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THE GOOD NEWSpaper will be celebrating


The Curly Piece by Maddie Chapman

YES…next month, Flavor News USA will be celebrating 4 YEARS of
featuring the GOOD NEWSpaper Northside Vibes, which is now
circulating “worldwide”—and I’m so glad to be journeying with Deone! CONTINUED… is more than likely to boost serotonin. Other times,
THIS MONTH’S MESSAGE IS… burying myself in a book is the right thing to take my mind off a few things!
It’s important to realize that there is only time to MOVE FORWARD!
LIVE FOR “TODAY”! To dwell on the past or future is to waste time. LIVE FOR TODAY BECAUSE
Lately I have been feeling as if I’m falling out of touch with the world.
During a conversation with a friend the other day, I found that I didn’t
have much to say or talk about, which is certainly not like myself at all. THE ONE YOU’RE LIVING “NOW”!
Feeling empty is not uncommon. Sometimes when a person becomes
deprived of someone or something for a long period of time, nothing is
quite the same thereafter. I’m always left to wonder how I’ve come to
feel so bland an uninterested with certain things about life, but I believe
dwelling on the “problem” won’t help to find a solution. On certain oc-
casions I will not let myself move past something that’s been an incon-
venience to me in the past—which is absolutely pointless! I’ve realized
that feeling stressed or anxious about unfortunate events is primarily the
reason why I may be so out of touch with everyday occurrences. One
of the most wonderful things to do to clear my head is just some simple
yoga! Not everyone is able for too much physical energy, but waking
up and stretching your body is a great way to start the day with some
clarity. Taking a few moments to breathe through unwanted thoughts
that may plague your mind is beautifully effective. I’ve men-tioned in
a previous article that going out to the river or a park to enjoy the
sunshine is important for enjoying summer days off; however, sim-ply
going outdoors to enjoy nature is—and appreciate the song of birds
The GOOD NEWSpaper by Flavor News USA Positivity Winners! 2


21 Professional Center, 2025 E. Main Street (Shockoe Bottom), Suite
214, Richmond, VA 23223; (804) 297-6316.
Our newspaper is an independently owned, monthly (complimentary)
GOOD NEWSpaper, which initially launched in September 2014 by
Deone “Flavor” McWilliams, CEO, who at the time had only $22.00
after leaving Corporate America… LEAP OF FAITH! Northside Vibes
launches on the 1st Friday of each month (occasional delays due to holi-
days and inclement weather). To-date, we have over 83,000 readers lo-
cally and worldwide, including Southeast Asia, Italy, Cambodia, and
South Africa! To view our electronic version, visit www.scribd.com
(search Northside Vibes) and website: www.northsidevibes.org.
Mission: From the outset, Deone envisioned Northside Vibes becoming
a unique publication that would be an integral part of many communi-
ties—a publication for everyone to enjoy! She passionately creates in-
formative newspapers that people identify with, take pride in, and serve
to bridge the different segments of “all” communities. As Flavor News
is unable to publish everyone’s story, our intentions are always good.
For information regarding affordable ad rates, please send an email to
flavornews@gmail.com. Visit Facebook and “Like Us”! All opinions
expressed in Northside Vibes are not necessarily representative of the views
held by the editorial staff. No part of this publication may be reproduced or
transmitted in any form without prior written permission from the company,
Flavor News. Permission is deemed valid if approval is in writing--only.
NEXT PUBLICATION LAUNCHES: Friday, September 7, 2018
Founder of Flavor News, 15 year old NyRiian Jiggetts, Editor-in-Chief,
Deone “Flavor” McWilliams; Mentor and Managing Editor, Col.
(Ret.) Frank Underwood, Sr.; Communications Specialist, Edward
Muckle, Worldwide Correspondent, Dyan Greggs.
Volunteer Correspondents: Deborah Little-Bowser, Ask Nurse Debo-
rah; Dr. Pamela Hamilton-Stubbs, Sleep Apnea; Donald Edwards,
Inspirations; Madeleine “Maddie” Chapman, The Curly Piece.
Thanks to Our Executive, Editorial/Review & Advisory Boards,
Congratulations Young Ladies!
The Good News Spy Crew, Valued Readers & Callers (worldwide Are You Interested in Scheduling a POSITIVITY SEMINAR
too!), and last but not least…our VALUED ADVERTISERS! for Your Group? Call Rev. Jeanette Johnson @ 804.971.0677

Congratulations to the Proud Parents…

Col. & Mrs. Frank Underwood, Sr.
and Mrs. Anna Rose
Yes…they tied the knot!
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rose


Flavor News would like to thank you for giving us the
opportunity to attend and witness one of the most
beautiful weddings ever! May God continue to Bless
you both with everlasting LOVE! Sincerely, Deone
NSV Kids/Teens/Free Meals Jason Kamras! 3

