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Religions and the discovery of alien life

Although many absolutely convincing theories to explain the Fermi paradox and the great silence that we

experience so far with regard to extraterrestrial life, some like David A. Weintraub, Vanderbilt University

(Tennessee, USA), believe that evidence that life exists beyond Earth is finally coming.

And here comes the one question that remains: how humanity will react after astronomers show the scientific and

solid evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial life?

When scientists announced this discovery, we have only one certainty: everything will change. And our

philosophies and religions have to incorporate this new information.

The search for signs of life there is

Astronomers have identified thousands of planets orbiting around other stars. At the current rate of discovery, it is

expected that millions of planets are also found in this century.

Having already found the physical planets, astronomers are now looking for our biological neighbors. This means

that over the next 50 years, they will get the tempting detailed study of millions of planets looking for evidence of

the presence of life on the surface, underground or in the atmospheres of these planets.

And it is very likely to find what they are looking for.

Back in the United States has done a survey and more than a third of respondents said they believe that aliens

have visited the Earth, without us knowing. business type that comes uninvited and leaves without saying goodbye.

We believe that this proportion do not run a lot of it worldwide. But despite this "guessing" of common sense, the

first evidence of life beyond our planet probably will not feature radio signals, or little green men coming across the

sky with metallic flying saucers.

Instead, a 21st century Galileo, using a huge telescope 50 meters in diameter, will collect the light from distant

planets atmospheres, looking for signatures of biologically significant molecules. Something that does not exactly

have a great potential to turn Hollywood movie.

What astronomers do is filter the light away through spectrometers, which are high-tech prisms that cause distant

light in its many different wavelengths. They do this by looking for telltale fingerprints of molecules that do not exist

in abundance in these environments, in the absence of living things. Spectroscopic data then tell if the environment

of a planet was altered so that related to biological processes.

What is our place in the universe? If we are not alone, who are we?
With the discovery of a distant planet in the light spectrum, with a chemical that could only be produced by living

things, humanity will have the opportunity to read a new page in the book knowledge. We'll no longer speculating

about whether other beings exist in the universe. We will know once and for all that we are not alone.

It gives the goose bumps just thinking.

After all, an affirmative answer to "life exists anywhere else in the universe beyond Earth?" Raise immediate and

profoundly important issues, both for science and for philosophy and theology, about our place in the universe. If

extraterrestrials really exist, it will mean that my religion, my beliefs and religious practices can not even be


If my religion is not universally applicable to all other aliens, maybe she does not need to be offered, much less

forced, all other land. Ultimately, we can learn some important lessons applicable here at home, just because

considering the possibility of life outside our planet.

David Weintraub investigated the sacred writings of the most widely practiced religions in the world, asking what

each religion has to say about the exclusivity or non uniqueness of life on Earth, and how, or if, a particular religion

would work on other planets in parts distant universe. It's the kind of question that makes the brain of anyone boil!

The aliens could be Christians?

Let's examine a theological question seemingly simple but extremely complex: the aliens could be Christians? If

Jesus died to redeem mankind from sinful state in which humans are born, death and resurrection of Jesus on

earth, would also save extraterrestrial beings of all your sins?

If so, why aliens would be sinners? Sin is standard equipment in the very fabric of space and time in the universe?

Or life can exist in parts of the universe without being in a state of sin and therefore without the need for

redemption, and therefore without the need of Christianity?

Many different solutions to these puzzles involving Christian theology were presented at Weintraub research. But

the truth is that none of them satisfies all Christians of the world.

The worlds of Mormon

Mormon Scripture clearly teaches that there are other inhabited worlds and that "its inhabitants are begotten sons

and daughters unto God" (Doctrine and Covenants 76:24). The Earth, however, is a world favored in Mormonism,

because Jesus, as understood by Mormons, lived and was raised only on Earth.

It also says that Mormons can only achieve their own spiritual goals during their lives on earth, not in life on other

worlds. So for Mormons, the Earth might not even be the physical center of the universe, but it is the most favored

place it. Such a view implies that all other worlds are somehow smaller worlds than Earth.

There are light-years Mecca

The pillars of faith for Muslims require that the faithful pray five times a day facing the direction of Mecca. How to

determine the right direction of Mecca can be extremely difficult on a planet that is millions of light-years from

Earth, practice the same faith in another world can not make any sense.

However, the Qur'an words tell us that "whatever the beings in the heavens and on earth should worship Allah"

(13:15). But could the earthly Muslims accept that religion prophetically revealed to Muhammad is intended only for

humans on Earth and other worlds have their own prophets?

Astronomers are destructive paradigms

At times throughout history, the discoveries of astronomers have exerted an enormous influence on human culture.

The ancient Greek astronomers, for example, desachataram Earth - although many of them decided to forget this


School Renaissance, Copernicus and Galileo scholars put the Earth moving around the sun and took humans the

center of the universe.

In the 20th century, Edwin Hubble eliminated the very idea that the universe has anything that looks like a center.

He demonstrated that the universe has a beginning in time and that, curiously, has a three-dimensional fabric,

constantly expanding.

Clearly, when astronomers arrive with bold new ideas to the world, they do not mess around. Another new idea so

destructive paradigm can be in the light that reaches our telescopes now.

No matter how religious or not you are. In the very near future, everyone will be doing the questions as "my God is

the God of the whole universe? My religion is land or universal? ".

Many people have to work to reconcile the discovery of extraterrestrial life with their respective religions, adapting

to the news that promises to be bombastic.

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