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Liber Caos ‘Create your own reality, and it will beso, {Lam sure that you all have read the multitudes of books addressing beginners in magick, thsi not one of those hooks. Ifyou are but an initiate, do not read this book any further until you have Bought any of the other Books on the market and learned them frst. wll not address beginners inthis book, nor will address ‘dabblers. This is mostly advanced magick, not meant for the beginner. Before you even begin to work with the exercises and spells in this book, you must dismiss all of your disbelief, all of your learned negatiy see, there is no realty but what we ereate for ourselves or others make you believe in, When it comes to magick, there is mo init, no impassible boundary. You may do ‘as you please, You are only bound by any ethics that you have set for yoursell Otherwise, DOAS YOU WILL! Allow no one to tell you what you cannot do, in the world of magick, there that you cannot accomplish. Tell yourself that, believe ifr itis truth i ‘simplistic form. There arene limits. I will start withthe element itdvanced ore much study and the truth. Am egregore is simply #thoughtform brought to life and made to body created by your own hands. Elemental Egregore (Create the clay figurine frst. ‘orm it any way you would like to, as longa necessary parts, suchas legs, arms, or even fingers are defined. Go ahead and bake ‘or fire i, depending upon the type of clay. Be sure to at least give i eye holes. After itis made and hardened, place it in a capped glass, ‘Create its Spirit his must be an earth elemental to work with the clay, so use a green or brown candle, colored throughout, nt just on the outside. Place the candle ina ceramic ‘candleholder, (effective for earth spells and enchantments). ‘Work for a few days on the identity of the egregore. Draw pictures of it. Write down a lis of the things it can do, cannot do, and a detailed text of i's personality. Make the egregore and its sprit real to yourself. Visualize and meditate on it whenever ‘you get the chance.