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Instructions for Using the RPMAC Motor Wizard

Initial Introduction Screen

Point to File and select Motor Specification Form to get started.

Motor Selection Form

Select the Motor Rating Data Tab.

Motor Rating Tab

Select NEMA or IEC.

Select HP or KW.

Select or fill in the HP, base speed, top speed and overloads desired.

Note: you can enter any HP or base speed.

At any time after selecting the basic rating you can hit the Calculate button on the
top left of the screen to calculate the correct frame size, full load amps and rotor
inertia. After you hit the Calculate button you can also select the performance data
buttons and dimension sheet buttons.
Basic Rating Tab after Calculate Button is Hit.

The pop up window will display frame, KVA, amps and rotor inertia.

Hit the OK.

The electrical software and dimensional data buttons will be available and you can see
and print.
Example of Electrical Software
Example of Motor Dimension Sheet
Application Tab

You can complete or change the application data prior to hitting the calculation button to
adjust for ambient, altitude, B temperature rise and even include service factor. Default
data is used unless you change.

Also, this screen allows you to select torque mode. In torque mode you will need to input
the desired constant torque required on the rating screen instead of HP or KW. The
system will calculate the HP or KW from your base speed. This is very useful when you
are working applications with defined torque curves.

Note; when selecting torque mode you will need to return to the rating tab to fill in the
torque data.
Modification Tab

This tab allows you to input and save application information. It is not used for any
Other Information Tab

Additional fields for saving application information.

Saved Forms Tab

This tab is used to save current runs or retrieve previously stored runs.
Duty Cycle Tab

This is an options feature if a duty cycle is known and will calculate the appropriate RMS
HP and torque.

Select or input the number of steps per cycle.

Select or input speed.

Note that the time and torque boxes will automatically appear. These fields do appear
until the number of steps and speed is selected.

Input the time and torque data.

Hit the “Calculate” button on the bottom right of the screen.

The Wizard will calculate the RPM HP and Torque and automatically move this
information into the basic rating tab.
Duty Cycle Tab

RMS data is calculated, displayed and automatically moved to the rating tab.

If you then hit the upper right calculate button the electrical performance software and
dimensional buttons will be available for you to select.