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SRH/SRC Series
Elastomer-lined horizontal centrifugal pumps for abrasive/corrosive slurries
Wet Gland and Dry Gland Configuration

SRH/SRC centrifugal pumps for abrasive/corrosive slurries

SRH/SRC slurry pumps which reduces destructive turbulence thus further

reducing the overall power consumption – the
Weir Minerals as a world leader in centrifugal slurry
largest expense in total operating cost.
pump design continues to invest in research and
technology. As a result a generation of slurry pumps,
designated SRH/SRC, has been designed to
significantly reduce the operating costs of pumping SRH “Wet Gland” or SRC ”Dry Gland”
abrasive/corrosive slurries. Configurations

This generation of elastomer-lined pumps has been SRH models deliver maximum hydraulic efficiency in
specifically developed to provide the lowest possible applications where minor process dilution is
operating cost to the end user. This is made possible permissible from wet glands.
by incorporating the best features established from SRC models incorporate a unique two-stage dynamic
field proven designs ensuring ease of maintenance expeller seal which eliminates seal water and
on site. By combining traditional strengths, reticulation while effectively sealing against suction
ruggedness and dependability with advanced heads of up to 12 metres. This sealing arrangement
hydraulics, these pumps offer enhanced efficiency is completely protected by abrasion- and/or
resulting in increased wearlife of components such corrosion-resistant elastomer linings.
as wearing liners and impellers. The advanced
hydraulics utilises a unique patented volute design

Design features – reduced operating costs

Feature Benefit
High efficiency design Reduced power consumption

Advanced hydraulics Extended parts life

• Reduced turbulence – unique volute design. • Less concentrated wear on liners and impellers.
• Less recirculation and internal head loss • Lower impeller peripheral speeds.
• Superior suction characteristics – lower • Less likely to cavitate.
NPSH required.

Thicker Liners Longer wear life

Absorb impact from large particles. Greater resistance to cuts and crushing damage.

Reinforced non-collapsible liners Reduced erratic failures

Effective and reliable ”dry gland” capability No gland seal water required - ”dry gland”
Unique two-stage expeller design. No dilution or contamination of critical processes.
Eliminates the need for costly seal water and

Unique bearing arrangement Maximum head capability

Utilises both radial and axial bearings. More efficient, advanced hydraulics.

Casing pressure ratings to 3500 kPa High pressure applications

Higher pressure ratings available.

Fewer casing bolts and fasteners Easily maintained

Full accessible eliminating hidden bolts. Reduced maintenance downtime.
SRC Configuration
“Dry gland” expeller seal

Low sump level Slurry

Principle of operation
Typically with most centrifugal slurry pumps, the
pressure at the gland increases as the sump level is Seal
increased or as the impeller rotational speed is
increased to deliver additional hydraulic
performance. To prevent leakage (and to prevent
impregnating the gland packing with solids), gland
service water is injected at a higher pressure to flush Static
the slurry away from the packing.
h suction
SRC configured pumps incorporate a unique
two-stage auxiliary expeller design. The two expellers
operate in series in independent expeller chambers Dual expeller
to increase the expeller head capability and pump
the process liquid away from the gland while subject
to higher suction pressure (i.e. sump levels).

The higher pressure developed by the centrifugal Normal sump level Slurry
force generated by the two stages of expellers is
balanced against the combination of the suction
pressure and the pressure generated by the impeller
to form an interface of air and liquid at the
equilibrium point. The liquid, being denser,
experiencing a larger response to centrifugal forces,
creates a wall which the air is capable of penetrating.
Consequently the air mixes with the liquid.

Air under atmospheric pressure is permitted to enter Static

through the gland packing and fill the void between
h suction
the packing and expeller liquid interface. At a given
impeller rotational speed the void will vary as the
sump level varies as illustrated in the three examples.

During operation of the pump the only pressure Dual expeller

existing at the gland is atmospheric… even at
increased impeller rotational speeds.

The suction head capability of the SRC has been High sump level Slurry
plotted on a separate performance curve. By plotting
the discharge rate and total head for the pump the
suction head, expressed in maximum permissible
height of the liquid above the centre line of the Air
pump expeller, can be established thus eliminating
uncertainty associated with the application of the dry Seal
gland dual expeller configuration.

h suction

Dual expeller
SRH Wet gland Unique volute design channels flow pattern
Volute geometry leaving the impeller and directs it
gland service to the discharge with minimum turbulence
water inlet 19


6 8 9




18 17 16 15 14 13
SRC Dry gland

1 High pressure ratings 7 Stellited slip-fit shaft sleeve 15 Gland leakage drain (threaded)
2 Through-bolt flanges 8 Protective flinger/excluder 16 Accessible bolts
3 Non-collapsible reinforced liners 9 Lifting lugs 17 Anti-seize impeller thread
4 Thick field-replaceable liners 10 Cartridge-type shaft/bearing assemble 18 Dynamically balanced impeller
protected slide movement
5 Unique two stage expeller 19 Advanced hydraulics
• Eliminates costly seal water 11 Lubrication - grease or oil • High efficiency
• Suction heads to 12 metres • Reduced turbulence/recirculation
12 Rigid cast pedestal
• Easily replaceable abrasion/corrosion • Superior suction characteristics
resistant elastomer parts 13 Protected impeller adjustment
6 Extended gland life 14 Large diameter rigid shaft
• Minimum shaft deflection
• Seal assembly piloted directly to pedestal
• Unique bearing arrangement

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