Reprint… Kids and Teens City Summer Continued... New Birth Christian Academy, 5745 Orcutt Lane, 23224,
June 18-August 24, Breakfast 9-10am, Lunch 12-1pm (M-F); Pine Camp
Meals Program Through August 24 Recreation Center, 4901 Old Brook Rd, 23227, June 25-August 24,
Breakfast 9-10am, Lunch 12-1pm (M-F); Pine Camp Cultural Arts,
The Richmond Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facil- 4901 Old Brook Rd, 23227, June 25-August 17, Breakfast 9-10am, Lunch
ities began serving healthy meals to youth on June 18. The summer food 12-1pm (M-F); Powhatan Community Center, 5051 Northampton St,
program provides children and teens, through age 18, with nutritious 23231, June 25-August 24, Breakfast 9-10 am, Lunch 12-1pm (M-F);
breakfast, lunch and dinners—through August 24! Healthy meals are Precious Angels CDC, 1214 Wilmer Ave, 23227, June 18-August 24,
provided based on USDA nutrition guidelines. No registration is re- Breakfast 8:15-9:30am, Lunch 11:15am-12:30pm (M-F); Precious Bless-
quired. Meals will be provided to all children without charge and are ings Academy, 4823 Bryce Ln, 23224, June 18-August 24, Breakfast
the same for all children regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, 7:30-8:30am, Lunch 12-1pm (M-F); Randolph Community Center,
age or disability—and there will be no discrimination in the course of 1415 Grayland Ave, 23220, June 25-August 24, Breakfast 9-10am, Lunch
the meal service. Meals will be provided, on a first come, first serve ba- 12-1pm (M-F); Reid Community Center, 1301 Whitehead Rd, 23225,
sis, at the sites and times as follows: Active Minds Daycare and Learn- June 25-August 24, Breakfast 9-10am, Lunch 12-1pm (M-F).
ing, 2713-2715 Byron St., 23223, June 18 – August 24, Breakfast 7:30-
8:30am, Lunch 11am-12noon (M-F); AGAPE Ministries Kingdom Pinpoint Your Support System
Kidz, 8001 Staples Mill Rd, 23228, June 18 – August 24, Breakfast Nobody succeeds alone. Nobody! Friends differ: Some correct you.
8:30-9:30am, Lunch 11:45am-12:45pm (M-F); AGAPE Summer Others direct you. Some make you think. Others make you feel. Pinpoint
Camp, 4700 North Southside Plaza, 23224, June 18 – August 24, Break- those who truly stimulate you…educate you…placate you. Meticulously
fast 8:30-9:30am, Lunch 12:30-1:30pm (M-F); All Saints Child Care build your foundation for friendship…a support system that is the result
Center, 2001 Royall Ave., 23224, June 18 – August 24, Breakfast 7:30- of thought instead of chance. The Word: “Two are better than one…For
8:30am, Lunch 11:30am-12:30pm (M-F); Ann Hardy Community if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone
Center, 3300 1st Ave., 23222, June 25-August 24, Breakfast 9-10am, when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up.” (Ecclesiastes
Lunch 12-1pm (M-F); Antioch Learning Center, 1384 New Market 4:9,10) Source: Seeds of Wisdom (Volume 12) by Mike Murdock
Rd, 23231, June 18-August 22, Breakfast 8:15-9:15am, Lunch 12-1pm
(M-F); Battery Park Community Center, 2803 DuPont Circle, 23222,
June 25-August 24, Breakfast 9-10am, Lunch 12-1pm (M-F); Belle-
meade Community Center, 1800 Lynhaven Ave., 23222, June 25-Au-
gust 24, Breakfast 9-10am, Lunch 12-1pm (M-F); Bill Robinson Play-
Jason Kamras
ground, 35th and M Streets, 23223, June 25-August 24, Breakfast 9-
10am, Lunch 12-1pm (M-F); Blackwell Recreation Center, 300 E. 15th
Street, 23224, June 25-August 24, Breakfast 9-10am, Lunch 12-1pm RICHMOND
(M-F); Broad Rock Community Center, 4615 Ferguson Lane, 23224,
June 25-August 24, Breakfast 9-10am, Lunch 12-1pm (M-F); Brother’s PUBLIC SCHOOLS’
Keeper’s, Inc., 54 E. Cedar Fork Rd, 23223, June 20-August 24, Break-
fast 9:30-10:30am, Lunch 12:30-1:30pm (M-F); Calhoun Community SUPERSTAR OF
Center, 436 Calhoun St., 23220, June 25-August 24, Breakfast 9-10am,
Lunch 12-1pm (M-F); Capital Child Care Center, 1704 W. Laburnum
Ave., 23227, June 18-August 24, Breakfast 8-8:30am, Lunch 12:00- By Flavor News
12:30pm (M-F); CAPUP – Asbury UMC, 324 N. 29th St., 23223, June Please Also Read Page 11 –
18-July 19, Breakfast 9:15-9:45am, Lunch 12:45-1:30pm (M-Th); RPS SHINES NEEDS HELP!
Christian Tabernacle Watchcare, 5100 Salem St., 23231, June 18-Au- The Flavor News ‘GOOD NEWS Spy Crew’ had the opportunity to con-
gust 24, Breakfast 7:30-8:30am, Lunch 11:30am-12:30pm (M-F); Cre- verse with several people throughout the City of Richmond and learned
