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A Disney World


(Background Music: Spanish Flea)

Narrator: (Introduction, then music fades out)

(Performance: Disney World Intro Song by select casts)

Part I: Old Aladdin and the Genie Scene

(Background Music: Hulusi Flute, plays softly in the background)

Narrator: Once upon a time, not so long ago in the Arabian city of Agrabah, there
lived a poor boy named Aladdin who was very hungry and has no money
to spare even just for a piece of bread. Instead, he scavenges for any food
in the trash he could still eat. Needless to say, he have not realized it yet
though that from that moment on, what he’ll obtain will forever change his
entire life.

(Sound fx: Busy market noise while background theme song plays)

Aladdin: (Indian Accent) I’m so hungry. I need some food!

(Aladdin will scavenge a nearby trash can. He will not find any food, instead, he will find a kettle)

Aladdin: A kettle? I have no use for this craaa… Oh. Ohh. Ohhh! Waaaait! I can sell
this in exchanged of money then buy some food! All I need to do now is to
make it shiny and sell…

(Sound fx: Rubbing sound fx; a genie getting out of a bottle sound fx; background theme
song continues to play)

Genie: Oi! Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck. Hang on. It’s
really good to be back! Hi there. What’s your name?

Aladin: Hello there. Ahh. Aladdin.

Genie: Aladdin! It’s nice to have you on the show. He whoever owns the lamp is
my master.

Aladdin: Wait a minute. I’m your master?

Genie: That’s right! You’re not as dumb as I thought you were after all! You laddy
have 4 wishes. But you can't wish to have more than 4 wishes. You can wish
for whatever you want! However, all your wishes will all be gone once
another person wishes. So what will it be, master?

Narrator: Aladdin still could not believe what the genie has told him. He was so
delighted! He has so many wishes in mind. He was so overwhelmed with
what he had in his hands that he have not think through very well what will
his wishes are going to be.

(Sound fx: Believe I Can Fly in the Style of "R. Kelly"; plays softly in the background)

Aladdin: “I believe I can fly

I believe I can touch the sky

I think about it every night and day

Spread my wings and fly away

I believe I can soar

I see me running through that open door

I believe I can fly

I believe I can fly

I believe I can fly”

Genie! You’re going to grant me any four wishes I want, right?

Genie: Absolutely right, Master!

Aladdin: I’ll have my first wish then! Make me the most handsome boy in the

Genie: Alright! Your wish is my command!

(Sound fx: Magic sound fx; “woaaah” sound fx)

Part II: New Aladdin and the Genie Scene

(Sound fx: Handsome background theme song plays)

Aladdin: (Happy & Shocked) You really did make me a handsome boy! I can’t believe
it! Looking good, pretty boy! All my acnes are all gone! My complexion is
now lighter! And this one’s bigger, too!

Genie: Looks like you’re pretty happy with your first wish!

Aladdin: You bet! (Suddenly saddened) But what will I do with this handsome face
of mine if no one’s going to appreciate it? Aha! I know! I’ll have my second
wish right away! I wish you’d make the most beautiful girl in this kingdom
my girlfriend!

Genie: Your wish is my command, master! Abrakadabra!

(Sound fx: Magic sound fx; [PSR S910] Careless Whisper Sound fx play, then plays softly
in the background)

(Jasmine walks with a basket full of apples, but will get tripped off. Aladdin will be a gentleman
and help her)

Aladdin: Let me help you with those apples, it seems heavy for a beautiful girl to

(Jasmine and Aladdin will have a long eye-to-eye contact while holding Aladdin will hold her

(Sound fx: Bryan White - God Gave Me You, then plays softly in the background)

Jasmine: (Still eye-to-eye contact) You are so kind, and handsome!

Aladdin: Awe. Thank you! You know what?

Jasmine: (Kinda shy) What is it?

Aladdin: You are the most beautiful girl that I've ever seen in my entire life. (Gets on
her knees) Will you be my one and only girlfriend?

Jasmine: Who am I to say no to such a handsome man? Yes! Yes! Of course! I will be
your girlfriend!

(Sound fx: Christian Bautista- Beautiful girl; plays softly in the background)

Aladdin: “Beautiful girl wherever you are

I knew when I saw you you had opened the door

I knew that I'd love again after a long long while

I'd love again”

Aladdin: Would you like to go out on a date with me?

