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Proceedings of ‘the GAS COMPRESSOR ENGINES. SESE # Held at THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA September 19 - 20, 1963 Sponsored by 7 The School of Aero-Space and Mechanical Engineering and Business and Industrial Services Extension ‘Division The University of Oklahoma NON-LUBRICATED PB. J. Chandler INDEX COMPRESSOR CYLINDERS ENGINE LUBRICATION 0. H. Moore . GAS COMPRESSION EQUIPMENT FAILURES -- THEIR CAUSE AND PREVENTION E. H. Borgman OPERATIONAL EXPERIENCES WITH HYDRAULIC VALVE LIFTERS ON HEAVY DUTY ENGINES William Vann . THE CLEANING OF NATURAL GAS Walter E, Thomas... 1. ee ee ee ee eee PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE FOR GAS ENGINES James H. Caldwell 2 1 1 1 ee ee ee te ee SGA AUTOMATIC. ENGINE INDICATOR AND ANALYZER Walter Nimitz Information included in this Proceedings should be published only with the author's permission. This allows him to include data beneficial to the Short Course but not necessarily suitable for regular pub- lication. 1A 1B 1c ip 1E ir 1G NONLUBRICATED COMPRESSOR CYLINDERS by P, J, Chandler Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company Shreveport, Louisiana Presented at the Gas Compressor Engines Short Course The University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma September 19 - 20, 1963