ative Learning Center, 3202 Chamberlayne Ave. 23227, June 18-Au- so much about a new member of Richmond Public Schools, Mr. Jason
gust 24, Breakfast 8-9am, Lunch 12-1pm (M-F); Creighton Commu- Kamras. As the crew began asking how he rated on a scale of 1 to 10 (10
nity Center, 2101 Creighton Rd, 23223, June 25-August 24, Breakfast being the highest score), he scored a whopping 20! Words used to de-
9-10am, Lunch 12-1pm (M-F); CrossRoads Christian Academy, 1664 scribe Mr. Kamras were as follows: kind, passionate, hard-working, ded-
Mountain Rd, 23060, June 18-August 24, Breakfast 8-9am, Lunch icated, always willing to lend a helping hand, great person to be around.
11am-12:30pm (M-F); Fonticello Playground, 2813 Bainbridge St., Jason Kamras currently serves as the Superintendent of Richmond Public
23224, June 25-August 24, Lunch only 12-1pm (M-F); Four Mile Schools (RPS). Mr. Kamras views public education as means of promot-
Creek Church, 2950 New Market Rd, 23231, June 18-July 27, Break- ing equity and justice for all children in the United States. In his various
fast only 9-9:30am (M-F); Generation Z Teen Camp, 3021 Maple- roles, he has advocated for policies to eliminate the “opportunity gap”
wood Ave., 23221, June 25-August 24, Breakfast 9-10am, Lunch 12- that disadvantages many low-income children and children of color, and
1pm (M-F); Greater Richmond Area ARC, 3600 Saunders Ave., he has led efforts to dismantle institutionalized racism in public schools.
23227, June 18-August 24, Lunch only 12-1pm (M-F); Hickory Hill Before coming to RPS, Mr. Kamras served in numerous senior leadership
Community Center, 3000 E. Belt Blvd., 23224, June 25-August 24, roles at District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS). In these roles, he
Breakfast 9-10am, Lunch 12-1pm (M-F); Hotchkiss Field Recreation led the design and implementation of a number of key initiatives focused
Center, 701 E. Brookland Park Blvd., 23222, June 25-August 24, on ensuring excellent instruction in every classroom across the district.
Breakfast 9-10am, Lunch 12-1pm (M-F); Humphrey Calder Commu- Mr. Kamras began his career in education in 1996 as a mathematics tea-
nity Center, 414 N. Thompson St., 23226, June 25-August 24, Break- cher at John Philip Sousa Middle School in Washington DC. In 2005, he
fast 9-10am, Lunch 12-1pm (M-F); Innovative Family Services, 7193- was named the United States National Teacher of the Year. Mr. Kamras
F Stonewall Parkway, 23111, June 18-August 24, Breakfast 10-11am, earned his bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and his master’s
Lunch 1-2pm (M-F); Lafayette Gardens, 2219-C Ruffin Rd, 23234, in education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. His wife
July 2-August 17, Breakfast 9:30-10:30am, Lunch 1-2pm (M-F); Lake- Miwa also works in the field of public education, and he has two sons,
side Baptist Day Care, 7401 Woodman Rd, 23228, June 18-August 24, both of whom will be attending RPS schools when they move to Rich-
Breakfast 8-8:30 am, Lunch 11am-12pm (M-F); Laurel Hill Weekday mond in the fall. Thanks and Congrats Superintendent Kamras!
School, 1919 New Market Rd, 23231, June 18-August 22, Breakfast 9-
9:30am, Lunch 12-12:30pm (M-F); Laurel Woods Apartments, 211 N. Ginter Park United Methodist Church
Cottage Green Dr., 23005, June 19-August 23, Breakfast 9-10am, Lunch All Are Welcome!
12-1pm (T-Th); Lucks Playground, 1926 T. St., 23223, June 25-Au-
gust 24, Breakfast 9-10am, Lunch 12-1pm (M-F); Madison Temple SUNDAY
AME Zion Church, 2417 Hull St., 23224, June 25-August 24, Lunch 9:30 a.m.
only 11am-12pm (M-F); Mary Munford Recreation, 211 Westmore- Contemporary Worship
land Ave., 23226, June 25-August 24, Breakfast 9-10am, Lunch 12-1pm
11:00 a.m.
(M-F); Mosby Playground, Mosby and O Streets, 23223, June 25-Au-
Traditional Worship
gust 24, Breakfast 9-10am, Lunch 12-1pm (M-F); Mt. Herman Baptist
Church, 2814 Moss Side Ave, 23222, June 25-June 29, Supper only 7- FOUNDED 1917 Childcare Provided!
7:30pm (M-F); MYA Tech Center (ARTS Institute), 2020 Westwood 1010 West Laburnum Avenue Church Phone: (804) 262-8651
Ave, 23220, , July 9-August 16, Breakfast only 8:30-9am (M-Th); Richmond, Virginia 23227 www.ginterparkumc.org
NSV Distributors & Civic Associations 4