Jasmine: Definitely yes!

(Sound fx: Background theme song; plays in the background)

Aladdin: (Rubs the kettle again) Genie! Genie! Come on out! I need you right away!

Genie: Slow down there, you stallion! What's with the rush, my master?

Aladdin: I’ll have now my third wish!

Genie: What is it now, master?

Aladdin: I wish I could travel the whole world together with this very gorgeous girl
beside me!

Genie: Your wish is my command, master!

(Sound fx: Magic sound fx; trumpet sound fx)

Aladdin: Are you kidding me, Mr. Genie? What am I supposed to do with this rag?

Genie: Laddy, Laddy, Laddy! That’s not an ordinary rag. That’s a magic carpet! It
can take you wherever you want to go!

Aladdin: Jasmine, my love of my life, come with me. Let’s travel the world.

Jasmine: I will, my loves. Hop in!

(Sound fx: A Disney World song)

Aladdin & Jasmine: Sings A Disney World.

Part III: Aladdin, Jasmine, and Mulan Scene

(madaanan si mulan)

J: ohhh! Look at there my dear, that girl is mulan, she is bravest princess i know.

A: why is that so?

J: because she pretended to be a man just to protect her kingdom.

*scene ni mulan*

(Kanta si mulan ng reflection)

(Sisigaw si jasmine)
J: hi mulaaaan!

M: hi there! ( walang pake voice)

J: just passing by, we will travel the whole world with my handsome boyfriend.

M: i dont freaking care.

A: lets go now my love, i think shes not in a good mood.

A: i wanna show you something, a very tall castle in the middle of the forest.

(While travelling)

A: people say that it is so magical, it has no stairs and only has one window.

J: oh really?

A: and do you know? In that castle lived, a girl with a very long hair. And here name is rapunzel.

J: ohh i think there she is ( point sa window ng castle)

J: lets go to her, and bring her with us, she seems sad.

A: sure my lady

J: hii there rapunzel.

R: hello? Who are you?

J: i am jasmine, and this guy beside me is my boyfriend aladdin.

R: ohhh hi there. What do you want?

A: jasmine, saw that you are sad and lonely, and so she wants to take you with us and travel the
whole world.

R: (shock) really? Oh my gosh! Im definitely going with you. I hate this castle, it is so lonely.

J: sure! Come aboard

(kanta si rapunzel ng "see the light")

( pero nakalimutan nyang mahaba ang kanyang buhok, at ito ay na stuck sa isang kahoy, kaya si
rapunzel ay nahila at nalaglag)

(Nagaabang si eugene sa kanya sa baba, nasalo nya si rapunzel, pero nabitawan)

( napunta ai rapunzel sa forest na walang malay, then nakita sya ni tarzan, dadalhin sya ni tarzan
at kakantahan habang natutulog)
*sa carpet*

J: aladdin! Rapunzel is gone!

A: oh no! We need to find her.

J: she must be somewhere in the forest

A: if so, i have a friend there named tarzan, lets check if she saw rapunzel.

J: alright, lets go!

*nasa bahay na sila ni tarzan*

A: tarzan? Tarzan! Its me aladdin. Where are you?

T: wait a sec. (ihiga ng maayos si rapunzel) Ohh! Hi there aladdin. Long time no see. And oh, who
is that gorgeous lady beside you?

A: ohh, this is jasmine, my girlfriend.

T: what caused you to come over?

A: we passed by the magical castle a while ago and brought rapunzel with us, but after sometime
she was already gone.

T: ohh, maybe that rapunzel girl, is the girl i saw a while ago while i was looking for food.

A: you saw her? Where is she now?

T: shes inside, but still asleep, i will wake her up for you.

A: oh dont bother waking her up, we just want to make sure that she is safe. Please take good
care of her, we will come back after jasmine and i travel the world.

T: sure, i will take care of this girl. And by the way, take care on your journey.

A: yes we will. You too.

*continued their journey*

J: phew, good thing tarzan saw her.

A: yeah, i dont know where to find her if i havent known tarzan.

* an arrow almost hit them*

J: what was that?

A: i think it was an arrow.

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