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AP Art History

Sketchbook Comparison Assignments


The goal of the sketchbook assignment is to help you improve your ability to
analyze, via writing and illustration, the central themes, artistic elements and
countless messages of art history. Your challenge is to work through this
process by comparing and contrasting two pieces of art.

Answer the specific question/theme for each pair by:
• Referencing specific parts of each image
• Identifying relevant elements of art and principals of design found in
each image
• Combining both writing and drawing around each image
• Providing historical, cultural, social context

• Your images (full color) are to appear face to face in your sketchbook
• you are to fill the entire page with information
• Major topics are to have headings
• You are to include some drawing in each analysis
• You are to use at least 3 research sources which are also clearly listed

Sketchbook Assignment #1
Assigned: September 10, Monday
Due: October 12, Friday

Theme (s): Human Image in Art, History and Memory, variations of

sculptural style.

Central Question: Compare and contrast ancient Greek Seated Boxer (ca.
100 - 50 B.C.) with Seated Youth (1917) by Wilhelm Lehmbruck. How is
emotion conveyed by each figure? Consider how historical, cultural and
stylistic contexts inform your understanding of the feelings evoked by both
Sketchbook Comparison Assignment
Content guide/grading rubric - for Assignment #1

_____ Response directly and consistently addresses the central question:

(consider the purpose/function of each work; location of each work; artist’s point
of view about the art and its impact on relevant artistic, social, political, cultural
issues of the time.)

_____ Analysis connects the art to its historical context

_____ Style of and technique used for both artworks are analyzed and discussed

_____ Quality of argument in support of the pivotal points is made with specificity

_____ Analysis address works in comparison to each other

_____ Evidence of overall balance between visual and written information

_____ Incorporation of alternate views of the artwork - photos, drawings, charts, etc.:
(are they helpful in showing understanding of the work and the central question?)

_____ Sense of innovation and clarity in the overall page design/layout

(includes effective use of color, placement of images, directional arrows, etc.)

_____ Evidence of investment of time, effort and thought put into the assignment

_____ Use of three (3) research sources, documented and properly cited
(includes both primary & secondary source(s), if possible or relevant)

Key: 4 = Excellent 3.5 = Good 3 = Fair 2.5 = Poor

(A=36-40) (B=32-35) (C=28-31) (D=24-27)

- worth 40 Points Total

Total Points: ___________________ Grade: _______________

Name: _______________________________________________