Dr. Pamela Hamilton-Stubbs’ Battery Park Civic Association

Sleep and Total Wellness Maria Carra Rose, Acting President
Institute, LLC 2702 Edgewood Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
www.drhamiltonstubbs.com www.facebook.com/batteryparkcivicassociation@gmail.com
We sell CPAP and BiPAP machines,  
masks and supplies!  Bellevue Civic Association (804) 261-0513
Treatment for Memory Loss, Sleep Apnea, Sleepiness, P.O. Box 15623 Richmond, VA 23227
Insomnia, Narcolepsy, Restless Legs, www.bellevueweb.org president@bellevueweb.org
Natural Weight Loss Program
208 E. Brookland Park Boulevard Richmond, Virginia 23222 Brookland Park Area Business Association
(804) 273-9900 Willie Hilliard (804) 852-7463
P.O. Box 25271 Richmond, VA 23260

Ginter Park Terrace Association

Benjamin Ross (804) 240-3559
3007 Noble Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
Highland Park Plaza Civic Association
(804) 321-1435
3500 Delaware Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
northrichmondnews.com jeffjefferson@aol.com

North Barton Heights Association

Where Can We Pick Up a Copy of 2906 Barton Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
Northside Vibes? 40+ Locations! nbhdaretocare@gmail.com
 7-11 Williamsburg Road & Oakley Lane (near airport) North Central Civic Association
 BP Café & Gas Station 2116 Willis Road
Eric Axelson (202) 489-7390
 BP Gas Station Chamberlayne Avenue & Brookland Park Blvd.
3224 Fendall Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
 Black History Museum & Cultural Center 122 W. Leigh Street www.northcentralcivicrva.blogspot.com
 Boost Mobile Store 2 E. Brookland Park Blvd. northcentralcivic@gmail.com
 Brooks Diner 1600 Brook Road
 CAHN (Capital Area Health Network): Northside Medical Center Providence Park Civic Association
2809 North Avenue Kevin Starlings
 CAHN: Greater Fulton Medical Center 1718 Williamsburg Rd. providenceparkca@gmail.com
 Clarion Hotel 3207 N. Boulevard
 Corner Express Mart 2930 North Avenue Rosedale Civic Association
 Designs by Ron 1600 Brook Road, Suite B
Nilay Patel
 Dollar General 2910 North Avenue
 Faith Printing 7814 Midlothian Turnpike
 Family Dollar 2917 North Avenue
Sherwood Park Civic Association
 Greater Richmond Convention Center – Richmond
Convention and Visitors Bureau 405 N. 3rd Street
 Homewood Suites by Hilton 5996 Audubon Dr. (near RIC Airport) Washington Park Civic Association
 Kroger 901 N. Lombardy Street Brenda Nichols (804) 321-2718
 L. Douglas Wilder Library: Virginia Union University 3912 Moss Side Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
1500 N. Lombardy Street bcdn39@verizon.net
 Little House Green Grocery 1227 Bellevue Avenue
 McLean’s Restaurant 3605 W. Broad Street COMMUNITY GARDEN GROUPS
 Nomad Deli & Catering Co. 207 W. Brookland Park Blvd. Ginter Park Garden Club
 Northside Family YMCA 4207 Old Brook Road
Ginter Park Women’s Club
 Northside Hardware 2925 North Avenue
3016 Seminary Avenue Richmond, VA 23227
 Norvelle’s Shoe Repair 2928 North Avenue grandflo96@msn.com
 Old Dominion Electrical Supply 2509 N. Lombardy Street
 Once Upon a Vine 4009 MacArthur Avenue PARKS GROUPS
 Peace Pieces Consignment Store 5522-A Lakeside Avenue
Cannon Creek
 Pine Camp Arts & Community Center 4901 Old Brook Road
 RIC Redev. & Housing Authority 901 Chamberlayne Pkwy. Charles Price
enrichmond.org fewmit@comcast.net
 Richmond International Airport
Shoe Shine Man (Mr. Leeper or Mr. Moody) – Upper Level
 Richmond Public Library 2901 North Avenue Friends of Battery Park: Ginnie Morrow
 River City Diner North 803 E. Parham Road 2801 Griffin Avenue, Richmond, VA 23222
enrichmond.org friendsofbatterypark@gmail.com
 Ruffin Insurance Agency 3813 Nine Mile Road
 Sallie’s Kitchen 2305 Willis Road Highland Park Neighborhood Watch
 Shell Gas Station 7039 Hull Street Road Richmond Guardian Angels
 Stir Crazy Café RVA 4015 MacArthur Avenue
Jo White (804) 937-6836
 Stony Point Pharmacy 9000 Stony Point Pkwy.
3206 Maryland Avenue, Richmond, VA 23222
 Walgreens Chamberlayne Avenue & Brookland Park Blvd. www.highlandparkneighb.wix.com/hpnw
 Walker & Son, Inc. 4038 MacArthur Avenue www.rvaguardianangels.wix.com/rvaguardianangels
Copies may be picked up from our News Room located in Shockoe Bot- richmondva@guardianangels.org
tom: Flavor News USA, 21 Professional Center, 2025 E. Main Street,
Suite 214, Richmond, Virginia 23223. Please call (804) 297-6316 prior Friends of the Northside Dog Park
to arriving (must schedule appointment). (End of Forest Lawn Drive -behind Henderson Middle School)
NSV Congratulations Naky’ya White! 5

One Amazing Young Lady… Naky’ya White!

How many people know Naky’ya White? Well, let us tell you about her. She’s one
amazing young lady! She has a radiant smile that’s so contagious and a beautiful per-
sonality to go along with it. Achiever? Absolutely! Naky’ya applies herself in whatever
she puts her mind to… goals, dreams, etc. She’s the type of young lady we know will
make great things happen in life—so determined! She’s loved and cared for by her
mother (Nikki), grandmother (Bunny), and family, enjoys playing with her siblings, and
she has another sister (London) on the way…congrats! A few months ago we were able
to attend her graduation ceremony, which was held at Harvie Elementary School on La-
burnum Avenue. There she was among her classmates looking like a little model—glow-
ing with excitement to take that walk across the stage to receive her certificate. This day
was so special; however, one person was missing….her father. Although he’s no longer
with us here on Earth, he is still with us in Spirit—and he couldn’t be more proud of her!
Naky’ya, you were the apple of your father’s eye (along with your sisters Caylah and
Ca’Nai White). Each and every day your father prayed for, talked about, smiled… he
loved you all dearly! I know this journey of life has its moments of loneliness and pain—
but please know that your daddy will “always” be with you—even through your grand-
Love, Moma D – In Loving Memory of Your Father, Nathaniel White, Jr. (Nay Jr.)
NSV Miss D & The Dancing Dolls Brought It! 6

