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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Health

July 3, 2018

No. 2018- Zflgfi

SUBJECT: Authoritv for Selected Department of Health Official and

Personnel to Attend the Training of the Revised Field Health
Services Information Svstem Manual of Procedure (Batch 4) on
Julv 24-27. 2018 in Antipolo, Rizal
The implementation of Field Health Services Information System (FHSIS)is guided by
the standards known as FHSIS Manual of Operation (MOP) developed by Epidemiology
Bureau (EB). However, in View of technical program updates, expanded programs and new
priorities to be pursued in the public health system, EB decided to update and enhance the
existing version of the data system. Since last year, series of revision and updating workshops
were conducted and recently, the MOP was finalized. There is a need to cascade the recent
version of the FHSIS MOP amongst all the staff of its reporting units. As a strategy, the
Regional Offices shall form their own training teams, the team shall be composed of FHSIS
coordinators, program managers and technical staff of their regions as well as from selected
provinces and cities. These regional teams will be trained by EB and consequently they will
be responsible in cascading to the Local Government Units staff at the barangay, municipal,
city and provincial levels.

In order to achieve that, EB shall conduct the fourth batch of Training on the Revised
FHSIS MOP on July 24-27, 2018 in Antipolo, Rizal.

As such, the following are authorized to attend the aforementioned activity:

Name Designation/Position Office

A. Central Office

1. Dr. Maria Socorro Santos Medical Officer IV HPDPB

2. Dr. Allen Alcantara Medical Officer 111 Technical Service Cluster
3. Ms. Clarissa Ensita Research Associate Technical Service Cluster
4. Ms. Malou De Asis Public Health Nurse HPDPB-HSPMU
5. Ms. Ferna Criselda Viesca PM Coordinator HPDPB-HSPMU

B. Regional Offices

1. Dr. Karl Ablola Medical Officer HI NCR

2. Mr. June Elle Tafiedo Statistician III NCR

651—7800 local 1108, 1111, 1112, 1113

Building 1, San Lazaro Compound, Rizal Avenue, Sta. Cruz, 1003 Manila 0 Trunk Line
Direct Line: 711—9502; 711-9503 Fax: 743-1829 0 URL: http://www.doh.gov.ph; e-mail: fiduque@doh.gov.ph
Ms. Marites Religioso
Statistician II NCR
Mr. Mr. Dennis Salazar
Ms. Evangeline Empis
Midwife VI NCR
Mr. Amin Tomawis ADAS III NCR
Mr. Ramon F errer Jr. SHPO NCR
Mr. Mariano Selorio Jr. Statistician III RO4A
9 Ms. Raiza Viafia Statistician II RO4A
10. Dr. Evamarie Torio Medical Officer III RO4A
11. Dr. Voltaire Guadalupe Medical Specialist III RO4A
12. Dr. Restituta Magpantay Medical Specialist III RO4A
13. Dr. Monica Jennifer Victorino Medical Specialist III RO4A
14. Dr. Felices Emerita Perez Medical Officer IV RO4A
15. Engr. Peter Herrera EHS Program Coordinator RO4A
16. Ms. Jullie Palencia Nutritionist RO4A
17. Ms. Genoveva Vinas Statistician III RO4B
18. Ms. Ma. Teresa Du Nurse V RO4B
19. Ms. Perla Supnet ND IV RO4B‘
20. Dr. Kristel Mae Maj a1 Orlanda Medical Officer III RO4B
21. Dr. Mathew Medrano Medical Officer III RO4B
22. Mr. Ricardo Malubag, Jr. CMT III RO4B
23. Dr. Aurora Teresa Daluro Medical Specialist III R05
24. Dr. Rita Mae Ang—Bon Medical Officer IV R05
25. Ms. Ma. Regina Basbacio Statistician II R05
26. Mr. Dave Isidore Plopinio Nurse V R05
27. Ms. Mary June Robles Nurse III R05
28. Ms. Ma. Loriel Balean F HSIS Data Validator R05
Likewise, the following Local Government personnel are also invited to attend the

Ms. Jhanice Cantos Assistant Statistician PHO, Batangas

Ms. Noel Perez Nurse III PHO, Batangas
Mr. J eszmarc Rodriguez PHN PHO, Laguna
Ms. Julita Mabbayad Nutrition Officer IV PHO, Laguna

