
there—a lot of vicious exchanges interspersed with frivolous to be right. The High Court has made an forum – in the senate according to decisions and ways will sit well with the
commentaries that only show the kind of mentalities, cultures, enormous blunder, and it will take a lot impeachment rules where she can gang. Objective justice will not anymore
ideologies people have. of effort—and perhaps time—to redeem defend herself. be the main concern. Who can trust such
There’s a lot of slamming and bashing, nitpicking and fault- itself, if ever. 3. No appointed officials, even of a court?
finding, absolutizing what is relative, dogmatizing what simply But some are asking, does it really constitutional bodies such as the The quo warranto decision and how
are matters of personal or class preferences. Yes, a lot of matter that the decision was reached in ombudsman, the commissioner on audit it was arrived at have brought down the
useless noise. Rash judgments, suspicions, reckless comments this way? The process may be wrong, and the commissioner of the COMELEC, Supreme Court. People are protesting
are having a field day. The large networks cannot anymore but what consequences will it have in can be free from now on from undue because they know that it is also bringing
truly say that they are being objective and fair since they only our democratic life? pressure in doing their job. They have down our democracy. Dictatorial rule
cater to some segments of society who share their views. In From a non-lawyer’s point of view, to kowtow to those in power or else they is already upon us. Can we take this
other words, they have become subjective big-time. They here are some of the consequences of can be eased from their office by means without a whimper?
cannot be trusted anymore as purveyors of truth and justice,
and active agents of peace and the common good. When they
say, for example, that they are “Moving Truth Forward” or
Living Mission Being an authentic
that they are the “Most Trusted Name in the News” or that
they are “Objective and Balanced,” we can now readily say that Fr. James H. Kroeger, MM “missionary disciple”
we are actually being taken for a ride. Tell it to the Marines. Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons
What is now made very clear is that they are all carriers of
their own interests and agenda that are over and above what
they profess as their service toward the common good. IN Evangelii Gaudium, Pope evangelization of today’s we are always ‘missionary is the most concrete way of
The world of public opinion is in great need of redemption. Francis proposes a profound world…. All renewal in the disciples’” (120). serving Jesus.
And its savior can, of course, be only Christ who is the savior of missionary renewal of the Church must have mission Sensitivity to the fringes Addressing bishops,
everyone and of everything in this world. Without him, forget entire Church; certainly as its goal if it is not to fall and margins. From the priests, and religious in
it, we will never have a decent exchange of views in the world of the clergy and religious prey to a kind of ecclesial beginning of his ministry the Manila Cathedral on
public opinion. What we will have is the remaking of the Law of are central to this renewal. introversion” (27). as Bishop of Rome, Pope January 16, 2015, Francis
Talion—eye-for-an-eye, tooth-for-a-tooth kind of discussion. Of Francis asserts that we need A pivotal insight of Pope Francis has asserted that emphasized the challenge
course, there will always be those who would say that involving an “evangelizing Church Francis is that “we are all the authority of the clergy to serve the poor and needy,
Christ in this business of public opinion will destroy the very that comes out of herself,” missionary disciples” and consecrated persons “those living in the midst
character of public opinion and will defeat its purpose. not a Church that is “self- (119); through baptism, is always linked to service, of a society burdened by
We need to overcome that myth if we want to remain referential” and “lives within “all the members of the especially to the care and poverty and corruption,
human, let alone, Christian. Our public opinion need to reflect herself, of herself, for herself.” People of God have become protection of the poorest, tempted to give up.” Those
the dignity that we all have as persons and as children of “I dream of a ‘missionary missionary disciples” (120). weakest, the least important, in Church leadership face
God who are ruled by truth that will always be infused with option,’ that is, a missionary All Christians are “agents the most needy, those readily the “challenge of proclaiming
charity. For a truth and justice without charity would not be impulse capable of of evangelization…. Every forgotten, the marginalized, the radicalism of the Gospel
truth and justice at all. It is not true that putting Christ at transforming everything, so Christian is a missionary to and those on the fringes in a society which has grown
the center of our public discussion of issues would undermine that the Church’s customs, the extent that he or she has of society. In Argentina, comfortable with social
our earnest pursuit for what is truly fair and just in our life ways of doing things, times encountered the love of God Francis was known as the exclusion, polarization, and
in common. It is not true that putting Christ at the center of and schedules, language in Christ Jesus: we no longer “slum bishop” for his regular scandalous inequality”; they
our public discussion of issues would simply ask us to pray and structures can be say that we are ‘disciples’ and contact with the poor; he must remember that “the
and suffer and thereby adversely affect our pursuit for social suitably channeled for the ‘missionaries,’ but rather that believes that such service Living Mission / A5
progress and justice.
With Christ, there will always be prudence and tact, delicacy
and compassion, broad-mindedness and respect for opposite Our blessings and Candidly Speaking
views in our discussions and debates. Charity will always
prevail irrespective of how different our opinions may be. misfortunes Fr. Roy Cimagala

WE should have the proper attitude his creation. He has endowed us with have, etc.,-- these things should lead us
towards our blessings and misfortunes. intelligence and will and showered us to be most thankful to God and to keep
Given our condition, these are with his grace such that we truly become being close to him, always doing his will,
PROTAGONIST OF TRUTH, PROMOTER OF PEACE unavoidable items in our life and we his image and likeness, and adopted because away from him, we can only
just need to know how to handle them, children of his through Christ in the have problems.
Pedro Quitorio
so we can take advantage of them rather Holy Spirit. Even our misfortunes can be a source
than get spoiled by them. This basic truth about ourselves of blessing as long as we go through
Nirva’ana Delacruz Ron Ramos The basic attitude to have is, of course, should infuse us with a deep sense of them with God. Everything will always
Associate Editor Design Artist to count our blessings always, rather joy and confidence, in spite of whatever work out for the good, St. Paul reassured
than brood over our misfortunes. Our problem, difficulty, mistake and sin we us. (cfr Rom 8,28)
Roy Lagarde Mercedita Juanite blessings are obvious and countless, can commit. Let’s always remember the We have to be wary of a strong current
News Editor Circulation Manager
and we need to take account of them parable of the prodigal son. No matter trend in the world today where people
Christine Paguirigan Marcelita Dominguez especially as we go through the usual how much we abuse God’s goodness, tend to depend simply only on their
Managing Editor Comptroller challenges, trials and difficulties in our God will always welcome us back if we own resources instead of going to God.
life. We tend to take them for granted. decide to go back to him. Such attitude, no matter how brilliant,
The CBCP Monitor is published fortnightly by the Areopagus To be sure, God is always there for us. Besides, it would be good if we are talented and gifted a person is, cannot
Communications, Inc. with editorial and business offices at
Ground Flr., Holy Face of Jesus Center & Convent, 1111 He will never fail us. It’s rather us who constantly aware of the many good cope with all the challenges in life.
F. R. Hidalgo Street, Quiapo, Manila. Editorial: (632) 404 - can fail him and ourselves. things that we enjoy in life and that Sooner or later, he will be overcome by
2182. Email Address: cbcpmonitor@areopaguscommunications.
com, Business: (632) 404 - 1612. ISSN 1908-2940. Let’s never forget that we are creatures we tend to take for granted. The air we life’s problems and troubles.
of God, and in fact, the masterpiece of breathe, the food we eat, the family we Candidly Speaking / A7
CBCP Monitor May 28 - June 10, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 11 OPINION A5

