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Based in all the skills average provided and analysed from the survey responded

by 20 individuals from various type of management field, it is clearly highlighted that

all theses 9 skills ranked as competent in their management activities.

Strategic skills in management refers to skills which is designed to encounter

problems and situations in business for example skills on designing new product based

on current customer need. Based on the respondents respond, the survey has reached

the average mean of 4.725. From this, we can conclude that the respondents feel and

agree that strategic skill is one of the competent skill in their management process as

strategic skill is an essential skill in managing a business where as the strategy skill such

as advertising for example in a business is very important in order to target on the

correct market and grab the potential customers.

Conceptual skills refers to skills that utilize the ability of a human to form concepts.

Such skills include thinking creatively, formulating abstractions, analyzing complex

situations, and solving problems. In the business world, these skills are considered an integral

requirement for executives in top-level management positions.

In general, conceptual skills involve abstraction. It is easier to think abstractly about a

concrete, physical item, such as a car or house, than an abstract idea, such as justice or

happiness. Conceptual skills can also require analysis, such as looking at patterns in events or

objects. Based on the analysis done from the survey, respondents managed to reach to the

average of 5.15 where as that they agree that conceptual skill is competent in their business

where as exploring new ideas and working it out is very important to keep the business

running on track in order to gain maximum profit from the business.

On the other hand, managerial skills are skills where it involves the ideology of

management such as planning, organising, leading and controlling. This managerial skills are

very important in running a business and a small lack in any of these elements in managing a

business may lead to a great loss in the investment. Therefore, as a businessman or manager,

importance should be given heavily on these criteria and elements. In this area, the

respondents made 4.85 as the average for this context. Most respondents agree that

managerial skill is very important in order to run the business. Meanwhile, for small business

like running a restaurant or a grocery it would be very efficient for the manager to plan the

business well and coordinate the task properly as if the manager misses any task or dateline,

it would be a black mark or risk for the business as some of this unwanted risk may be

diverted into a great loss.

In general, technical skill refers and being related to manager. It is one of the skills

which is required for a manager. At the same time, technical skill may come from other

department of management such as from the department of accounts, purchasing or

computing. In a simple manner, technical skills also refers to the knowledge of transforming
an output such as operating machines, setting the quality standards and packing in a normal

management function and it is also known as job-specific knowledge and techniques needed

to proficiently perform work tasks. Based on the survey conducted, technical skills have

been analysed as competent as it has reached the average mean of 4.8625 based on the

response from the respondents. Therefore, technical skill is very important in the

management as the importance of it is clearly highlighted as technical skill in management is

one of the most important functions which is being carried out by lower-level managers

especially in production area where as technical skill is being very dominant.

Opportunity recognition and exploitation skill is also another important element in

business. Through this element, a business will be able to meet the business with the

customers need where as the business will take into account to fulfil the need of the customer

and they will seek to find out on how to explore to the aspects of gaining profit based on the

element of meeting the customers need. Business will encounter the opportunity in the

market and explore it in order to gain the profit by use correct marketing strategy. Based on

the respond from the respondents, it is learned that the respondents feel that these skill is very

competent as they reached the average of 5.15. Respondents whom are involving in business

field feel that looking at positive opportunity and exploring it tactically based on the need

will be very essential to move the business smoothly.

Social perception skills is a skill related to an understanding of people generally based

on social background, level of understanding based on friendship or team work capacity and

recognizing people from their work, face reading and body language. In a sense, this skill

might go wrong but it is good to have the skill as it gives an early introduction about the work

and people those managers are handling with. Based on the analysis done from the survey

forms, it is clearly seen that these skill is also quiet dominant and important among the
respondents when the respondents have come up with the average of 4.73. most of the

respondents whom are from business field agree that social perception judgement is very

important in business as they feel that it would be essential to know on the people they are

working with so it would be easy to divert them with the work as the potential was known.

Social adaptability skill is a skill where these people in business or managers adapt

themselves with the current social situations where they are placed in. Social situations can

be defined in to various areas such as culture, nation, ideology and more. Social adaptability

also is a form of getting adjusted and comfortable with the situation which occurs. The

analysis from survey shows that the average of 5.11 was calculated based on the respondents

response where as they agree that social adapting skill is very important in business where as

they must know the skill of getting along with their customers need with a smile without

creating a mess for the customers and being able to take care their customer with the correct

and comfortable way.

Expressiveness skill is a skill where people in business express themselves through

many mechanism such as body language, words, written and more. In that sense, people in

organization such as business is tend to voice out their feeling and emotions where as

sometime it may b negative and potentially dangerous too but it is all in how they going to

deal it especially on matters like stress for example. Based on the result of the analysis, the

average was 4.61 where as most of the respondents agree that expressiveness skill is very

dominant in business field as working people respond to the feelings in various ways which

should be given importance and as a manager they should know how to deal with such

situation as it will be very helpful in order to settle down the problem thus will be helpful in

increasing the working capacity of a worker.

Finally, impression management skill is defined as skills where as it is a goal directed

conscious or unconscious attempt to influence the perceptions of other people about a person,

object or even regulating and controlling information in social interaction. Based on the

analysis, the respondents responds on average of 4.575 where as most of them agree that

impression management is an important element in moving their business as impression

management will be essential in managing their customer especially when it comes to quality

and customer satisfactory.