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Residents Society, Block 222 and 333, Malviya Nagar

-----(Full contact Address)
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The Station House Officer

Police Station, Malviya Nagar
New Delhi

Sub: Formal Complaint and request URGENT Legal action for threatening the residents
and illegal encroachment/ illegal ownership of Municipal Corporation property and
harassment to others by Mr. ...... and Mr.......


We the undersigned -------several residents of ------at ______(address) would like to submit our
urgent issues, including threat and harassment by Mr. ....and Mr…… which is causing some
of the neighboring residents severe psychological and health issues as the living conditions are
becoming unbearable, eventually causing irreparable damage to our well being.

For your ready reference, on behalf of the residents of block -- -- at malviya nagar, I am
submitting the summary of issues below for your kind perusal and URGENT action:

1. The concerned shopkeepers Mr. ....and Mr......who run jewelers shops from the residential
building in the residential lane have encroached the corporation land in front as well as on the
opposite side of the road, the said land is mainly for the use of general public and all
residents of the area. The shopkeepers have dumped their vehicles and other belongings on
this land permanently and choked the lane for vehicular traffic and use of space for parking
and other welfare purposes of the residents.
2. At several occasions, when some of the residents tried to object to this unlawful act of
encroachment, the shopkeepers, instead of apologizing and vacating the land under illegal
use by them, threaten dire consequences (best known to them) and used abusive and
offensive language.
3. The shopkeepers have used excess land by parking several vehicles belonging to them and
their staff members, besides facilitating the parking of their customers by using the parking
staff, eventually choking the road to unbearable limits. (We fail to understand, why one shop
owner should be permitted to park so many vehicles of their own, their staff and their
customers and choke the space beyond limits, so much that not even a couple of vehicles of
residents find space for parking. Moreover many vehicles and other stuff is permanently
stacked, making it their own 24 hour used area.
4. The shopkeepers have illegally installed huge sign-boards that violates the size limitations
prescribed by the Corporation. The said shopkeepers should also be penalized not only for
the encroachment of the land, but also for the violation of Delhi outdoor advertising act and
other laws of the land.
5. As a consequence, several snatching, theft and other incidents have been reported time and
again from and around our area due to over crowded space that has no restricted entry or exit,
at least on certain times, causing immense security issues to the life and property of the
6. Besides this, a few fruit vendors have permanently encroached the space on the main road of
malviya nagar entry road to our society and at times, when threat of inspection by seniors is
realized, the vendors dump their materials on the back lanes of our society, making it a real
mockery of the system, security, law and order situation.
7. While there are many other issues that we bear on a day to day basis constant
commercialization of residential societies and illegal encroachment is also a major cause of
environmental and civic hazards that lead to many health scares.

Despite of several verbal requests to various beat constables, inspectors of the area, no action has
been taken so far, which has led us to make a sincere urgent request to you for an immediate
action against the persons who have made our lives miserable due to utterly poor living
conditions in a residential colony so that the society can live in peace and no further damage is
caused to the residents at large.

In view of the highly sensitive situation mentioned above, I request the SHO malviya nagar,
SDMC inspectors and other concerned officials to please initiate urgent legal action against
Mr........ and others to immediately send them the notice to vacate the illegal ownership claim (of
parking charges and shop ownership) the illegal occupancy of Municipal Corporations property
and thereby unnecessary harassment caused to other residents of the society and traffic passer by.

Hope you will do the needful favorably with an immediate effect, which will help to avoid other
encroachments also in our area.

Thanking you,

On behalf of the residents of society (under Signature of some resident representatives)

Copies to:

1. Commissioner of Police, Delhi

2. DCP Traffic, South Delhi
3. DCP South Delhi
4. Commissioner, South Delhi Municipal Corporation
5. OSD, Advertising Cell of the SDMC
6. The Councilor of Zone...
7. Member of Legislative Assembly, Malviya Nagar
8. The Human Rights Commission