A lesson from Ireland

Life Matters By the Roadside
By Carlos Antonio P. Palad Fr. Eutiquio ‘Euly’ Belizar, Jr. SThD

ON May 25, the people of the Republic

of Ireland voted by a landslide (66.4%)
in the world, Ireland became yet
another typically secularized European
century. Today, what was once the
motherland of missionaries is itself in
To the depths and back:
to remove their Constitution’s “Eighth
Amendment,” which for 35 years was a
country. The sexual abuse crisis in the
Church there (probably the worst in the
dire need of missionaries.
The grim lesson from all of these is
the priest who survived
strong defense against the liberalization
of abortion laws in the country. The
worldwide Church), the complacency
of the hierarchy, and the doctrinal and
that we cannot afford to be complacent.
We should not look at Ireland and say,
a burning car crash
8th Amendment—technically known moral confusion and lukewarmness “that won’t happen here, we Filipinos
as Article 40.3.3—reads as follows: of many clergy and laity accelerated love children too much!” I have been FR EDMEL R. is among the youngest priests of the Diocese
“The State acknowledges the right to the fall of Irish Catholicism. In 1984, active in the pro-life movement for of Borongan. But after a near fatal accident he went through
life of the unborn and, with due regard Mass attendance in Ireland stood at some time now, and I clearly remember last February 13, 2018, on the eve of Valentine’s Day, he
to the equal right to life of the mother, 87%; in 2011-2012 it stood between the complacency of many Catholics has shown a maturity not only of mind but also of faith
guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as 30-35%, and most likely it has gotten in the face of what was then the well beyond his years. He will be the first to object to this
far as practicable, by its laws to defend worse since. The Irish media was almost Reproductive Health (RH) Bill. I kept characterization, I suppose; still, I do not believe I am the
and vindicate that right.” In practice, it entirely one-sided in favor of repealing hearing variations of “It won’t pass, this only one who has noticed.
was a constitutional ban on abortion, the amendment, and the Irish youth is the Philippines!” and “Mama Mary Returning from a priests’ assembly to a string of
and protected the right to life of unborn voted way more than 80% to repeal it: a will protect us” when I warned some of scheduled acts, he was in a hurry to reach his assignment,
babies in Ireland even as most of Europe troubling sign for the future. Vocations my fellow Catholic activists about the the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady Parish, Guiuan,
crushed this right in the name of various are at a free fall, with only one diocesan grave danger that it will pass. And pass Eastern Samar, when he slipped into an unintended doze
secular ideologies. seminary left open (Maynooth) in the it did. Long before the RH Bill passed, while at the wheel, something that could have come from a
This line of defense is now gone, and Republic of Ireland itself and only seven however, the Filipino people were lack of sleep or fatigue or both. In the instant that he came
as of this writing, the Irish government is men starting their priestly formation already being desensitized to dangers to, his car was swerving to the left lane and he instinctively
quickly moving forward with legislation there in 2017. This is a far cry from the of contraception by the relentless turned the wheel to the right. To his horror, he realized he
to permit unrestricted abortion in the days—well within living memory—when drumbeat of media and government overdid his effort and before he could correct himself, he
first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Ireland sent thousands of missionary support for it. found himself headed to an electric post and, even as he
The Eighth Amendment itself was priests all over the world. In our very At presen, many anti-life and anti- was staring death in the face, he also found himself praying
approved by the Irish people in a own Philippines, Irish missionaries— family laws are pending in Congress: loudly and especially calling on the Blessed Virgin’s name
referendum in 1983, with 66.9% voting Redemptorists, Columbans, Carmelites, will we Filipino Catholics continue to for help. By this time his car had also burst into flames, but
in favor. That was only 35 years or a and others—served numerous parishes be quiet and complacent? If we do, for some reason he could not explain, he could not detach
generation ago. What changed? From and were indispensable to the continued then before long we may be legalizing himself from his seat belt and thus could not flee from the
being one of the most Catholic countries evangelization of our people in the 20th abortion and euthanasia too. vehicle. Mercifully, a man handed him a bolo which he would
use to cut the belt and break himself free from the burning

Without the Holy Spirit, car. He ran to the waiting company of sympathetic mothers,
daughters and curious onlookers till he was brought finally

we are nothing Duc in Altum to the local hospital.

