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Barracks Archery Military

Q W Units
Militia, Man-at-Arms A Archer, etc. A Patrol Q
Buildings Spearman, etc. S Skirmisher S Guard W
Go to Condottiero D Cavalry Archer D Follow E
Create Eagle Warrior, Huskarl F Hand Cannoneer F Aggressive A
Misc Defensive S
Villagers Stable Siege Stand Ground D
E R No Attack F
Press A/S then ... Scout Cavalry, etc. A Ram A Line Z
House Q Knight, etc. S Mangonel,Onager S Box X
Mill Ctrl+W W Camel D Scorpion D Staggered C
Mining Camp Ctrl+E E Bombard Cannon F Flank V
Lumber Camp Ctrl+R R
Dock T Castle Town Center Unit
Farm A C H Commands
Blacksmith S Unique Unit A Create Villager A Economic Buildings A
Market D Trebuchet S Ring Town Bell B Military Building S
Monastery F Petard D Go Back to Work G Repair D
University G G Stop G
Town Center Z Mill Market Convert Q
Wonder X Ctrl+W D Heal W
More Buildings V Reseed Farm F Trade Cart A Attack Ground R
Barracks Q Unload Z
Archery Range W Blacksmith Dock Pack Y
Stable E S T Unpack U
Siege Workshop R Fishing Ship A
Outpost A Monastery Transport S
Palisade Wall S F Trade Cog D
Stone Wall D Monk A Galley, Galleon F
Tower F Missionary S Demolition Ship Q
Bombard Tower G Fire Ship W
Gate Z Cannon Galleon E
Castle C Longboat R
Fish Trap R Turtle Ship T

Misc Mini Map

Technology Tree F2 Next Idle Villager Space
Pause Game F3 Next Idle Military , comma
Display Statistics F4 Last Notification §
Display Game Time F8 Return to Previous View
Save Chapter F9 Economic Mode J
Save Game F12 Combat Mode K
Objectives Ctrl+O Normal Mode L
Diplomacy Ctrl+D Flare Ctrl+F
Open Chat Ctrl+T

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