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Product Data Sheet

3M™ Dyneon™ Commercial Product

PTFE Dispersion TF 5135GZ

Product Description
3M™ Dyneon™ PTFE Dispersion TF 5135GZ is a milky-white, water-based fluoropolymer dispersion. The dispersion has a solids content
of around 58 %. The spherical hydrophobic polymer particles have an average size of around 190 nm. The polymer has a density of
approximately 2.2 g/ml. The used surfactant is a phenolic free product (APEO free).

Special Features
 Large operating temperature range  Very good non-stick properties

 Almost universal chemical resistance  Low settling tendency

 High shear stability

 Very good film formation

Properties Test method Unit Value

Solids Content DIN EN ISO 12086 % 58
Emulsifier Non-ionic
Emulsifier Content (based on solids) Internal Dyneon method % 5.5
Particle Size DIN ISO 13321 nm 190
pH Value DIN ISO 976 >9
Viscosity (D = 30 s-1) DIN EN ISO 3219 mPas 12
Product Data Sheet
3M™ Dyneon™ Commercial Product
PTFE Dispersion TF 5135GZ

Typical Properties
3M™ Dyneon™ PTFE Dispersion TF 5135GZ is supplied with a pH value of 9 – 11. The dispersion can be mixed with fillers or pigments for use in
coating formulations. Dilution is possible at any time but should be carried out with desalinated water.

Typical Applications
3M™ Dyneon™ PTFE Dispersion TF 5135GZ is mainly used to formulate non-stick coatings for manufacturing cookware and baking tins. It is also used
for technical metal coatings for corrosion protection and to improve sliding properties.
For coating metal surfaces, various techniques such as spray coating, roller coating and silk-screen coating can be employed. The formulations have to
be adjusted for each technique.

Processing Recommendations
Dyneon recommends that the dispersion always be gently homogenised before processing and filtered using a 50 µm filter.
When adding pigments and fillers, make sure that these do not negatively influence the excellent stability of the product. If necessary, stabilisers
should be added to the mixture. If fillers or pigments require grinding, this should be carried out before they are added to the dispersion.
The dispersion can be used for manufacturing primers, intermediate layers or top coats. In order to optimise the coating result with regard to shine and
porosity, Dyneon recommends adding small amounts of fluorothermoplastic polymers such as 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoroplastic PFA 6900GZ, PFA
6910GZ or FEP 6300GZ.
To dry the layers Dyneon recommends a three-step, ideally continuous process with pre-drying at 90 – 120 °C, intermediate drying at 230 – 320 °C and
then final sintering at 360 – 400 °C. The temperatures should be selected taking into account the substrate thickness, coating thickness and throughput
speed. A flawlessly sintered polymer layer is always transparent and smoothly coalesced.

Storage and Handling

The shelf life of Dyneon PTFE Dispersion TF 5135GZ is 1 year from date of manufacturing.
The aqueous dispersion must be stored under frost-proof conditions (5 – 30 °C). Although 3M™ Dyneon™ PTFE Dispersion TF 5135GZ has a low
settling tendency, it should be homogenised once or twice a month by gentle rolling or stirring. Should sediment still build up, it can be redispersed by
homogenising the dispersion as described above.
For more information please consult our technical information regarding “Shelf Life and Storage of 3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoropolymer Dispersion Products”.

Safety Instructions
Follow the normal precautions observed with all fluoropolymer materials.
Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet and Product Label for information regarding the safe handling of the material. By following all precautions
and safety measures, processing these products poses no known health risks. General handling/processing precautions include: 1) Process only in well-
ventilated areas. 2) Do not smoke in areas contaminated with powder/residue from these products. 3) Avoid eye contact. 4) If skin comes into contact
with these products during handling, wash with soap and water afterwards. 5) Avoid contact with hot fluoropolymer.
Potential hazards, including release of toxic vapours, can arise if processing occurs under excessively high temperature conditions. Vapour extractor
units should be installed above processing equipment. When cleaning processing equipment, do not burn off any of this product with a naked flame or
in a furnace.

Delivery Form
Packaging sizes are:
 30 l PE-drum with 40 kg content
 1000 l IBC container with 1500 kg content
Product Data Sheet
3M™ Dyneon™ Commercial Product
PTFE Dispersion TF 5135GZ

Important Notice
All information set forth herein is based on our present state of knowledge and is intended to provide general notes regarding products and their uses. It
should not therefore be construed as a guarantee of specific properties of the products described or their suitability for a particular application. Because
conditions of product use are outside Dyneon’s control and vary widely, user must evaluate and determine whether a Dyneon product will be suitable for
user’s intended application before using it.
The quality of our products is warranted under our General Terms and Conditions of Sale as now are or hereafter may be in force.
Technical information, test data, and advice provided by Dyneon personnel are based on information and tests we believe are reliable and are intended
for persons with knowledge and technical skills sufficient to analyze test types and conditions, and to handle and use raw polymers and related
compounding ingredients.
No license under any Dyneon or third party intellectual rights is granted or implied by virtue of this information.
General recommendations on health and safety in processing, on work hygiene and on measures to be taken in the event of accident are detailed in our
material safety data sheets.
You will find further notes on the safe handling of fluoropolymers in the brochure "Guide for the safe handling of Fluoropolymers Resins" (download link)
by PlasticsEurope, Box 3, B-1160 Brussels, Tel. +32 (2) 676 17 32.
You can also download it with your smartphone using the QR code below.

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