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Welcome to Foxit MobilePDF, an
easy-to-use PDF reader for your everyday
work on mobile devices.

Let’s take a look at the ways you can work

on PDF documents with Foxit MobilePDF.

Expand the Tool Switcher

Open a PDF document
Get all the tools
Expand the Tool
Tap to open the Tool
Switcher to get the
major tools for
getting started.
Open a PDF
Within the App
Tap Documents/Recent
in the Tool Switcher to
see your local files, Documents

or tap Cloud to Recent

access files stored Cloud

in cloud services.
Other Apps
When your PDF files are in
emails, webs, or other
apps, tap the Share
icon or Open-in
option, and choose
Copy to Foxit PDF.
Get all the tools
Tap anywhere on the document
to show the toolbar if it is hidden.

Tap the More Options

button to find all
the tools.

on the document
Group 1
Option 1

Option 2

Option 3
Give it a try!
Take a moment to try it by yourself,
and see how easy it is to work with
PDF documents in Foxit MobilePDF!

For additional help and instructions on

Foxit MobilePDF:

Go to the Tool Switcher.

Tap Help.