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Welcome to

Ms.Taggart CAREER LIFE EDUCATION September 2018

This course is a graduation requirement for all students in British Columbia and replaces Planning 10. This
course is for you and about you.

You will explore personal development, connections to the community and career and educational life plans. In
addition, you will have opportunities to discover, maintain and reinforce skills, attitudes and behaviours that will
help you succeed in your last years of high school and along your future career path.

Course Outline:
Career Life Education focuses on three main content areas:

Personal Development
 self-assessment for career research
 goal setting
 lifelong learning
 graduation requirements
 personal financial planning
 workplace etiquette

Connections to Community
 global trends and economy

Career Life Plan

 essential career skills
 employability skills
 post-graduation opportunities
 employment standards
 labour and market trends
 workplace safety

You will also be introduced to the Graduation Transition Plan which includes the following components:

 Community Connections – participate in at least 30 hours of work experience and/or community

service and a reflection writeup.
 Career and Life – complete a transition plan and present significant accomplishments.

This is an 8 credit course: 4 for Career Life Education and 4 for GTP (GTP will be given in grade 12).
Learning outcomes for both courses must be successfully completed to earn full credits.
On occasion, we will be covering topics/issues that students, parents or guardians may deem to be sensitive
and/or controversial. You will be alerted ahead of time when such topics will be presented, and
parents/guardians can contact me if there are concerns they wish to discuss.

 You will be evaluated on your work using a variety of methods (ie. projects, posters, newsletters,
quizzes, tests, presentations,…). Criteria for assignments will be provided when the work is assigned.
Be sure to pay close attention to what is expected of you when handing in completed work.

 A number of assignments in this course are very time-specific. All assignments must be handed in by
the stated deadline. Marks will be deducted, at my discretion, for late submissions. Any missed work
will result in a mark of “zero” for that missed work.

 Students are expected to attend all assemblies, guest speaker presentations, post-secondary visits,
career fairs as well as the P.A.R.T.Y. Program.

70% Class Assignments

20% Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI)
10% Participation and Engagement -- Guest Speakers and Special Events

Room 304 Expectations:

1. Respect:
 Each participant in this course has the right to be heard and respected by all other participants.
While a discussion, lecture, presentation, or the like in process, no electronic equipment is
allowed to be worn or used in class.

 Students have the right to learn in an environment where distraction and interruption are
avoided as much as possible.

2. Responsibility:
 Take responsibility for your actions. Attendance, work habits, deadlines and having the
necessary supplies (pen, paper, binder) are required.

 If you are late, please enter quietly and find an available seat. Chronic lates will need to be
addressed and strategies explored to change the situation.

3. Technology:
 Cell Phones/Head Phones are not to be used during class time unless permitted by the teacher.


This is YOUR course to start considering and planning for life after high school!
You don’t have to make all your choices now,
but know how to make good choices for your future!

Remember: Attitude is key to personal success –

the better the attitude, the better the opportunities in life!