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Semarang, 12 February 2018

Dear Salra,

I was very happy to hear that you were received at ITB. But I was a bit sad because I
won’t be able to meet you for a long time.

Well, I can just wait you to come back home at this Imlek. I miss you, dear. Really, I’m
very miss you.

I remember that I was in 7th grade and you were my senior. I used to joke with you. I
always greet you when I met you. Sometime, I mocked you because of your glasses was so
annoying. And then you replied to me, “Heyy!! I’m indeed to not suitable with this glasses. I
will replace this glasses with the new one soon.” At the moment, I’m so happy because I was
succeed to joke with you.

Well, will you come back home at this Imlek? I really waiting for you to come back
home. And I will be back to Cirebon when you’re at home.

Take care of yourself, dear.

Fikri Muhammad Asgar Setiadi

Questions for the personal letter behind

Fikri Muhammad Asgar Setiadi

XI Science 2

1. Where was Fikri wrote that letter?

2. Who was the receiver of the personal letter behind?
3. What was Fikri felt when Salra received at ITB?
4. However, Fikri felt a bit sad at the moment, why? Because....
5. What can Fikri do for Salra in order to back home at Cirebon?
6. Who was Salra in Fikri’s life?
7. Fikri used to (....) Salra when he was at 7th grade and Salra was his senior.
8. Sometime, Fikri mocked Salra because of her glasses was so....
9. What was Salra felt when Fikri mocked her?
10. At the moment, what Fikri’s feeling because of he was succeed to joke with Salra?
11. What would Fikri do if Salra back home at this Imlek?
12. This is the last question, and this is the least important question. But the writer wants
to give this question for you. And the question is, “Who was the writer of that letter?”

(Answer only 10 questions that you choose as the easiest question, and if Mr. Kuswara just let
you to answer 10 questions, and if the time just enough to answer 10 questions. If you think all
the questions are easy, the writer be happier if you can answer all of the questions, 13 questions