Unknown to him, another priest, Fr Moses C., the
Atty. Aurora A. Santiago Moderator of their Team Ministry, was also on his way back
to the parish. Having been contacted by the bishop about
Fr Edmel’s accident and told to not hurry too much as help
had already come to Fr Edmel, still Fr Moses drove in the
DATELINE: San Diego, The Pope further said that Persons. It is the theme of member of the Sacrament direction of his brother priest. He never made it. On that
California: In his latest “during Confirmation it is the 6th year in our 9 years of Holy Orders in Hagonoy, fateful, gloomy and rainy afternoon before Valentine’s Day, a
General Audience at St. Christ who fills us with his journey to Year 2021, the together with Msgr. Sabino truck’s rear smacked and pounded his service vehicle killing
Peter’s Square, Pope Spirit and makes us sharers 500th year of Christianity Vengco, Jr.. Having been Fr Moses instantly. When he eventually heard of the tragedy,
Francis reflected on the of his own life and mission, in the Philippines. It was born in Hagonoy, Bulacan, Fr. Edmel confessed to feeling like his own heart was breaking
Sacrament of Confirmation in accordance to God’s in March 1521 when the I am very proud that despite and bleeding for an older brother and a mentor.
which “confirms” the grace saving plan. To be true First Mass was celebrated the scarcity of producing Yet in the days and months that passed when he went
of Baptism. He talked about Christians, we must take in the Philippines and the priests, my hometown through the harrowing process of recovery, he became a some
the importance of the Holy an active role in fulfilling first sacrament of baptism continues to contribute kind of a local social media sensation updating fellow priests,
Spirit in our everyday life. the Church’s mission in the was held. Congratulations members of the priesthood. friends, relatives and classmates on his latest condition or
He said “only the Spirit of world.” Fr. Richard, Fr. Jay-Ar and Congratulations Fr. Niňo! the latest procedure and treatment he was having, while also
Christ can make us ‘salt *** Rev. Angelo! *** asking for prayers and offering his own prayers for anyone in
that gives taste’ and ‘light Most Rev. Pablo Virgilio *** In a week’s time, two need. As we have witnessed periodically through photos or
that illuminates the world’ S. David, Bishop of The item in CBCP News bishops passed on: Bishop visits, he suffered very serious burns especially on the left side
of his body and legs, burns that, clearly even to onlookers,
It is during Confirmation Kalookan, ordained two caught my attention. It Jose Oliveros of the Diocese
must have been extremely painful at one point or another. In
that we are anointed with (2) new priests in the says “Hagonoy’s 116th of Malolos and Bishop
all this he honestly has been sharing his hopes and doubts, his
Chrism, we are given the Diocese: Rev. Jay Arvin priest-son celebrates Camilo Gregorio, Bishop desolations and consolations, his perplexities and humor. He
great gift of the Holy Spirit, De Leon and Rev. Rene thanksgiving Mass.” Rev. Emeritus of the Prelature has opened some of us priests’ and lay people’s eyes not only
so that we can bear witness Richard Bernardo. In his Fr. Niňo Jomel Halili De of Batanes. Eternal rest to the reality of suffering but also to the need to bravely move
to Christ before the world.” homily, Bishop David said Leon had his Thanksgiving grant unto them oh Lord, on with life while embracing it. What matters is “following
Chrism is the oil mixed that kenosis is a lifetime Mass in our parish church, and let perpetual light shine Him” and rediscovering how suffering is a way to do just
with perfume that has been discipline; it is emptying The National Shrine of St. upon them. May they rest in that, even when life seems to have run out of “roads” or even
consecrated by the bishop of oneself so that Jesus Anne. Fr. De Leon had his peace, Amen. “legs” to walk on by.
during Chrism Mass in will appear, talk and act secondary and priestly Following the death of Indeed the Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons has
the morning of Maundy through us”. He stated that religious formation at the Bishop Oliveros, Pope been hardly uneventful for the Borongan Clergy. Nor has it
Thursday. to follow Jesus, one must Immaculate Conception Francis appointed Bishop been uneventful for the Church all over the Philippines. The
Pope Francis catechized prepared to be in danger, Seminary (Minor) and the Honesto Ongtioco of the recent killings of Fr Marcelito Paez of the Diocese of San Jose
that with Baptism, we are be denied and be crucified Immaculate Conception Diocese of Cubao as the and of Fr Mark Ventura of the Archdiocese of Tuguegarao are
reborn to new life while like Him. Jesus said “you Major Seminary in Apostolic Administrator of jolting events. Both crimes are still unsolved and, although it
with Confirmation we are are not my slave but my Guiguinto, Bulacan. Malolos. His appointment hardly came as a surprise, the president’s remarks linking Fr
given the strength to go friend. No love is greater He stated in his homily includes “all the faculties Ventura’s death to his alleged affairs, not only added insult to
forward as Christians. Thus, than be ready to offer one’s what a true servant of God and rights to exercise the the injury weighing heavily on the memory of someone who
“without the strength of life for his friend”. is: “Love must be expressed. office of a diocesan bishop.” is no longer able to defend his good name; it further casts
the Holy Spirit we can do A Deacon was also It’s not just about words. The current bishop of into light the open hostility of the current administration
nothing: it is the Spirit that ordained in the person It’s about imitating Jesus Batanes is Bishop Danilo to whatever and whoever reminds him of the Catholic
gives us the strength to of Rev. Philippe Angelo with one’s actions. God’s Ulep. Church. The trolls that tirelessly and unquestioningly
move forward. It is God’s Garcia. It is by the grace of love is not choosy. He loves *** support him daily pound on the Church, on priests
By the Roadside / A7
great gift to us. It is in our God that two priests and everyone. The Holy Spirit Happy Birthday to my
heart and in our soul, and it a deacon were ordained in comes in his special way brother Benito Santiago Jr.
Living Mission / A4
guides us in life so that we the Diocese of Kalookan to each of us because you Happy 101st Birthday of my
may become salt and light during the Year of the are preciously loved.” Fr. mother Gloria Santiago in poor are at the center of the disease of those who live
of the world.” Clergy and Consecrated De Leon is the latest to be Heaven. Gospel, are at the heart of a double life.” Beware of
the Gospel; if we take away “the disease of gossiping,
the poor from the Gospel we grumbling and back-biting….