According to Our Worldwide Correspondent

Last month excitement rained down within a mile radius of the Altria
Theater in downtown Richmond like the aftermath of a meteor storm on
a dusty Midwestern town. But this time, there were no cowboys, lassos
or mirages to the athirst, but our desire for a mesmerizing show would
soon be quenched. Bring It! Live Tour ticket holders converged on the
area from every direction. One after the other took photos and selfies in
front of the enormous tour bus wrapped in dazzling purple and black
images of the DANCING DOLLS, with Coach D front and center. The
atmosphere was charged, the mood electric—and I knew we were in for
a thrill of a lifetime! I sashayed to the front door almost practicing the
steps; I was bursting at the seams to witness inside the 3,600-seat theater.
I met other ticket holders in the lobby; and we were overflowing with
high hopes of seeing high kicks and captivating Death Drops, their sig-
nature move. I stumbled upon Mr. Alonzo Tweedy who had surprised
his 7 year old granddaughter, Jada Tweedy, with tickets to the show just
15 minutes before arriving. She had been a Dancing Dolls fan, he said,
ever since she was a baby in his arms. Soon, we found ourselves cheer-
ing, shouting, and yelling in sheer exuberance at the entrance of Miss D
and the Dancing Dolls! Not only were their kicks higher than we could
have imagined, but their vibrancy was phenomenal! Conventional and 2018 BRING IT! LIVE…CONTINUED… cell phone cameras flashed si-
CONTINUED BELOW… multaneously, and so did a blast from the past—a video showcasing when
women were given the right to vote flashed on a screen behind the dancers.
Not only did Miss D energize our spirits, but she also encouraged wo-
men to vote, girls to dream big, listen to their parents, access the power
of God within, and believe they are special! Yes, the kicks were high,
the cheers were even higher in volume, but the message of empower-
ment was the most roaring and resounding of them all!!!
They said they would BRING IT… and that’s exactly what they did!


DANCING DOLLS –and supportive parents, DYAN
Jam Theatricals RVA and the Altria Theater!
Northside Vibes (by Flavor News) appreciates the opportunity
to witness such a well-needed (uplifting and encouraging) edu-
cational performance, which not only assists in teaching young
ladies in Jackson, Mississippi, but also inspires young females
worldwide! It’s so evident that hard work pays off…and…
Sincerely, Deone McWilliams (Flavor News USA)
NSV Prayer… Gala Rescheduled! She Said YES! 7

MY DAILY PRAYER by NayShaunnia

In Loving Memory of My Brother, Nathaniel O. White, Jr.
Lord, I thank you for my being able to see, and to hear, and to speak, and to feel, and to
taste of your good creation this day and every day. I’m blessed because you are such a
loving and such a forgiving God—and such an understanding and caring God. Lord, you
have done so much for me—and yet you keep on Blessing me. Forgive me for everything
I have ever done or ever said or ever thought that was not pleasing to you. I am so sorry.
I now repent and ask for your forgiveness. Please keep me safe God—from all danger,
hurt and harm. Help me to start this day and every day with a new attitude and plenty of
gratitude. Let me make the best of each and every day—to clear my mind so that I can
hear from you. Please broaden my mind so that I can accept all things according to Your
Will. Let me not whine and whimper over things I have no control over—for all things
are working together for my good and Your Glory. Lord, I pray for all my sisters and
brothers; for each and every one of the family members in their households. I pray for
peace, love, and joy in their homes. I pray that they are out of debt and that all their fi-
nancial needs are met—and that they have more than enough to be a blessing to others. On Thursday, July 26, 2018, as the Editor-in-Chief of
I pray for every eye that reads and says THIS PRAYER—that they come to know that Northside Vibes was putting the final touches on this pu-
there is no problem, no circumstance, no situation that is greater than GOD –for God is blication, the Flavor News crew was pleasantly shocked
greater than “all”—and God is greater upon all. HE is the Most High—God Almighty of with one of the most beautiful Facebook postings…
all the universes…HE’S THE GREATEST OF ALL!!! Lord, I pray for all my enemies
and those who have used me and abused me—and those who have lifted their hands and
tongues against me. I now forgive them for all they have done. In Jesus’ name…all my
four years, we have been following several Northside
enemies are now forgiven—and I pray God’s forgiveness upon all my enemies for they
entrepreneurial journeys, including this phenomenal
do not know what they are doing…FOR I “AM” A CHILD OF GOD! So, every little
Child of God, LATANYA VENABLE! She has
battle that I have ever encountered in my life is NOW in God’s loving hands—for you
always been determined to make great things happen
Lord will fight my every battle. I pray that these words be believed, received and ac-
despite life’s adversities. Well… this was the BEST
cepted into the heart of every eye that reads this prayer and every tongue that confesses
news we could have received as we finalized the paper
them in the name of Jesus Christ. I pray believing, receiving, and accepting God’s mira-
prior to printing. It’s truly a Blessing when two people
cles in my life this day and every day—for God’s divine favor is now my heritage.
find true love and are willing to share their testimony
In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen, Amen and Amen. We love you NayShaunnia! Keep Going!
with others. Please stay tuned with the GOOD NEWS-
paper as we learn more about their journey, including
who her special guy is (this article is actually a surprise
which would explain why we don’t know his name…
smile!), how they met, and upcoming plans!
MANY CONGRATS to the both of you!
God bless you with so many more years of true love!

Due to unfortunate
weather conditions
on July 21st, The
5th Annual Brookland
Park Community
Celebration has
been rescheduled…
NSV International News: Cambodia & South Africa 8

MANY THANKS to Clara Mridula

Biswas, everyone in Bangladesh, and
Cambodia—including all of the pre-
cious little children who thought about
other communities throughout the
world, in particular, the City of Rich-
mond (Northside), State of Virginia.
We enjoyed learning about all of you
and were so elated to receive your gra-
cious gift that will remain in our hearts
forever (see beautiful artwork on right). Children of
HEY KIDS… I simply adore my draw- Bangladesh
ing and will be sharing it with everyone and
who visits our GOOD NEWS room! Cambodia
Yes! We are displaying your gift in the
Flavor News Room! One cherry repre-
sents us and the other cherry represents
you… smile! Sincerely, Deone

