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0 Marketing Plan

In the business plan, marketing plays as important role. The marketing

process is a business activity that involves a business entity with its customer.

The one that can be known as customer are individual, business such as

retailers and wholesaler and support organization such as banks and

government agencies. It is important because it will show the effort of the

business entity in reaching their preferable profit outcome.

There are a few concepts in the marketing plan, which are market size,

market share and sales forecast. Further more, marketing plan helps company to

determine that the company’s activity are carried in an organize way to support

and raise sale of product or service provided. The activities carried out must be

considered in ethical, religious practices and cultural.

Our company, AnNaurah Fragrances is going to focus on our customer’s

satisfaction and maintain the marketing plans to fulfill our customer’s needs and

wants. We will make sure our product, which is non-alcoholic perfume, will be the

best perfume in Malaysia. Our company believes that satisfied customers will

choose our perfume and will make it as their first choice rather than choosing

another brand of non-alcoholic perfume. This can helps to increase our business

sales and profit. We will make sure our product will be the best in quality and

offering affordable price for all class of customers, races and ages, and its suite

in fulfill their needs and wants.

7.1 Type of Product/ Service Description

TYPE OF BUSINESS Non-alcoholic perfume business

NAME OF COMPANY AnNaurah Fragrances

TYPE OF PRODUCT Non-alcoholic perfume

TARGET CUSTOMERS All type of races, ages and classes of

RAW MATERIAL Berries, red apples, passion fruits,

honeydews, water, jojoba oil, olive oil

and coconut oil.

PRICE/UNIT Small bottle – RM 10

Regular bottle – RM 15

Use of Product

Our product, which is perfume, consist scents from fruits and flowers. We

understand that needs and wants of customers because usually perfume is

important during the day we went to class, work or everywhere else. We provide

two different type of bottle, which is small and regular size for the perfume and it

is easy to bring it everywhere they go. So everything that customer needs and

wants can be fulfilled.

How it can satisfy the needs and wants in the market

The product that we handling will be the best product that made from fresh

ingredients. So that customer will love to use it wherever they go and also for
Muslim customer they will love to use it when they perform their prayer. They will

feel fresh everyday with our product, which is non-alcoholic perfume.

7.2 Identify the Target Market

Target market is the group of customer that have needs and wants that

can be fulfilled by the business through the supply of good or services. The key
factors that affect target market are geographic, demographic and psychographic


1. GEOGRAPHIC  No. 63, Jalan Plumbum P7,

Jalan Komersial Section 7,

40000 Shah Alam, Selangor.

 Students from UITM Shah Alam,

UniSel Shah Alam, nearby

residences and other customers

 646 890 residents in Shah Alam

2. DEMOGRAPHIC  We targeted that 5% of students

will buy our product because

they have long time at the

university and they have many


 3% of other customers

estimated to buy our product.

 2% of nearby residences will buy

our product because they live

near to our shop and easy for

them to come to our shop.

3. PSYCHOGRAPHIC  The price of our product is

affordable for all citizens. For

small bottle – RM 10 and for

regular bottle – RM 15
7.3 Determine the Market Size

A company provides product that could satisfy their customer’s needs and
wants through good supply and services. However, company should identify the
groups of customers that called as target market. Selected target market should
be provided with fulfillment of their needs and wants through products, and it
should bring profit to the company. The customers should be identified
specifically because company couldn’t satisfy and fulfilled the requirement of the
entire population. Besides, the target market ensures that a business could focus
to attend the core group of customers that are potentially high in purchasing the
products offered.
So we managed to conduct a survey focus on the market size after gather
up some information from all the resources.
Calculation of the population:

Estimated for:


 We estimated that 5% will buy our product

 Calculation: 5/100 x ****** = ?????

Nearby residences

 Estimated as 3 % that will buy our product

 Calculation: 3/100 x ****** = ??????

Other Customers

 We estimate that 2% will buy our product

 Calculation: 2/100 x ****** = ??????

Total estimated is ?????? + ?????? + ????? = ??????

RM ?????? x RM 10 (price for small bottle) = ????

RM ?????? x RM 15 (price for regular bottle) = ????

7.4 Competitors Analysis

Competitors refer to the company that offer the similar, substitute or

alternative product or services to the same target market. It is important for our

company to identify any others competitor’s weakness and strength in terms of

their experiences, stability in the business, financial ability, target market and

differentiation. This is to prepare our shop to be ready to compete with all the

competitors and become competitive advantage in the market.

Analysis of the weaknesses and strength of the competitors:

Name of Competitors Strength Weaknesses

Ihsan Perfume sdn bhd  Perfume from  No other choices

flower’s scent  High price

NBK ent.  Perfume from  No other choices

fruit’s scent  High prices

7.5 Market Share Analysis

7.6 Forecasted Sales
7.7 Marketing Strategies


An-Naurah Fragrances is offering the best product, which is non-alcoholic

perfume. It is the nearest shop from UITM Shah Alam, UniSel Shah Alam and

nearby residences in Shah Alam.


Prices will be according to the type of bottle for the perfume:

Small bottle 5ml – RM 10

Regular Bottle 10 ml – RM 15


Our place is strategic because nearby to UITM, UniSel and nearby residences

area and thus making the way to our retail store much easer


- Social media > we are promoting our product using social media. We will

create our social media account such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

because the usage of technology will make the words about our product

spread faster.

- Flyers > we are promoting our product using flyers since we are nearby

with UITM, UniSel and nearby residences. It will be a lot of people and

cars that passed by at our shop so we distribute the flyers to the people

around and put it under the car wiper.

Product/ Service

We provide the best non-alcoholic perfume compare than other

competitors. We will ask the customer whether they satisfy with our product or

not. Besides, if they have any complain about our product or any suggestion to

make our product better, they can write a note and put it in the suggestion box

that we provide outside our shop.

7.8 Marketing Budget

Items Yearly expenses Monthly Other expenses

Grand Opening