Whatever 0.38 seconds cannot understand the whole

message of Jesus Christ.”
Brothers, let us be on our
guard against the terrorism
Beware of clerical of gossip!”
Fr. Francis Ongkingco diseases. Perhaps the most Quality preaching is
pointed address of Pope essential. In particular,
Francis to alert the clergy and Pope Francis has spoken to the
religious to some possible clergy in Evangelii Gaudium
THIS is how short it took a Rubik’s how we face life’s many challenges. missed the bus. “diseases” in their life and about the homily and good
Robot to solve the famous puzzle cube It isn’t so much about simply solving If you want to know the value of ministry is found in his 2014 preaching (135-159). Francis
invented by the Hungarian sculptor problems but more like going through one second, ask the person who just Christmas message to the noted: “Preparation for
and architecture teacher Ernő Rubik different activities at different escaped death in a car accident. Roman Curia (December preaching is so important a
back in the 1980s. This record unseats moments and intensities. During the And if you want to know the value 22, 2014). Francis listed task that a prolonged time of
the previous record of .637 seconds by day, what counts isn’t so much the of one-hundredth of a second, ask the fifteen items; some are noted study, prayer, reflection and
Albert Beer, a German engineer and speed or output of what we do, but athlete who won a silver medal in the here. There is “the disease of pastoral creativity should be
his robot Sub1 Reloaded. the love and sacrifice we put in them. Olympics. thinking we are ‘immortal,’ devoted to it” (145). “What is
According to the BBC, the inventors This doesn’t mean that we can forgo (Marc Levy, Et si c’était vrai...) ‘immune,’ or downright essential is that the preacher
believe that more efficient motors a more structured and scheduled day. There is, however, another element ‘indispensable’; … it is an be certain that God loves him,
could actually produce a faster result. We still need to put a lot of premium that must combine with time: the effect of the pathology of that Jesus Christ has saved
Sadly, it seems, they have lost the on one of man’s most valuable intention behind everything we do. power, from a superiority him and that his love always
interest to continue fine-tuning the treasures in life: time. Neglecting the This changes the gameplay of the day complex.” “Another disease has the last word” (151).
is the ‘Martha complex,’ Speaking to newly ordained
robot. There were also some “minor” efficient and productive use of our because the good use of time isn’t
excessive busy-ness…. Jesus priests, Francis said: “May
problems, such as damaging a number time could enslave us to presumption reduced to speed or an outcome, but
called his disciples to ‘rest a your homilies not be boring;
of cubes during the tests. and laziness. I once read an interesting in the reason behind for doing things while’.” may your homilies touch the
When I try my hand at the cube, I end reflection that helps to value time: which has to be love. Pope Francis lists other heart of the people because
up getting overcome by frustration. An If you want to know the value of one No matter how efficient and possible diseases such as they come from your heart,
hour would be insufficient for me to year, ask a student who failed a course. productive we may get in our work and “spiritual Alzheimer’s disease because what you are telling
solve it. I would get envious seeing If you want to know the value of one relationships, if we are spending them [which] consists of losing them is what you carry in
many young boys dexterously flipping month, ask a mother who gave birth out of self-love and gain, then we will the memory of our personal your heart.” (April 26, 2015).
the cube, their fingers like a spider to a premature baby. end up becoming sad and lonely. But if ‘salvation history,’ our past “Let us ask the Virgin Mary …
spinning a colorful web in a blur, and If you want to know the value of one we work, study, or play out of love for history with the Lord and to make us love the Church
within minutes complete the cube. hour, ask lovers waiting to meet. God and others, then even the smallest our ‘first love’.” One sees as Christ, her Son and our
This attempt to efficiently solve If you want to know the value of and most hidden human reality can “the disease of existential Lord, loves her” (December
puzzles intrigued me to relate it to one minute, ask the person who just have eternal underpinnings. schizophrenia; this is the 22, 2014).
A6 LOCAL NEWS May 28 - June 10, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 11 CBCP Monitor

Women invited to confab

on ‘feminine giftedness’

Participants at the first Jewels Conference in 2016 learned more about God’s special
design and plans for them as women. SVRTV

AIMING to gather thousands Jewels Conference is going

A woman venerates the pilgrim relic of St. Augustine at the Basilica Minore de Sto. Niño on May 26. The bone relic, under the custody of the Postulator General Fra. Dennis
of women to empower them to be a venue for them to Ruiz of the Order of Discalded Augustinians in Rome, arrived in Cebu City on May 20 and will be touring different parishes in the country until June 28. SAMMY NAVAJA
to see how “they are meant be reminded of that again,”
to shine and bless the world,” added Albino.

DOJ extends Sr. Fox’s deadline to leave PH

Shepherd’s Voice Radio & TV According to a press
Foundation, Inc. (SVRTV) release, the event also
invites women of all ages “seeks to empower women
to the RADIANCE: Jewels in their personal journey of
Conference 2018 on June 2, balancing their roles, careers, THE Department of Justice
2018 (Saturday) from 8:00 relationships, and dreams.” (DOJ) granted a reprieve to
a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the SMX A one-day event, the Sr. Patricia Fox, who has been
Convention Center in Pasay conference will feature lay ordered to leave the country
City, Manila. preacher and international for allegedly violating the
“Women have to play speaker and author Bo terms of her missionary visa.
different roles all at the same Sanchez, Rissa Singson- DOJ Secretary Menardo
time. The Jewels Conference Kawpeng of Kerygma Guevarra asked the Bureau
will inspire them how to Magazine, Sr. Eppie Brasil of Immigration to comment
manage these roles altogether of Regina Rica, TV actresses on Fox’s petition to review
and allow them to see the Dimples Romana and Ai Ai her case in 10 days.
beauty of these roles the way De Las Alas, and worship In his order that was
God designed it to be,” said leader Veia Lim-Vinas. issued few hours after Fox’s
Ruby Jean Albino, marketing Interested parties may camp filed the petition,
director of SVRTV, in an choose the kind of ticket Guevarra said that the nun
interview with CBCPNews. they want online at www. has until June 18 to leave the
Since Jewels is open jewelsconference.com or Philippines.
to women of all ages, the at The Feast near them. The BI earlier said that that
conference’s content was Freebies like a Jewels 71-year-old nun has until
designed to be relevant to journal plus reserved May 25 to leave the country
young professionals but also seating area for premium or else she will be deported.
to grandmothers. buyers (ticket priced at The bureau arrested Fox
“In whatever season Php1,400.00) await them. on April and detained her Sr. Patricia Fox files a motion for reconsideration on the Bureau of Immigration’s order for her to leave the country on April 30. CBCPNEWS
women are in, they are Regular tickets are at overnight. An order for her
called to be a blessing to Php995. (Nirva’ana Ella to leave the country was then Filipinos. clarified that Fox can still process.
others. That’s innate in them. Delacruz / CBCPNews) issued for alleged participation “My wish is to be able to visit the country, provided “It is injustice to order Sr.
in political activities. continue my mission work she apply for a tourist visa. Pat’s deportation with no