Rev. Dr. Dennis Lipske & Clara Mridula Biswas: WELCOME TO RICHMOND VA GPUMC & THE GOOD NEWSpaper, NORTHSIDE VIBES
Last month Ginter Park UMC (United Methodist Church) welcomed Clara Mridula Biswas, General Board of Global Ministries Street Children
Ministry UMC, MMC Cambodia. Clara is a missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church serving as a
community worker in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She works with the ‘poorest of the poor’, especially children, in slum areas and garbage dumps to
facilitate their transfers to relocation and rehabilitation centers. “To bring hope to the hopeless, bring light to those who are in the dark, bring Christ
to the poor, and share the love of God,” (Luke 4:18-19) summarizes Clara’s understanding of her service. She sees the objectives as “sharing the
love of God, helping children obtain an education by opportunities to study through scholarship, improving living conditions by providing voca-
tional training, providing medical care and financial support to the ill, and with education creating awareness on human trafficking, human rights,
and domestic violence.” The program supports 620 students in public schools by providing classes in such areas as music, computer science, and
art. It offers Sunday school and conducts Christmas and Easter programs each year. A health component refers patients to hospitals and non-gov-
ernmental organization (NGO) health centers. Clara has worked for a longtime with a church at one of the dumpsites, and now also works with the
Berung Kok Methodist Church in Phnom Penh’s large slum area of Toul Kork, which is near the railway station and similar to the dumpsite areas.
She also networks with other churches and NGOs, as well as visiting, monitoring, and caring for patients. Prior to her commissioning as a mis-
sionary, Clara was in Bangladesh with Food for the Hungry International (FHI), a Christian service group based in the United States. As the com-
munity development area manager, she served the poor, lower caste, and oppressed by supervising, managing, and monitoring education and deve-
lopment programs from 1983 to 1998. Clara also served as the program director of the Christian student center at Sendai City in Japan. She empha-
sized issues of justice, development, international understanding, worship, and equality from a Christian perspective. “When people are able to get
jobs and when they get assurance, they can continue to study in higher levels of education—and that gives them hope for a better future. It is joyful
to watch the faces of happy children as they go to places they had never gone before. Although we bring the Gospel informally, we see the joy of
the children singing Gospel songs and performing in dramas depicting Christmas and Easter.” Clara has extensive experience as a volunteer in the
Student Christian Movement. Her training in international, cross-cultural, and women’s empowerment meetings is vast. She speaks English, Ben-
gali, Hindi, and Japanese. Born in Barisal, Bangladesh, Clara holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in social science and a diploma in rural leadership
and development from the Asian Rural Institute in Tochigi-Ken, Japan. She is a member of the Church of Bangladesh, a united denomination.
Supporting Conferences: Indiana Annual Conference, Northern Illinois Annual Conference, Virginia Annual Conference, Western North Carolina
Annual Conference. Be sure to see Ginter Park United Methodist Church’s ad on Page 3
Northside Vibes’ Editor-in-Chief Receives Email
& Phone Call from Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA
Flavor News Partners with Travel Agent
and They’re Ready To Make
“Dear Ms. Deone Flavor McWilliams: My name is Nadia. I received
your details from Ms. Moss (Deninez Moss) 3 weeks ago whilst being
on a day trip in Venice, Italy. I saw your newspaper by Flavor News
USA. I am the owner and travel agent in Cape Town, South Africa, and
would definitely like to meet with you regarding a partnership.”
Best regards, Nadia
THANKS NADIA Sincerely, Deone


Movies in the Park @ Battery Park
featuring Black Panther
Friday, August 3rd @ 7 pm.
2405 Hawthorne Avenue Richmond VA 23222
“It’s a very family-friendly, fun event that’s open to everybody,”
Tamara Jenkins, spokesperson for City Parks and Recreation, which
hosts the event said. “Before the movie starts, we do dance contests,
giveaways, and break out the giant hula hoops for the kids.” The
event moves around from park-to-park all summer long, with the
most popular movie nights taking place at Byrd Park, Forest Hill Park
and Jefferson Park, according to Jenkins.
Vendors will be selling hot dogs, funnel cakes and Kona Ice. Visitors
are welcome to bring blankets, chairs and a picnic dinner as well.
NSV Richmond Wins Competition to Revitalize! 9

