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Name: GERRY G.



Assignment in Magna Anima

School Community Development: Building Caring Communities
Magna 106: DEPP
Mechanism:  Mathlisto Program/Mathematics Enhancement program
every afternoon at 1:30-3:00 PM Grade VI-Pupils.
 Watching Math Video.
 Practice Exercises using Window Card and Activity Sheet
align in Math Enhancement Program.
 Holding Math Quiz Bee During Mathematics
 Outdoor Games using Manipulative or real objects like
 Summative Test every Friday (Teacher Made Test)
What works?  The use of Mathlisto Program/Mathematics Enhancement
Program as remediation and enhancement. The
program/activity in the mechanism helps pupils to become
smarter and prepare them in a real life’s situation. It also a
design for fast learners and opportunity class to respond
vital learning and promote positive experience through
participation in different activities. It is gives opportunity to
work on high level problems on a daily task in Mathematics.
The program helps improve children’s Math comprehension
and prepares them for advance level. It also to increase the
academic performance of all pupils undergo the program.
 The use of watching Math video as medium of instruction to
visualize and enrich the retention of learning.
 Enhance interest and awareness among pupils the
importance of leaning Mathematics.
 Provide a positive experience that shows the pupils and
Teachers that Math can be fun.
 Provide Math enrichment for highly capable and highly
motivated pupils.
 Promote culture of excellence in Mathematics through
participation in different contest/activities.
 Intensify the spirit of Camaraderie of pupils and teachers of
Cubao Elementary school.

For whom?  The program and activity for opportunity and talented
pupils for grade 6. Those who are interested to developed
and excel in academic performance in Mathematics.
 For pupils Grade 1-6
Under what  By full implementation and dissemination of program.
Circumstances?  Do heartily and religiously perform the task on time.
 Provide activity sheet and exercises until they master the
and why?  It is my pleasure do this program and activity as my
enjoyment and satisfaction as a teacher to express love and
concern to my pupils.
 The pupil’s enjoy answering practice exercises using
cooperative learning and peer tutoring.