Tuition hike in Catholic

Fox, who spent the last together with the poor and Sr. Mary John Mananzan clear outline of what she has
27 years in the Philippines, I hope this will be the result of the Movement Against done against the interests
said she wants to remain in of my petition,” she told Tyranny said that to deprive of the Philippines and the

schools defended the country and continue

her ministry for the poor
The Immigration bureau
Fox of a review is a violation
of her right right to due
Filipino people,” Mananzan
said. (CBCPNews)
AN official of the Catholic the assistance provided by
Bishops’ Conference of the
Philippines responded to
the government if they are to
meet the required standards. Youth urged: ‘Take pride in your faith’
critics blasting Catholics “The support given by the
schools over an increase in government to participating SPEAKING to some 200 delegates
tuition rates. schools help substantially coming different vicariates and parishes
Bishop Roberto Mallari in increasing operational across the diocese of Malolos, who
of the CBCP Commission vitality. However, given the flocked to the vicariate of Sta. Maria
on Catechesis and Catholic huge financial requirements for the “DID (Days In the Diocese),” a
Education said the in safeguarding student priest urged young people to take pride
institutions did not want support services and teacher in being Catholic.
to raise tuition but had to and staff development, among “Remain a ‘Kabataang Katolikong
ensure that the quality of the others, private schools often Bulakenyo’ who takes pride of our faith,”
schools wasn’t hurt. effect minimal fee increases said Malolos Diocesan Commission on
“Private schools are forced to bridge finances,” he added. Youth (DYC) chairman Fr. Gener Garcia.
to increase tuition and other According to him, the “You are the next servant leaders of the
fees to ensure effective tuition fee increase came Church, let us preserve and foster it.”
curriculum implementation in consultation with the He urged the diocesan youth to utilize
and maintain the quality of parents. “They were made activities like the DID “to keep them
student services in general,” to understand the principles aware about the rich culture of the
said Mallari. and objectives of such,” he diocese and the splendor of the Catholic
The prelate also pointed said. faith.”
Malolos youth gather for learning and fellowship during the “Days In the Diocese” in the vicariate of Sta. Maria from
out that they need to keep in On the other hand, the According to Angelo Caburnay, May 18 to 20, 2018. PHOTO COURTESY OF RAINIER POLICARPIO
step with the requirements bishop said that Catholic diocesan youth coordinator, the said
of the industry, including schools will continue to youth event also aims to strengthen the DID was only launched last year, offered in honor of the Blessed Virgin
the Department of Education offer scholarships and other relationship between potential youth with the Vicariate of Hagonoy being during Sta. Maria’s town feast. The
(DepEd). subsidy initiatives to help leaders and the Church as well as to its first host. This program aims to young leaders participated in the
“DepEd and other quality poor but deserving students. enhance fraternal charity among the orient the participants about the traditional offering of flowers to Mary
assurance institutions “Private schools return future Church leaders. “Through D.I.D., structure of the DYC through activities before a concelebrated Mass presided
require a set of standards the cost of fees in terms the delegates will also learn about the and programs like cultural immersion over by Iba Bishop-elect Bartolome
that intend to promote of keeping quality as an practices and traditions of the parishes in the local community, Eucharistic Santos, a native of Sta. Maria.
student achievement and imperative,” Mallari said. in the host vicariate,” said Caburnay. celebrations, and simultaneous The three-day event was held in
organizational effectiveness The DepEd has earlier “This is also one of our ways in reaching workshops geared to raise socio-civic Norzagaray, Pandi and Sta. Maria, the
in response to the demands of approved the tuition fee out and helping those parishes with awareness. three towns covered by the host vicariate,
ASEAN and the global work increase of 212 private inactive youth commissions.” Community bands also performed the from May 18 to 20. (Myraine Joly
community,” he said. schools in Metro Manila Raising socioc-civic awareness “Serenata,” a traditional presentation Carluen-Policarpio / CBCPNews)
Mallari said Catholic for school year 2018-2019.
schools cannot just rely on (CBCPNews)

Favors / A1

Justices Teresita Leonardo- executive secretary of

de Castro, Diosdado Peralta, the bishops’ National
Lucas Bersamin, Francis Secretariat for Social
Jardeleza, Samuel Martires, Action (Nassa), said the
Noel Tijam, Andres Reyes Jr., justices who ousted Sereno
and Alexander Gesmundo. “no longer have honor and
Opposition lawmakers, credibility”.
meanwhile, said they are “They brought disgrace
filing the impeachment and ignominy to the judicial
charges before May 30 or system with their evident
before the 17th Congress ends partiality and subservience
its second regular session. to political patron in SALAKYAG PARA SA SANGNILIKHA 2018 in Zamboanga City. Pushing for the passage of the Rights of Nature Bill, Philippine Misereor of Partnership, Inc. (PMPI) and
NASSA/Caritas Philippines kick off the caravan with a press conference held at Silsilah Center May 28. Panelists are, from left, Fr. Marciano Villagracia, media director
Malacañang. They should of the archdiocese of Zamboanga ; Bonifacio Laborada, SOS Vitali; ;lawyer Cesar Jimenez, city councilor and chairman on environment and ordinance; Fr. Sebastiano
‘Disgrace and ignominy’ resign or be impeached,” he D’ambra, Silsilah Movement; Yolanda Esguerra, national coordinator, PMPI; and Fr. Edwin Gariguez, executive secretary, NASSA/Caritas Philippines.
Fr. Edwin Gariguez, said. (CBCPNews)
CBCP Monitor May 28 - June 10, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 11 DIOCESAN NEWS A7

Bishop shares 3 elements of What was Bishop Oliveros

last message to the youth?
a ‘peaceful life’

