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Pitch extended epoxy coating to protect marine and waste water handling structures
Description Specification Clause
MASTERSEAL SP120 is a two components, solvent The High build, pitch extended epoxy coating shall be
free, pitch extended epoxy resin system to provide a MASTERSEAL SP120, a 100% solids, solvent free,
high build coating that protects concrete and metal tough abrasion resistant protective coating. The
substrates from a wide range of aggressive chemicals. product shall exhibit excellent bond strength with the
substrate at least exceeding 2.5 MPa, when tested as
Uses per ASTM D4541. The product shall be formulated to
Applications include; have high build thickness exceeding 150 microns per
„ Sewage treatment tanks & pipelines coat on average and shall be applied to achieve overall
„ Effluent treatment tanks, drains, pipes thickness of 300 microns in two coats. The product
„ Splash zone of off -shore structures. shall be formulated to resist exposure to accelerated
„ Structures exposed to sulphate attack weathering test as per ASTM D4587 and shall not
exhibit any flaking or blistering.
„ Below ground protection to concrete & metal
Resistance to chemicals
MASTERSEAL SP120 is not recommended for „ Sea water
surfaces in contact with potable water and food stuffs. „ Distilled water
„ Effluent
„ Sewage
„ Resists abrasion.
„ Exhaust gases
„ Resistant to a broad spectrum of chemicals.
„ Dilute acids and alkalis
„ High film build – durable.
„ Solvent free.
Resistance to aggressive environment
„ Adheres to damp surfaces Exposure to accelerated weathering : No cracking
„ Easy application – brush, roller or spray. (ASTM D4587-91) No blistering
No flaking
Typical Properties Exposure to salt spray (Hong Kong CE : Resistant
Aspect : Black viscous liquid dept, model spec for prot coating)
Volume Solids : 100% Exposure to sewage (MTS international : Resistant
test method)
Mixed density : 1.65 kg/litre
Exposure to marine environment -cyclic : Resistant
Mixed Viscosity : 6000 cps at 25ºC immersion in chloride solution
Mixing Ratio, by weight : 1:1
Pot life : 60 Minutes at 25°C Directions for use
: 30 Minutes at 40°C
Touch dry : 4 Hours at 25ºC Surface preparation
It is most important to ensure that thorough surface
Recoatable : 12 Hours at 25ºC
preparation is undertaken prior to application of the
Final cure : 5 Days at 30ºC MASTERSEAL SP120 coating.
Adhesion, ASTM D 4541 : >2.5 MPa (concrete failure)
Abrasion Resistance, : 17 mg / 1000 cycles Concrete
(ASTM D4060, CS17 wheel) Ensure concrete is at least 28 days old and sound. Oil,
Slant shear bond strength : > 10 MPa, ASTM C882 grease, mould release agent, curing membrane, and
such other contaminants must be removed by mild
DFT, in two coats : 300 microns
detergent and water, and by thoroughly scrubbing with
a soft brush.
Standard compliance
„ ASTM C881, Type III, Grade 2, Class C. If the wall surface is damp or water is seeping out, it is
necessary to stop the leakage before coating. For

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advice on the appropriate method for the site situation, Packaging
contact BASF. MASTERSEAL SP120 is available in 6kg & 20kg
It is important to note that the final finish obtained is packs.
entirely dependent on the surface finish of the
substrate. Storage and Shelf life
Even out all unevenness such as blowholes, pin holes Store under cover, out of direct sunlight and protect
and other surface defects with CONCRESIVE 2200 from extremes of temperature. In tropical climates the
before application of coating. product must be stored in an air-conditioned
Remove all previous surface treatments and corrosion Shelf life is 12 months when stored as above.
products by sand/shot blasting to SA 2½ finish or to
bright metal finish. Do not allow long time gap Failure to comply with the recommended storage
between the surface preparation and the coating to conditions may result in premature deterioration of the
prevent re-oxidising of metal before application of product or packaging. For specific storage advice
MASTERSEAL SP120. please consult BASF's Technical Services Department.

Mixing Safety precautions

MASTERSEAL SP120 is supplied in pre-proportioned As with all chemical products, care should be taken
kits for complete mixing. Properly stir each component during use and storage to avoid contact with eyes,
separately before mixing together to ensure uniform mouth, skin and foodstuffs (which can also be tainted
consistency. Combine Hardener and Base component with vapour until product fully cured or dried). Treat
in a suitably sized container. Ensure to scrap the sides splashes to eyes and skin immediately. If accidentally
of the containers to ensure a complete reaction. ingested, seek immediate medical attention. Keep
Mix properly for 3 minutes with a slow-speed drill and away from children and animals. Reseal containers
wing style mixing paddle at 300-400 rpm until a after use. Do not reuse containers for storage of
homogeneous colour is achieved. Keep the paddle consumable item. For further information refer to the
below the surface to avoid entrapping air. Do not mix material safety data sheet. MSDS available on demand
by hand. or on BASF construction chemicals web site.

Application Note
MASTERSEAL SP120 can be applied using short nap All BASF Technical Data Sheets are updated on
roller, shorthaired brushes or by airless spray. Apply in regular basis; it is the user's responsibility, to obtain
two coats, each at a W.F.T. of 150 microns, the the most recent issue.
second coat applied after the first coat has dried (4-6
Field services where provided, does not constitute
hours at 30°C) and at right angles to it. Should the
supervisory responsibility, for additional information
application of second coat be delayed, abrade the
contact your local BASF representative.
previous coat to give an adequate mechanical key and
wipe with SOLVENT NO. 2 before the application. Disclaimer
Whilst any information contained herein is true,
Coverage accurate and represents our best knowledge and
Each 6 kg pack yields 3.6 L on mixing and is sufficient experience, no warranty is given or implied with any
to coat approximately 12 m in 2 coats each of 150 recommendations made by us, our representatives or
microns (300µ in two coats) on a fair faced concrete distributors, as the conditions of use and the
surface. competence of any labour involved in the application
Actual coverage depends on the numbers of coats, are beyond our control.
surface profile, loss and wastage.

Wash the tools and equipment immediately using a
SOLVENT NO. 2 before the material harden.
Hardened material can only be removed mechanically.

TDS Ref. no. : MslSP120/03/0507

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