It’s the Small Things that Make a

“BIG Difference”
Folks… treating people the way we want to be
treated truly pays off! Recently, a new client left
the following message under CUSTOMER FEED-
BACK: “Quality, Customer Service & Wait
Time… The whole experience from the first time
that I contacted the paper until I decided to join the
Flavor Family was indeed pleasant…and handled
with the utmost professionalism and care. Thank
Dear Rev. Jeanette Johnson: THANK YOU!
The pleasure was all mine. Welcome to Flavor
News... and thanks for journeying with the GOOD
NEWSpaper, Northside Vibes. God bless you and
many congrats, once again, to the 2018 Positivity
Winners (featured on Page 2)! Sincerely, Deone
Advertise with
CALL 804 297 6316
Richmond Wins Cities of Service National
Competition to Revitalize Neighborhoods
Last month Cities of Service announced Richmond as a winner of its
Cities of Service City Hall AmeriCorps VISTA Love Your Block com-
petition. Love Your Block enables local governments to engage com-
munities in neighborhood revitalization efforts benefiting low-income
communities. In Richmond, the city will provide mini-grants to colla-
borative community organizations and other groups to address blight
associated with derelict houses and businesses, graffiti, illegal dumping
and trash in the public right-of-way. The Love Your Block investments
will be made where economically, racially and culturally disadvantaged
residents are concentrated as well as where there is a diminished voice DON EDWARDS
in influencing policy and investment. Company Chaplain, National Counseling Group
Removing blight from the city is a top priority for Mayor Levar Stoney, UNDEFEATED…LET GO AND LET GOD
who understands the adverse impacts of blight on individuals, families When I was growing up, I loved to watch boxing. Muhammad Ali was
and communities in areas of health, employment, economic develop- my favorite boxer (Ok… I am dating myself!)—so was iron Mike Tyson
ment, education and housing. (awe… that’s a little better). I loved both because they were undefeated!
Richmond is committed to creating neighborhoods that are aesthetically They were invincible! I loved the sport so much that at one time I was
attractive, and where residents feel healthy, safe and proud to live. thinking “I” wanted to be a boxer. (AKA Lightning Flash would have
“Thanks to Cities of Service, AmeriCorps and the tremendous efforts been my name… Thank God for common sense and career choices…
of our Neighbor-to-Neighbor program and Human Services team, we’re LOL!). However, like most boxers, Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson
able to do more to benefit our low-income communities,” said Mayor hit the canvas of reality and eventually lost. I have fought many battles
Levar Stoney. “This is how we build One Richmond; the Love Your in life and at times thought I was invincible; however, the rounds of life
Block program and further investment in Richmond will make a needed have often caused me to gasp for air and throw in the white towel in de-
difference in people’s lives.” Indeed, a recent study from the Urban In- feat. Many of us have dealt with times in our lives when we’ve experi-
stitute found the connection Love Your Block forges between city lea- enced unexpected defeat—times when we were betrayed by loved ones,
ders and citizens at the neighborhood level can be an essential catalyst dealing with evil schemes of insecure people, battling a sickness, unex-
for collective action by neighborhood residents. pected death, or the sudden trials of life that make it feel like we have
The other winning cities are Buffalo, New York, Gary, Indiana, Hamil- experienced a Technical Knockout. But, I have discovered in my walk
ton, Ohio, Hartford, Connecticut, Huntington, West Virginia, Lancas- with God that a lot of my battles are not mine to fight (sounds like a cli-
ter, Pennsylvania, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Newark, New Jersey and ché? I know—stay with me).
South Bend, Indiana. It is when I “TOTALLY” LET GOD FIGHT MY BATTLES I start to
For more information about Richmond’s Neighbor-to-Neighbor pro- win in this journey called life! Exodus 14:14 says, “The Lord will fight
gram and application of the Love Your Block Initiative, please contact for you and you shall hold your peace” (Whew! Pass the plate please!!!).
Paul Manning at paul.manning@richmondgov.com or (804) 646-6528. When I “TOTALLY” LET GOD FIGHT FOR ME, the victories come!
For more information about Cities of Service and the Love Your Block When I “rope a dope” like Ali—the challenges that come my way are
program, please visit citiesofservice.org or contact Karen Dahl at karen dealt with…successfully! When I bob and weave like Tyson, the adver-
@citiesofservice.org or (646) 324-8390. sity of the enemy is no longer a challenge! When I dance and move like
Sugar Ray Leonard, it is then when God steps in and delivers the vic-
tory! So…what about you? What battles are you losing? Are you cling-
ing to the ropes of life just to stay in the fight? I know someone with
a flawless record who can help you win if you let HIM…
HE is the only one I know that is undefeated… GOD!
YOUR Next month… Northside Vibes will
TESTIMONY! be celebrating 4 YEARS and we
Send an email to
flavornews@gmail.com could not have done it without GOD!
including our 83,000+ readers…worldwide!
NSV A Few Notices & More 10

National Night Out! Tuesday, Aug. 7th

Neighborhood Housing Services of Richmond, Inc.
Neighborhoods throughout Virginia are invited to join over 38 million
neighbors across approximately 16,000 communities from all 50
states, U.S. territories, and military bases worldwide. National Night
Out is nationally sponsored by NATW, Dietz and Watson, Ring, As-
sociation, Package Guard, and co-sponsored locally by Neighborhood
Housing Services of Richmond, Inc. and Tyson Food. It is an annual
community-building campaign that promotes police-community part- Dr. Pamela
nerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods Hamilton-Stubbs
safer, more caring places to live. Together, we are making that hap-
pen, as well as the annual School Supply give away to low income Sleep Your Way to the Top!
youth. Neighbors throughout Virginia and across the nation are asked What do Kevin Durant, Larry Fitzgerald, Russell Wilson and LeBron
to lock their doors, turn on their front porch lights and spend the even- James have in common? They all sleep 7-12 hours each night. They
ing outside with neighbors and law enforcement. Along with the tradi- know that sleep is just as important as a healthy diet and exercise. These
tional outside lights and front porch vigils, most communities cele- athletes recognize sleep is essential to their breathtaking performances.
brate National Night Out by hosting block parties, festivals, parades, Sleep allows the body to rebuild muscle and replenish nutrients, two pro-
cookouts and other various community events with safety demonstra- cesses vital to endurance, speed and accuracy. Need to remember com-
tions, seminars, youth events, visits from emergency personnel, exhi- plex plays and details about the other team? Sleep helps consolidate me-
bits and more. National Project Coordinator, Matt Peskin said, “This mory. Here are some tips to help you reach your peak performance:
is a night for our nation to stand together and promote awareness, safe- At bedtime, turn off all electronic devices. The light and electromagnetic
ty, and neighborhood unity. National Night Out showcases the vital fields generated by smart phones, computers and video games disrupt
importance of police-community partnerships and citizen involve- sleep. Eat a healthy dinner, but skip the caffeine beverage. Allow your-
ment. When law enforcement and the community work closely toge- self 8 hours for sleep—more if you are younger than 17. Whether it’s ath-
ther, some amazing things can happen.” Neighborhood Housing Ser- letics or academics—to be your best, you need to get your rest!
vices of Richmond, Inc. (NHSR), will host the National Night Out/ For a sleep check-up, see Dr. Pamela Hamilton-Stubb’s ad on Page 4 and
Back-to-School Drive. The event will be held on Tuesday, August CALL TODAY!
7, 2018 from 6 to 9 p.m., at Pollard Park, 900 Brookland Park
Boulevard, Richmond, Virginia.
Live performances by John Doe, Yxung TK, TEK Emanuel, special
guest appearance by Atlantic Records recording artist “Brian Angel”
formerly with Day 26 and Rap-Unzel featured on Jermaine Dupri’s
Lifetime’s The Rap Game, Season 4. Neighborhood Housing Servi-
ces of Richmond, Inc. is asking for donations of school supplies,
which can be dropped off at 2712 Chamberlayne Avenue, Richmond,
Virginia 23222. For more information, please contact Ms. Jeanette
King, Coordinator, NHSR, 2712 Chamberlayne Avenue, Richmond,
Virginia 23222. Call (804) 329-2500 or email jking@nhsofr.org.