The late Malolos Bishop Jose Oliveros. PHOTO COURTESY OF CELINE PAOLA ABACAN

STA MARIA, Bulacan— Church because ‘You, my

At the culmination of the beloved young servant
recently concluded “Days In leaders are also the hope of
the Diocese” (DID) here, a our Church,” he said.
message written by the late The bishop also lauded
Malolos bishop Jose Oliveros the relevance of the event’s
a day before he died was read theme for the year.
to the delegates. He said: “Your theme
“I wish to extend my heart- ‘#praying… #serving…
Bishop Isabelo C. Abarquez with the newly-ordained deacons from his diocese on May 3, 2018: Rev. Ronee Christi Obong, Rev. Jun Mark Guillemer, and Rev. Jonathan Alamin.
felt greetings to our youth #witnessing’ is indeed
who participated in our a suiting challenge of the
CALBAYOG CITY, Samar— A Catholic our lives is God’s initiative.” He added that with this great gift, “all yearly ‘Days In the Diocese’. Church to every youth to be
bishop in this diocese has exhorted his One of the newly-ordained deacons of baptized have experienced what Mary, This is one special occasion an active part of the body
flock to refrain from worrying a lot, and Calbayog diocese, Alamin said, “Looking the apostles and disciples experienced where our young people are of Christ who is deepening
to instead observe three elements to a back on my own journey, where I am during the descent of the Holy Spirit”, still responding to God’s call one’s prayer life, acting in
peaceful life. now is not my personal achievement, which happened 50 days after Jesus’ despite the many comforts of every appeal to serve, and
Speaking to more than a thousand my effort nor success.” resurrection. living and the temptations of developing his mind and
people, Calbayog Bishop Isabelo C. “It is the Holy Spirit that has been our present times,” reads the inner self to become a witness
Abarquez highly encouraged this year’s filling me with his graces, guiding me Best place to encounter God message. of the Gospel of salvation.”
participants of Pentecost Vigil 2018, on my path,” shared Alamin, who said Celebrated annually, this year’s The cancer-stricken prelate Oliveros then assured
comprising members of different church his sense of peace and joy upon entering Pentecost vigil was hosted by the Light emphasized the great role of the youth of his “relentless
organizations of Calbayog and nearby the seminary is the same as on the day of Jesus Calbayog chapter, with the the youth, calling them the support and prayers,” giving
parishes, to have the “silence of the of his ordination on May 3. theme “The Holy Spirit: Renewing hope of both the nation and them his blessing.
mind, the simplicity of the heart, and “One of the things I have learned in my Servants of Evangelization.” the Church. During his term, Oliveros
the serenity of the soul.” personal journey is the truth that one’s Before the holy Mass, several activities “There is a continuing had always reserved a special
The prelate also reminded the faithful vocation is both a gift and a mystery, were held like the singing of Salve Regina, call, and may you remain place in his heart for the
that “by worrying a lot, we become a and that it is something divine,” Alamin Bible enthronement, praise and worship, responding, my dear youth. youth, having been an active
nation of worries.” continued. testimonies, and prayers of supplication There is a saying that you are supporter of youth programs
from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. of May 19. the hope of the nation. These and activities. (Myraine
Re-experiencing peace and joy Great gift Guest and parish priests concelebrated words are also applicable Joly Carluen-Policarpio/
Meanwhile, Reverend Jonathan B. Abarquez also reminded the faithful the Mass with Abarquez, who ended his and existing in our Mother CBCPNews)
Alamin, one of the invited speakers, that the “Sacraments of Baptism, homily with “[The] heart is the best
stressed the active role God plays in especially Confirmation, are like place to encounter God.” (By Carl Laments / A1
everyday life. He said: “Everything in Pentecost on our part.” Bordeos/CBCPNews)
in fasting due to sickness love” over the 12-day period.

Faithful reminded: Imitate your

or age, the archdiocese has These include, he said,
recommended concrete activities that promote
actions of charity and service. charity and reconciliation