Ms. Daniel Urgelles Engineer III PHO, Quezon

Ms. Cristina Ohagan Assistant Statistician PHO, Quezon
Ms. Cristina Amulong Sanitation Inspector PHO, Cavite
Dr. Nelson Soriano Medical Specialist 111 PHO, Cavite
Ms. Mary Antonette Gamez Pop’n. Program Worker II PHO, Rizal
. Ms. Divina Gracia Fabrid Administrative Assistant III PHO. Rizal
. Ms. Marisol Montaron Sanitation Inspector III PHO, Marinduque
. Ms. Josephine Quebec HEPO III PHO, Occidental Mindoro

. Ms. Maria Violeta Laguerta Midwife IV PHO, Oriental Mindoro

Ms. Lorna Loor Midwife I PHO, Palawan
. Engr. William Diola Engineer IV PHO, Romblon
. Ms. Glemda Raquepo Nurse III CHO, Calapan City
17. Ms. Elma Reynoso Nurse IV CHO, Puerto Princesa City
18. Ms. Annie Rose Clarino Nurse III PHO, Albay
19. Ms. Lana Cristina Fuentes Nurse IV PHO, Camarines Norte
20. Ms. Ernalyn Tabayag Nurse I PHO, Camarines Sur
21. Ms. Delia Soriao Nurse IV PHO, Catanduanes
22. Mr. Rommel Medina Admin. Officer IV PHO, Masbate
23. Ms. Elizabeth Duazo Nurse III PHO, Sorsogon
24. Ms. Maria Divina Corazon Onza Midwife/FHSIS Coordinator CHO, Naga City
25. Ms. Mary Cris Umali PPO I CHO, Iriga City
26. Ms. Sheila Estipona Nurse III CHO, Legazpi City

Resource Persons:
July 24-27, 2018

Dr. Ferchito Avelino OIC-Director IV EB

Ms. Eireen Villa Consultant

July 24—25, 2018

Ms. Zenaida Recidoro CHPO DPCB, MWCHDD
Dr. Diego Danila Medical Officer IV DPCB, MWCHDD
Dr. Blesida Sanchez Medical Officer IV DOH— RO III

July 25-26, 2018

Dr. Anthony Calibo Medical Specialist III DPCB, MWCHDD
Dr. Maria Wilda Silva Medical Officer IV DPCB, MWCHDD
Ms. Luz Tagunicar SHPO DPCB, MWCHDD
Dr. Clarito Cairo Jr. Medical Officer IV DPCB, DDO
Dr. Ma. Rosario Sylvia Uy Medical Officer IV DPCB, DDO
Dr. Winston Palasi Medical Officer IV DPCB, [DO

July 26-27, 2018

Engr. J oselito Riego De Dios CHPO DPCB, IDO

Engr. Maria Sonabel Anama SHPO DPCB, EOHO
Engr. Gerardo Mogol SHPO DPCB -EOHO
Engr. Catherine Olavides Engineer 111 DPCB -EOHO

Process Facilitators:

Dr. Agnes Segarra Medical Officer V EB

Ms. Theresa Timbang SHPO EB
Ms. Fe Sinson Statistician III EB

Mr. Jose Hemaez ISA EB

Ms. Marissa Ortega Sr. I-IPO EB
Mr. Joel Cantero Computer Programmer 11 EB
Ms. Maureen Crisologo Nurse 11 EB
Technical Secretariat/Support Staff:
1. Ms. Lea Mylene Rebanal Administrative Assist. III EB
2. Mr. Hernan Tayer Computer Programmer EB
3. Ms. Maryan Lunca Administrative Assist. III EB

Under this Order, the above-named participants are entitled to claim

transportation/travel expenses and other incidental expenses chargeable against their
respective sending agencies. Payment of hotel accommodation, meals/snacks, venue, office
supplies, and payment of honoraria, toll fees, gasoline, bus rental and traveling expenses of
Resource Persons, Process Facilitators and Technical Secretariat/Support Staff and other
incidental expenses relative to the conduct of the activity shall be chargeable against the funds
of Epidemiology Bureau, subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

Furthermore, participants, Resource Persons, Process Facilitators and Technical

Secretariat/Support Staff are allowed to check-in on July 23, 2018 at 2:00 PM and check out
on July 28, 2018 at 12:00 PM.

By Authority of the Secretary of Health:


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Technical t, uste