Summer News…RCHS and Friends of RCHS

40th Celebration a BIG SUCCESS!
Over 240 people attended the family picnic at Richmond Community An Entrepreneur’s Transparency
High School (RCHS) on June 30th and 135 came to the Gala Celebration
that night to celebrate 40 years of unprecedented success. The events and
sale of auction and other items helped raise the $8,000 needed to sponsor
this summer’s one week Freshman Orientation. Thank you to everyone
who attended for making it special and a special thanks to our sponsors
Kheila Jones and Daniel and Benjamin Haithcock, as well as those who
made donations to the legacy fund and contributed silent auction items.
Hey folks! Have you heard? Hotchkiss Field
Community Center, located at 701 E. Brookland Park
Boulevard, has NEW HOURS… Extended Weekend
Method to the Madness of Overseeing People
By Rama Sabbakhan, Owner, Skoolz of Fish (see ad on Page 9)
Hours on Saturdays and Sundays – 1 p.m. to 9 One of my most difficult challenges as a business owner has been
p.m. Programs: Basketball, volleyball, pickle- “managing employees”. I had to transition from being a doer to being a
ball, fitness training, fashion, cultural arts, digital delegator. It took several years of headache and troubles, but I finally
found a method to the madness of overseeing people…
photography, woodworking, and more!
Be sure to spread the GOOD NEWS regarding the BALANCE!
You can’t be friends with them, but they have to at least see you as some-
community’s place to be… that’s one they can trust and confide in. You can’t micromanage them, but they
HOTCHKISS FIELD COMMUNITY CENTER! need to have order and disciplinary actions for insubordination. You
can’t have too heavy expectations, but you have to make them understand
everything you ask them to do is at least the bare minimum of what I
Being a Parent Can Be Hard. would do “myself”. They’ll hate you and love you at the same time.
We Can Help! As a business, your main priority is bottom line, but you can’t make them
feel like all they are—are human capital! I remind them that this is my
business and my dream, not theirs—but… I’m open to their contribu-
tions; and my success is thus “our” success! Far from perfected—but
I’ve gotten much better at this than when I first started!

Come on! It’s not too late to Journey with the

GOOD NEWSpaper…Celebrating 4 YEARS!
(804) 353-4264
Yes...GOOD NEWS Worldwide with 83,000+ Readers!
Pick up the phone and CALL 804.297.6316…TODAY!
NSV More Services & Help Needed/RPS Shines! 11

RPS Shines!
“The second part of RPS Shines is a
“beautification week” (August 18-25)
when members of the public can help
with small projects like planting,
painting and cleaning. To pull all this
off, we’re going to NEED YOUR
HELP! That’s why we’ve launched an
RPS Shines page on our website today
to allow anyone – individuals, families,
businesses, civic associations, faith
groups… to sign up and lend a hand.
Another Year We need general assistance for things
CELEBRATING WOMEN like cleaning and painting, as well as
specialized help from individuals
skilled in plumbing and installing/
repairing drywall and plaster.
Visit www.rvaschools.net
The Blitz at Overby-Sheppard is on
M-F 9:30am - 5pm Saturdays by Appointment
from 9 a.m. to noon. I just signed up!
Maybe I’ll see some neighbors there!”
-Jason Kamras, RPS Superintendent

To all Supporters of the GOOD NEWSpaper - including Southeast Asia, Italy, Cambodia and
South Africa: Flavor News USA would like to THANK YOU for helping us spread the GOOD NEWS by
displaying our papers within your businesses. God Bless you! To all 83,000+ Readers: We highly
recommend our Valued Advertisers! If you’re in need of great services, please CALL THEM TODAY!

George Watkins, Sr.

25+ years of
Are you in need of someone you can trust CLEANING
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trustworthy professional to assist you with
your taxes, estate planning, and/or retire-  Quality Services! 647-8555
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ment insurance? Well, look no further be-
laws and regulations governing the use of
cause Flavor News highly recommends the
various cleaning methods and the applica-
President of Harris Tax and Business Ser-
tion of cleaning solvents & solutions. Our
vices LLC, Mr. Marvin Harris.
professional company uses EPA Regis-
HARRIS TAX AND tered mops and brooms and hospital-grade
BUSINESS SERVICES LLC disinfectant products recommended by the
1303 East Brookland Park Blvd. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Richmond, VA 23222 (CDC) to limit the spread of germs, espe-
cially in public restrooms. Services include
(646) 245-0058 (mobile) dusting, cleaning, trash removal, vacuum-
(804) 329-1816 (office) ing, sanitization (including drinking foun-
1-800-859-1463 (fax) tains, restrooms, refrigerators, counter-tops,
sinks, tables) and much more!
1st Time Clients Watkins Cleaning, Inc.
3824 Dylisdale Road
Receive $25 off Tax Preparation Richmond, VA 23234
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Universal Life Services, LLC
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For more information, call (804) 901-1308 Visit: universallifeservices.com Email: info@universallifeservices.org