intercessor saints
The cardinal also and even the holding forums
encouraged parishes, on the Constitution, Charter
convents and schools to change, and federalism.
organize “feasts of truth and (CBCPNews)
OBANDO, Bulacan— A newly- her beauty to any man…
ordained bishop reminds the Candidly Speaking / A4
Instead, she offered it to the
faithful that when asking for Lord, who gave it to her in When we count our their lives, or just taking
the intercession of the saints, the first place,” the prelate blessings, we unavoidably him for granted. There is so
they must be ready to follow added. are led to God who is the much secularism around, so
their examples first. source of all good things. In much paganism, where the
“Before we say our Honoring of 3 saints this, St. James in his letter basic equality of men where
intentions, before we call to Furthermore, Santos said told us very clearly. “Every everyone loves one another is
our patron saints, we must the Lord “will always listen” good and perfect gift is from forgotten and is replaced by
first imitate them,” said to the prayers of those who above, coming down from the law of the jungle where
Iba bishop-elect Bartolome follow the footsteps of the the Father of the heavenly the strong and fortunate can
Santos, Jr. during his homily saints. lights…” (1,17) easily take advantage of the
at the San Pascual Baylon “That’s why it is not Nowadays, I see many weak and the unlucky.
Parish in Obando, Bulacan surprising why when we pray people, even many young It would be good if from
on May 18, on the second day to God through St. Claire’s ones, already looking sad and time to time we pause and
of the annual Fertility Dance intercession, they will be depressed because they are take account of the many
Festival. answered. Why not, now that more aware of their problems good things God has given
“I assure you: if we emulate she’s with the Lord?” he said. and difficulties rather than us. It would lead us to realize
the life of our patron saints… The Obando Fertility Dance the many blessings they have. what is really important in
our prayers will be answered Festival, celebrated every Some have even gone to life, and to avoid getting
Iba Bishop-elect Bartolome Santos delivers a homily during the second day of the
at once.” he said. Obando Fertility Dance Festival, May 18, 2018. PHOTO COURTESY OF GETHSEMANI CINDY GOROSPE May 17 to 19, is a religious the extent of knowing only entangled and lost in the
celebration where childless the bad things in life, and drama of life.
Remembering the poor St. Clare, who gave up her a Perhaps we have talents as couples dance in prayer to nothing of the good things. Remember that we are
Santos emphasized the life lavish lifestyle in exchange well. Do not forget about beg for the intercession of the I guess such phenomenon meant to be always happy
of St. Clare of Assisi, the saint for serving the poor. the poor. Let us do what town’s triumvirate saints: St. is due in large part to the and calm even in the midst
honored commemorated on “When we ask for the St. Clare did. Or maybe, we Paschal Baylon, St. Claire of trend of ignoring God in of our misfortunes.
the second day of the three- intercession of St. Clare, let have physical beauty, or even Assisi, and Our Lady of the
day festival. He explained us also look into ourselves,” kindness; let us lift them up Immaculate Conception of By the Roadside / A5
that everyone must do their said the bishop. “Perhaps to the Lord.” Salambao. (Luke Godoy/
best to follow the example of we have treasures as well. “[St. Clare] did not offer CBCPNews) and religious like they are the Savior’s acts through
either womanizers or child his crucifixion is the same
Flock / A1 molesters or troublesome Spirit that pervades them
missionary foreigners. It too even in the pains they go
Human rights advocates labeled could be higher because the year end data person, this after Duterte insinuated
seems anyone who resists through, just as he himself
the deaths “extrajudicial killings” and only covered from July 2016, when Duterte that Fr. Mark Ventura was killed because
the evils of extra-judicial stayed on with the Savior till
accused President Rodrigo Duterte, came to power, to September 2017. of his alleged illicit affairs.
killings and human rights he gave up that same Spirit
who is known for his tough language, Activists said many of those were “Now, vulgarity has taken another
abuses as well as oppose at death. Today we must pray
of emboldening killers. executions, which the government has twist—to mock the memory of the
certain government policies earnestly that he guide us in
Nearly two years of the Duterte repeatedly denied. murdered; to calumniate a faithful
on moral-religious grounds, our sufferings, strengthen
administration, police have killed more If they were not killed by police, departed who cannot defend himself;
which often includes priests our faith into charity, and
than 4, 200 people they say are drug Villegas lamented that authorities to gossip about the dead; to add
and religious, becomes fair turn our darkness into day.
dealers who resisted arrest. “have been incredibly yet systematically inconsiderate sorrow to the grief of
game for vilification or, worse, When I saw Fr Edmel at a
The government also reported that it is unable to trace the killers and bring the those they have left behind,” he said.
assassination. The Year of hospital I joked, seriously,
investigating around 16, 355 “homicide wheels of justice to roll.” Is murder to be excused due to the
the Clergy and Religious is, saying, “You are suffering
cases” that may be drug-related. The archbishop also criticized the unproven immorality of the killed?
without a doubt, our window because of our sins.” To that
Human rights groups said the figure mocking of the memory of a dead Enough!” added Villegas.
to how our government, and he smiled.
world governments for that Today I would say to the Frs
matter, could be instruments Edmel out there: Remember
and hateful” that many that among those who “[The] barangay being The Philippine Drug leading to the way of the the prophet Elijah when he
politicians are neck-deep in won in the elections are [a] small unit but basic Enforcement Agency said Cross, instead of Easter. went to Mt Horeb to meet
the practice of vote buying. individuals included in the form of governance, voters 60 barangay officials This is why the likes of Fr the Lord. Scripture says
“Instead of decreasing, government’s narco-list. in the community should who won fresh mandates Edmel and other priests and Elijah encountered the wind,
it even increased,” she “It’s a sad commentary know who are involved in in last week’s polls are religious, both young sand earthquake and fire there
said, noting the need on the voters’ conscience— prohibited drugs and how among the 207 village old, who go through the but that the Lord was not
for intensified voters’ lacking in conscience,” evil this is and [its] effect officials tagged in the depths of human suffering in them. He was in the “qol
education. said the country’s former on people, especially to the government’s narco-list. are an important lamppost. demamah daqah” or literally
De Villa also lamented ambassador to the Vatican. youth,” she added. (CBCPNews) The Spirit that pervaded “the sound of silence”.
A8 PEOPLE, FACTS, AND PLACES May 28 - June 10, 2018 Vol. 22 No. 11 CBCP Monitor

Galbines ordained,
installed as bishop
Pope names new
of Kabankalan bishop of Bayombong
POPE Francis has appointed
a new bishop of Bayombong
in Nueva Vizcaya.
Most. Rev. Jose Elmer
Mangalinao, who is currently
the Auxiliary Bishop of
Lingayen-Dagupan, will take
over the role from Bishop
Ramon Villena who retired
in 2016.
A bishop for just almost
two years, he will be third to
head the 36-year-old diocese
with more than half a million
Catholics in 20 parishes.
Bishop Louie Galbines of Kabankalan is greeted by crowd after his episcopal ordination
at the San Sebastian Cathedral in Bacolod City on May 28. PHOTO FROM BACOLOD PNP Mangalinao grew up in
FACEBOOK PAGE Cabiao, Nueva Ecija and
was ordained a priest for
THE Diocese of Kabankalan his episcopal ordination the Diocese of Cabanatuan
has a new shepherd to lead led by Cardinal Gaudencio in 1985.
its flock. Rosales, Manila’s Archbishop Few years after his
Bishop Louie Galbines Emeritus, at the San Sebastian ordination, he earned
was officially installed as the Cathedral in Bacolod City. a licentiate in theology at
diocese’s third bishop during Before his appointment as the Pontifical Gregorian
a ceremony presided over bishop in March, Galbines University in Rome.
by his predecessor, Bishop served as a priest in the Prior to becoming a bishop, Pope Francis names Lingayen-Dagupan Auxiliary Bishop Jose Elmer Mangalinao as the new Bishop of the Diocese of Bayombong.
Patricio Bauzon of Bacolod Bacolod diocese for 24 years Mangalinao was serving as

on Tuesday. where he held vital positions, the Vicar General of the Assumpta Seminary and Tolentine Cathedral. Villegas.
Dozens of bishops and including vicar general and Cabanatuan diocese and the parish priests at the Saint In May 2016, he was The Catholic Church in
clerics attended the ceremony rector of the Sacred Heart president of the College of the Isidore the Worker parish appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Bayombong said a date for
at the St. Francis Cathedral in Seminary. Immaculate Conception. in Talavera town, the Three the Archdiocese of Lingayen- his installation would be
Kabankalan City, including At 51, he will oversee a Other posts he held include Kings parish in Gapan, and Dagupan, currently headed announced in due course.
some officials of the Apostolic diocese with about 30 formator at the Maria later on at the St. Nicholas of by Archbishop Socrates (CBCPNews)
Nunciature in Manila. parishes and chaplaincies

New Iba bishop’s marching order: Keep

The bishop’s canonical serving around 800,000
installation came a day after Catholics. (CBCPNews)

