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Compliments of - | ‘American Water Works Association “aN Tulsa, OK ANSI/AWWA E101-88 RUHI Rag elas 800-334-2553 (Revision of ANSVAWWA E101-77 [R82)) www.ruhrpumpen.com a AWWA STANDARD FOR VERTICAL TURBINE PUMPS—LINE SHAFT AND SUBMERSIBLE TYPES a Effective date: Aug. 1, 1988. First edition approved by AWWA Board of Directors May 11, 1956. This edition approved Jan. 24, 1988. Approved by American National Standards Institute, Ine., May 31, 1988. AMERICAN WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION 6666 West Quincy Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80235 AWWA Standard ‘This document is an American Water Works Association (AWWA) standard. It is not a specification, AWWA standards describe minimum requirements and do not contain all of the engineering and ‘administrative information normally contained in specifications. The AWWA standards usually con- tain options that must be evaluated by the user of the standard. Until each optional feature is specified by the user, the product or servis is not fully defined, AWWA publication of a standard does not constitute endorsement of any product or product type, nor does AWWA test, certify, or ap- prove any product. ‘The use of AWWA standards is entirely voluntary. AWWA standards are in- tended to represent © consensus of the water supply industry that the product described will provide satisfactory service. When AWWA revises or withdraws this standard, an official notice of action will be placed on the first page of the classified advertising section of Journal AWWA. The action becomes effective on the first day of the month following the month of Journal AWWA publi- cation of the official notice, American National Standard ‘An American National Standard implies a consensus of those substantially concerned with its scope and provisions. An American National Standard is intended as a guide to aid the manufacturer, the consumer, and the general public. The existence of an American National Standard does not in any respect preclude anyone, whether he has approved the standard or not, from manufacturing, marketing, purchasing, or using products, processes, or procedures not conforming to the standard American National Standards are subject to periodic review, and users are cautioned to obtain the latest editions. Producers of goods made in conformity with an American National Standard are en- couraged to state on their own responsibility in advertising and promotional materials or on tags or labels that the goods are produced in conformity with particular American National Standards, Caution Norice: The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approval date on the front cover of this standard indicates completion of the ANSI approval process, This American National Standard may be revised or withdrawn at any time. ANSI procedures require that action be taken to reaffirm, revise, or withdraw this standard no later than five years from the date of publication. Purchasers of American National Standards may receive current information on all standards by calling or writing the American National Standards Institute, Inc,, 1430 Broadway, New York, NY 10018 (212) 354-9800. Copyright © 1988 by American Water Works Association Printed in USA Committee Personnel C) : ‘The Subcommittee on Revision of ANSVAWWA. E101, which developed this standard, had the following personnel atthe time: Chester A. Green, Chairman Dale D. Curtis Denis L. Maher dr. i 1 ED V Walter N, Moline (i BULL Chi-Seng Yang ‘The AWWA Standards Committee on Vertical Turbine Pumps, which reviewed and approved this standard, had the following personnel at the time of approval Chester A. Green, Chairman Consumer Members George Bryant, City of Montgomery, Montgomery, Ala. cawwa) RAH. Hohenstein, Board of Water and Light, Lansing, Mich. cawwa) RE. Pillow, Baton Rouge Water Works Company, Baton Rouge, La. (AWWA) FE. Withrow dr, Production & Pumping, Wichita, Kan, cawwa) General Interest Members e Manuel Carreno, CH2M Hil Southeast, Inc, Gainesville, Fla cawwa) V BAR Elms," Siandards Engineer Liaison, AWWA, Denver, Colo, ~ (AWWA) C.A. Green, Parhill, Smith & Cooper, Ine, Lubbock, Texas cawwa) WR. Inhofter;" Passaic Valley Water Commission, Clifton, NJ. cawwa) WA Kelley, Michigan Department of Public Health, Lansing, Mich. (CSE) DL. Maher Jr, The Maher Corporation, North Reading, Mass cvewwa) C'S. Mansfield Jr,,t Amory Engineers, Duxbury, Mass (NEWWa) S.C. MeLendon, Holemacher, McLendon & Murrell, Melville, NY. (AWWA) IF. Schultes, A.C, Schultes & Sons, Ine., Woodbury, NJ. caw Charles Stauffer, Stauffer & Associates, Ine, Overland Park, Kan. cawwa) TJ, Stolinski Jr, Black & Veateh, Kansas City, Mo, cawwa) A. Vondtiek, Arthur Beard Engineering, Phoenix, Ariz, cawwa) Producer Members Merrill Berman, Layne & Bowler, Inc,, Memphis, Tenn. cawway DD. Curtis, Crane Company, Columbus, Ohio cawwa) HAG, Greutink, Johnston Pump Company, Glendora, Calif. cawwa) WN. Moline, Byron Jackson Pumps, Ine, Los Angeles, Cali cawwa) Chi-Seng Yang, Goulds Pumps, Inc, Lubbock, Texas cawwa) “TLisison, nonvoting ‘Alternate