Batanes Bishop Emeritus

Camilo Gregorio dies
the churches ‘clean’
THE new bishop of the Diocese of Iba moments of weakness and anxiety.
urged the faithful to treat their churches “Please love us your priests despite
with respect and keep them “clean”. our shortcomings,” he appealed.
That was the first message Bishop Santos, 50, was appointed by Pope
Bartolome Santos Jr., preached as the Francis back in February. He was
new spiritual leader of thousands of ordained to the episcopacy on April 30.
Catholics across Zambales province. The diocese has been without a bishop
“There are many definitions of clean since October 2014 when Archbishop
and I will leave it up to all of you Florentino Lavarias was installed as
to expound,” Santos said during his head of the Archdiocese of San Fernando
installation Mass at the St. Augustine in Pampanga.
Cathedral May 25. About a hundred other bishops,
The church must be kept clean and priests, religious and more than
neat at all times, according to him, two thousand well-wishers filled
“because that’s the most beautiful place the cathedral throughout the entire
where we can gather and meet together, ceremony with Lavarias as the installing
in God’s house”. prelate.
“Beautiful or not, old or new, if our In his homily, the archbishop
church is clean, we know that our God Bishop Bartolome Santos speaks during his installation reminded the congregation that priestly
Batanes Bishop Emeritus Camilo Gregorio (1939-2018). LORENZO ATIENZA of mercy and compassion will always be as the new bishop of the Iba diocese at the Saint ministry is about Jesus.
with us,” he said. Augustine Cathedral in Iba City May 25. TV MARIA SCREEN “It is Jesus who is the essence of
RETIRED Bishop Camilo Jose in Nueva Ecija in 1963 Santos, a priest from the Malolos
our very own vocations as priest,” said
Gregorio of the Prelature after he finished his theology diocese praised for his pastoral care and his first address that he is going to do Lavarias.
of Batanes died Monday studies at the University of administrative experience, was installed his best to serve the public. “Let us continue to pray for Bishop
evening, May 21. He was 78. Santo Tomas. as the fifth bishop of Iba. The bishop also asked the faithful to Bart not only so that he can do many
Fr. Deo Layug, Batanes He also has a doctorate While he did not deliver the homily pray for him and the clergy that they will things but for him to be more like Jesus,”
prelature’s Vicar General, in theology at the Pontifical for the service, Santos assured during strive to live their mission even during he added. (CBCPNews)
said that Gregorio died University of Saint Thomas in
of cardiac arrest at about
Rome and a master’s degree
in educational administration Old churches featured in PHLPost’s latest commemorative stamps
The prelate has been at at Fordham University in
the Cardinal Santos Hospital New York. THE Philippine Postal
in San Juan City due to Upon his return to the Corporation has released
pneumonia since May 9. Philippines, Gregorio was commemorative postage
The priest said that named rector of the Maria stamps featuring old
Gregorio also suffered mild Assumpta Seminary in churches that are among the
stroke last Thursday while he Cabanatuan from 1971 to country’s “national cultural
was under dialysis treatment. 1974. treasures”.
Gregorio was the fourth He also became assistant As the country marks the
prelate of Batanes which he secretary in the Apostolic National Heritage Month,
served for almost 14 years Nunciature, the papal the agency honors the
until he retired in May 2017. embassy in Manila, in 1984. churches built during the
He was the also fourth In 1987, he was appointed Spanish colonization and
prelate the die this year Auxiliary Bishop of Cebu. have remained intact for
after Bishop Jose Oliveros Two years later, he became centuries. In celebration of
of Malolos who succumbed the bishop of Bacolod. Postmaster General Joel National Heritage
Otarra said that efforts Month, the
to prostate cancer on May 11. In 2003, the Vatican has Philippine Postal
Like Oliveros, his last appointed him as head of the to preserve these cultural Corporation
major public appearance Batanes prelature. edifices have been undertaken releases new
was during the ordination of Bishop Gregorio was in conjunction with exhibits commemorative
stamps featuring
Msgr. Bartolome Santos Jr, buried May 28 after the and public awareness centuries-old
as a bishop at the Malolos necrological service at the on “these unique and Spanish colonial
Cathedral on April 30. Immaculate Conception irreplaceable ecclesiastical churches.
Gregorio was ordained Cathedral in Basco, Batanes. monuments”.
priest for the Diocese of San (CBCPNews) He said that PHLPost, the sacks of coins. Namacpacan Church, it is “national shrine” located in
National Commission for • Santa Monica Parish located in Luna, La Union. Miag-ao, Iloilo. It was also
Culture and the Arts and Church. A Baroque church • Nuestra Señora Del declared as a UNESCO World
FUNtastic Philippines, a in San Nicolas, Minalin, Patrocinio De Maria Church. Heritage Site in 1993.
group of photographers, have Pampanga that was founded A baroque church located in PHLPost has issued 80,000
collaborated to work on the in 1614. Baljoon, Cebu. copies or 20,000 pieces each
miniature pieces of art called • Santa Catalina De • Nuestra Señora De La of the block of four stamps
stamps. Alejandra Church. A Baroque Asuncion. A Baroque church with a denomination of P12
Featured in the “block of church located in Brgy. in Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur. each.
four” stamps include: Tayum, Abra. • Nuestra Señora De La Another 5,000 pieces of
• San Matias Parish Church. PHLPost has also issued Asuncion Church. A newly the souvenir sheet of stamps
An ultra-Baroque structure limited copies of souvenir restored church located in were issued to highlight some
in Tumauni, Isabela. stamps sheets featuring: Dauis, Bohol. The church of the old churches in the
• Santa Monica Parish • San Carlos Borromeo was destroyed when a Philippines.
Church. A Baroque and the Church. A Baroque church magnitude-7.2 quake The stamps were designed
oldest church in Panay island. located in Mahatao, Batan devastated Bohol in 2013. by PHLPost in-house artist
its five level belfry is also the Island, Batanes. • Santo Tomas De Vic Serevo and coordinated
biggest, and most likely the • Santa Catalina De Villanueva Church. A with Judith Neric ng Filipino
heaviest bell in Asia which Alejandria Church. 17th century Baroque Heritage Festival Inc.
was casted in 1878 using 70 Commonly known as Romanesque church and (CBCPNews)